How to Submit a Photo if You don’t Have a Scanner

Smart phones such as the iPhone or Android phones have marvelous cameras. They are capable of taking high resolution photographs and will focus to almost any distance, including very close.

The major challenge when you make a copy of a picture using your smart phone is to get enough light from the sides so the photo doesn’t have shadows.  The light doesn’t have to be very bright. Multiple sources from the back and side make better copies.

The best part about taking a photo of a photo on your smart phone is you can instantly see the quality of the picture. Don’t worry about cropping it or editing it.  We will take care of that.

When you have the picture you like, just email it to us at:



A Pictorial Guide to Taking a Photo for an Obituary


Using an iPhone to take a picture of a picture – Take Picture




Select Picture to Send




Email to obits at




Picture as we received it




Photo with specks removed




Convert to Black and White when Appropriate




Adjust Contrast









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