Urns, Caskets, and Memorial Art

urns 3-300x200

We have gone to great lengths to find urns, caskets, and other funeral related merchandise of exceptional quality and offer them at affordable prices, often far below so-called internet prices. We also maintain many items in stock so you can choose before buying sight-unseen. Please call for pricing and to check if an item is in stock at one of our three locations.

In addition to the items we stock at our offices, we have thousands of items available from our online catalogs  including commemorative jewelry, scattering urns, biodegradable urns, and items to commemorate military service.  Beautiful Glass Art can be infused with a small amount of cremated remains for a lasting keepsake.


Click the links below to explore our catalogs of Matthews Urns, Batesville Caskets, and Glass Art from Spirit Pieces.

The catalogs contain many pictures and may load slowly. Please be patient.

Matthews Urns

Batesville Caskets

Spirit Glass Art