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My attorney highly recommended Barton and I’m really glad I listened. They were a pleasure to work with during a difficult time. Everything was done smoothly and with care. It’s refreshing to know there are still business owners who care about their customers and provide excellent services. Highly recommend!

Dear Pat,
When our brother passed away in Seattle, a city across the country from our location in Florida, we had no knowledge of where to turn. Fortunately, by process of an internet search, I discovered Barton Family Funeral Services. Your website has an abundance of resources and information that can genuinely assist and help a family clear away confusion and gain a sense of direction in how to proceed.

Our family is so very grateful to Barton Family Funeral Services for the psychological comfort that was created from handling all the details and affairs of our loss in a way that was efficient, professional and compassionate.

Very truly,
Dan Yoder

Barton’s were fabulous to deal with. They were very caring and their prices were very reasonable. They also organized a Service at Tahoma Veterans cemetery for both of my parents. I would recommend them to anyone.

Debbie Wieringen

Barton's has helped us twice over the past years when my father passed away and then again when my husband recently passed away. Jason was the person who helped us. He is compassionate, caring and very pleasant as are all of Barton's staff members. We truly appreciated what they did for us in our time of need.

Karen Fincher

When my mother passed, we (thankfully) chose Barton. Steve was friendly, informative and immensely accommodating. He helped my family through the entire process of planning the burial at Tahoma National Cemetery, which was difficult at times because we had trouble locating some of the military paperwork that was required. Steve kept in constant contact with me and I never felt like my family's needs were anything but his highest priority. My sister and I felt we had built a nice relationship with him and it was of great comfort to have him there for us at the burial service. We knew he was taking care of important matters when we were feeling overwhelmed.

Thank you, Steve and all at Barton, for providing a smooth, pleasant experience for my family.

Deidre Hardy

"Steven was a fantastic person to work with during a difficult time for our family. He was kind and sympathetic, yet understood our desire to avoid some of the high costs that other funeral homes push on grieving families. When my father passed, the funeral home in Spokane cost us a lot. I was much happier with our experience at Barton. They were incredibly professional from start to finish. We will definitely use them again, since it is inevitable that we will need them again."

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value

Terri Givens

"Bartons Funeral Service has been a blessing for our family. Bartons help us six years ago when our Mother passed away and now the past couple weeks taking care of our Dad's funeral. Pat was so sweet and understanding. Thank you so much for all your help and being there when we needed you."

Patrick Fischer

I will forever be indebted to Steven for the way that he handled our very sensitive needs. He got right to business and respected my wish to make this an easy transition for my adult kids. I can't thank you enough and I will be recommending your service to all those I know in the future. Thanks Again.

Cheryl Egas

I am happy to refer Barton's to anyone looking for their service. We had an unexpected death in the family and we live out of state. The people at Barton's were very accommodating to my needs in a short period of time. My dear son looked wonderful at the viewing, like he could just start breathing anytime. Cremation was done very quickly so I could take him home with me. Everyone was very considerate.

I do recommend their services.

Cookie Greene

Barton Funeral Home was outstanding in helping my brother and I navigate through everything during this difficult and emotional time for our family as we prepared our Dad for cremation.

Jason Stoner was the absolute best and answered every question we had and answers to questions we did not know to ask. On the phone, Pat Barton was very kind and considerate and understanding.

Thanks again to the people of Barton!

The family of Thomas Sylvester Karl would like to thank Barton Family Funeral Service for their professional and caring expertise after his recent unexpected passing. Working with the Barton family and their staff via phone and email, we found their guidance during this difficult period both reassuring and comforting. Heartfelt thanks to all at Barton Family Funeral Service.

William & Kerry Lynn Ferris

Cremation is not a process I was familiar with. When my mother passed and it was my responsibility to make arrangements, Barton Family Funeral was compassionate and put me at ease. They took care of many of the details I would have had to do or figure out myself. Michael in the Seattle office was wonderful and ultra professional focused on detail and service.

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Low Cost Care

"Low Cost" has meaning only when one answers the question, "Compared to what?" Low cost airlines deliver people from point A to point B with remarkably little difference in the end result between those who fly first class on a full service airline and those who fly to the same destination on the deep-discount airline. Both arrive at the same busy destination, wait for baggage, and confront immigration, customs, or security personnel who treat everyone with similar disregard.

Most people don't know too much about funeral costs and what they are actually paying for so it is generally difficult to know if "low cost" is right for them. Astonishingly those who take the time to learn, even if they are inclined to fly first class when choosing an airline, almost always opt for the low cost funeral service as long as they know two important factors are provided by the funeral director:

  • Respect for, and understanding the needs of the family.
  • Respectful care and disposition of the deceased.
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Pre Planned Funerals

Barton Family Funeral Service recommends pre-planning your funeral service and evaluating your options before deciding to pre-fund your services.

The best way to pre-fund your insurance needs is with an insurance product written by a good insurance company. That way your funds are safe and always under your control. In addition, Washington State has stringent laws about the safety and financial health of insurance companies. If a company is allowed to sell insurance in Washington, you can be assured that your money is safe.

We are not a fan of paying for funeral services in advance into a funeral provider’s trust account. So-called guaranteed prices are sometimes not totally honored. A common excuse is, “Oh, they don’t make that casket anymore.” The nice people at a funeral home that sold the pre-need plan might not be there anymore when you need them. Or the funeral home isn’t there anymore. There is too much uncertainty.

The safest way is to simply fund it through insurance which is portable and goes with you where ever you may go. Talk to you tax advisor or accountant about tax advantages of sheltering funds in a properly structured insurance policy.


Pre-arranged funeral contracts are called "Pre-need" contracts to distinguish them from "At-Need" arrangements. Funeral contracts that are written between the consumer and funeral establishment at the time of a death are At-Need Contracts. We feel that the At-Need Contract drawn up after a death has occurred is when a family is least prepared to make all of the many decisions involved; therefore, the concept of making these important decisions early and in a more informed manner makes sense. This area of planning is call Pre-Planning.

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History of Funeral Services

The history of funeral service is a history of mankind. Funeral customs are as old as civilization itself. Every culture and civilization attends to the proper care of their dead. Every culture and civilization ever studied has three things in common relating to death and the disposition of the dead:

  • Some type of funeral rites, rituals, and ceremonies
  • A sacred place for the dead
  • Memorialization of the dead

Researchers have found burial grounds of Neanderthal man dating to 60,000 BC with animal antlers on the body and flower fragments next to the corpse indicating some type of ritual and gifts of remembrance.

With no great psychological knowledge or custom to draw from, Neanderthal man instinctively buried their dead with ritual and ceremony.

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