Brian Ross Goldsmith


October 31, 1957 – June 21, 2024


image of Brian R. Goldsmith

Brian R. Goldsmith

Brian R. Goldsmith, aka BG, a devoted husband, father, grandfather, family man and friend, passed away peacefully on June 21, 2024 after a 3-year battle with brain cancer. Brian is survived by his wife of 44 years, Kathleen Goldsmith, children Aubrey (spouse Floris) and Sean (spouse Sydney), and grandchildren Brynn, Tilden, and Wesley. Brian also leaves behind brothers Keith, Tom, and William (as well as the many members of the BuRP), sisters Jill, Nancy, and Janet, and many family members who all loved and adored him. He was known by his siblings, and all, as a rock of what is right in this world.

Brian will always be remembered as a modern-day Renaissance Man. One who knew that physical, mental, and spiritual well-being was paramount for the human species to flourish. In this spirit, he raised two children in the scriptures of Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and Star Trek, instilling the moral code that, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one”.

His early morning breakfast discussions, sharing his deep musical wisdom, and convincing his family to don their water skis and hit the morning “CBG” (Crescent Bar Glass) or grab their snow skis to make ‘first tracks’ on the mountain, will never be forgotten. The dozens of families and friends who learned under his caring guidance to snow ski, water ski,  fish, hike, and seize the fun moments in life ensures his spirit will live in immortality here on earth.

Brian was known by many as the founder of the Brotherhood of Rising Pisces (or BuRP), a motley crew of adventurers who championed a forum for free thought, love, and open expression of their souls. This group of family, and their loved ones, will cherish his memory in every cast of the line or moment in the meadow.

Most of all, Brian’s 44-years of devoted love and marriage to Kathleen is an inspiration to all that were blessed to know them and their divine connection. Their commitment to the values of marriage and foundational love cannot be duplicated. It will always be held up as a shining example as to how deep love can be in the brightest of times and the darkest of hours. Or as BG would state it in the words of Rob Reiner,  “As you wish…”.

In Brian’s honor, “May the trout on your line be as worthy of love and compassion as Brian Goldsmith”.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in Brian’s name to EvergreenHealth Hospice Services c/o EvergreenHealth Foundation 12040 NE 128th St. MS #5 – Kirkland, WA 98034-3098, or online at, please designate Hospice Fund, in honor of the wonderful, round-the-clock care he received there at the last moments of his happy life.


5 Responses to “Brian Ross Goldsmith”

  • Carolyn Oxford says:

    My deepest condolences to you Kathleen, Aubrey and Sean. I feel as though I also have lost a good friend. It’s truly an honor to have met you, Kathleen and Brian. Thank you for being wonderful parents.
    All my love,


  • William Goldsmith says:

    Beautifully written Sean

  • John R Ruoff says:

    Let us not forget BG was a great voice actor. The best i ever worked with in 38 years.

  • Jessica Hansberry says:

    My cousin Brian was about seven years older than I am. As an only child, my cousins were as close as I had to siblings. I looked up to Brian as someone who knew what might be next in this world. He let me try his scuba gear when I was trying to get certified, he was a companion on many trips with my grandparents up the inside passage, he gave me the only nickname I will ever have (not repeating it here, but sad I will never hear it again). He taught me a bit about how to tell stories, which is an art. When I came back from NY, trans and terrified I’d never work again, he helped me out with a job doing some AutoLISP until I started contracting at MS. When I went to family gatherings feeling the odd one out (which was almost always), Brian always made time to talk to me, a real conversation. He was kind and smart and funny and decent and I will always remember him.

  • Brett Leverett says:

    The world lost a great human in Brian. He was everything I strive to be in culture, understanding, and nurturing. But his impact on the world is not lost, it will live on forever.

    He taught me music, games, Monty Python, and not to sleep in on a beautiful day. These truths hold strong 20+ years later.

    When my father was diagnosed with brain cancer, Brian instantly stepped up without overstepping his bounds. He gracefully helped me get through the most difficult part of my life.

    One time Brian took me out skiing with the family and I was terrified and crying at the top of a black diamond. He walked me down the whole way, ruining his own experience because he cared more about other people than himself.

    They say you die twice. Nobody is gonna forget his name for a long time. Absolute legend.

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