People’s Memorial Association (PMA)

Why we allowed our agreement with People’s Memorial Association (PMA) to lapse.

In 2009, when PMA asked us to sign a new contract to be one of their providers, our attorney objected to some of the terms of the contract that he feared would put us in a position to potentially violate provisions of Federal restraint of trade laws.

As with most legal issues there are two sides and any final word would rest with the courts. Restraint of Trade carries with it the presumption of illegality even though a particular action may be entirely legal. In disputes with State of Washington or Federal regulators, small businesses are seldom able to bear the costs of litigation. Rather than engaging in any activity that could remotely be viewed as suspect, Barton Family Funeral Service chose to allow its agreement with PMA to lapse by its terms.

What does this mean to PMA members?

We still serve  many PMA members and our own prices are often lower than current PMA fees. One of the reasons we gladly provide services for PMA members is because our philosophy of no sales pressure and honest pricing is substantially the same as PMA. Barton Family Funeral Service enjoyed serving the PMA Membership in the past and we continue to honor current and future PMA prices, or Barton prices, whichever is lower. Barton provides honest services and honest prices with no hidden costs and no membership fees.