How To Submit an Obituary


There is no right way or wrong way to write an obituary. There are a number of on-line sites that you can visit to get ideas, but generally just write about things you want people to remember.

If you want something changed after it is posted on-line, please send an email to us using the form below or just call one of our offices and someone will help you.

The initial obituary is submitted by or under the direction of the legal next-of-kin. The text can be in any text format such as Microsoft Word, or a plain text file. It can even be text sent in an email. If photographs are included in the obituary, just email them as an attachment to an email. It is easier for our staff to work with standard graphics files such as a jpg, gif, or png files. We will re-size the photographs to fit our web page format.

Families who do not have the photographs in a digital format, or do not have access to a scanner, can deliver photographs to our office and we will scan them for you. You may also take a picture of physical photographs with your smart phone.  Click HERE for instructions.

Check some of the obituaries on our site to see what others have done.

Here are a few suggestions:

Announce the death by including the name of the deceased, date and location of death. The cause or circumstances are optional. Née or nee is sometimes used after a married woman’s name to identify the family name that she had when she was born, eg: Mrs. Jane Doe, née Jones.

Write a short biography including where and when the person was born. Include notable milestones such as professions, hobbies, awards, schooling, etc.

Mention survivors in order, immediate family members (spouse and children or parents and siblings step-children) and secondary family members (aunts, uncles, grandchildren, close cousins). Deceased relatives should be listed last with the phrase “the late…”

It is often appropriate to announce memorial services, grave-side burials, etc. It also very helpful to mention the family’s wishes if memorial donations are to be made to some entity so people don’t have to disturb the family unnecessarily asking for instructions.


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The Easiest Way to Submit an Obituary

The easiest way to submit an obituary is to attache the files to an email:   Send the email to:


There is no limit to the number of files you can send as attachments.

Please send text as a plain TEXT or MS Word  file and photographs as standard graphics files such as jpeg,  png, or tiff  Some formats such as PDF files or pages files (created on Apple software) require extra conversion that may result in errors. We can handle them but it takes extra time to convert.

PLEASE NOTE – Our website uses Responsive Design that allows pages to display well on any size  monitor, tablet, and mobile phones.  If you submit a document with photographs already placed in specific locations, it is doubtful that the pictures will display as you intended.  This is unavoidable.

If you do not have a scanner or pictures in a digital format, HERE is an easy way to take a picture of a photograph and send it to us directly from your smart phone.

How to Submit an Obituary Online

The following form may also be used to submit an obituary. It is limited to three attached files. For example, you may send two graphics files and a text file, or three graphics files and include the text in the box below.

Please limit each file size to  approx. 800KB if possible. We will crop and optimize the graphic files to display well on tablets and cell phones.

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