Hospice and Funeral Service


Supporting the Patient and Family During the End Of Life

Hospice is rooted in the centuries-old idea of offering a place of shelter and rest to weary and sick travelers on a long journey.

With advances in medicine and pain management, hospice care is able to help patients and families through an impending death with greater dignity and more efficient management of symptoms than ever before.

Some Objectives of Hospice

  • Efficient control of pain.
    Pain is the most feared symptom of any illness.

  • Control of symptoms such as nausea, delirium, anorexia, dry mouth and eyes, incontinence, and accompanying secondary conditions such as bed sores.

  • Management of psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, fear, and loneliness.

  • Spiritual and existential issues that are often ignored during a robust life but that typically become more important during the frailty of terminal illness.

  • Helping family members deal with an impending death.

  • Make bereavement counseling available to family members as needed.

Mutual Concern, Cooperation, & Care

There is no standard hospice approach toward funeral practices because of the wide variation of immediate post-death activities. Nevertheless because of the close relationship that hospice workers develop with the families they serve, they are a trustworthy source of information about funeral directors who share their mutual concern for the family’s welfare.

The National Hospice Organization and its standards document recognizes the significant role of the funeral director in collaborating with the hospice team at the time of death. We at Barton Family Funeral Service appreciate the trust that families and hospice workers place in us and we constantly strive to be deserving of that trust.

The funeral industry is often guilty of taking advantage of grieving families who are skillfully maneuvered into paying more than necessary for their funeral arrangements. One of the goals of Barton Family Funeral is to eliminate such unethical practices and to work to maintain the professional standards of licensed funeral directors. As a member of the Funeral Ethics Organization, we support the organization’s efforts to eliminate the unfortunately common practice of taking economic advantage of consumers when they make funeral or memorial purchases.

Some Objectives of Barton Family Funeral Service

  • Preplan funerals whenever possible in order to lessen the stress of planning a funeral and looking for information after the death has occurred.

  • Determine the family’s immediate needs and seek ways to fulfill those needs.

  • Suggest appropriate bereavement services

  • Explain the full range of options available and provide alternatives to expensive commercial funerals.

  • Offer deep discounts on caskets and urns.

  • Facilitate funeral activities that support family’s wishes without reservation.

  • Flawlessly execute all details of the funeral whether elaborate or simple.

  • Efficiently follow up on all legal and regulatory details such as death certificates, burial-transit permits, and social security notices.