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Carol Ann Martin

Carol Ann Martin of Woodinville, Washington, entered her glorious place in heaven on Monday morning, Feb 19, 2024, just short of her 80th birthday. Carol loved Jesus Christ as her Savior and left behind a large family and many cherished friends, including old friends from high school and new friends from her later years. Even her children’s childhood friends maintained relationships with her through all the years and distances. She will be sorely missed until we reunite with her in heaven.

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Carol and Bob

Carol was born in Everett, Washington on April 15, 1944 to Arnold and Lillian Toso. She was married for 50 years to Robert (Bob) Martin before his untimely passing. After building their family together in southern California, she and Bob relocated the family to Washington, where her heart always remained, and so she could be close to her parents and her siblings.

Her passions were Jesus and the Word of God, crocheting, gardening, piano (especially hymns), and crafting. She was a dedicated homemaker and loved to maintain, decorate, and improve both the interior and exterior of her house, where friends and family can see aspects of her and her loving care in every corner. Water fountains, wind chimes, statues, flowers, crafts both made and gifted, and a host of candles and other lights turned the house into a true home. Many of us will cherish the loving crocheted scarves, sweaters, and hats that she made us.

Carol is survived by her children Scott, Tiana and her husband Todd Larson, Bryan and his wife Rose, Shawna and her husband Eric Armstrong, Dane and his wife de-Anna, and Derek and his wife Tawnya; twelve grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; and siblings Ardell Toso and Joyce Williams.

The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, remembrances be made in the form of contributions to her beloved church and be sent to Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 23211 S. Meridian Ave., Bothell, WA 98021,

7 Responses to “Carol Ann Martin”

  • Janet Pohl says:

    I miss my dear sister in Christ and my Little Bitty Buddy. I am praying for all of you, her family.

  • K Uelmen says:


    Thanks for Carol …for all of the talks, laughs and good times. The Martin home was a place of
    That always felt like home …she loved talks on the phone and using her minutes up back when we had to pay for them 😆…she always pointed me back towards trying to grow in our relationship with You Lord and I will forever appreciate that…See you soon Carol hopefully we will be neighbors again in heaven

    Love Kurt

  • lena-marie says:

    I am very very sorry too see Carol has dropped her body…I will very much miss her presence in physical form and I pray to connect with in some other way…I will miss walking through the trees to her home, knocking on the door and visiting Carol…no more Hallmark movies with her they way we use too…no more watching Del Bigtree together…no more sipping on Devine raw Guernsey cows milk together or enjoying the beautiful soups, especially the purees…oh how I will miss spending time with her amoungst her wonderful decorations but most of all I will miss her love and her hugs… every time I left after a visit we would hug and tell each other that we love each other; and she did so even though I don’t believe in the Bible or Christianity…I could feel her love, I still do and always will…I feel very very lucky to have met her…

  • Jeanne Anderson says:

    Carol was my close friend since her pregnancy with Derek. I lived around the corner from her & we belonged to the same food co-op. We both loved crafting, and used to get together a lot to cross-stitch (back in those days) and yak and yak. Carol loved to talk and we shared many, many hours together, stitching and talking. When Derek was being born she called me to take pictures (I taught childbirth classes and had been to many births as support of one kind or another, and had homebirths myself) but when I got there, her doctor wasn’t there and she was pushing… needless to say, I caught Derek, put him in Carol’s arms and caught the placenta in a bowl. Years later, she told me she really didn’t want the doctor, but me, to catch her baby but she knew if she told me this, I wouldn’t do it. That was Carol! This led me to become a California Licensed Midwife much later, without Carol, I don’t know if I would have gone down that path. Thank you, Carol, you showed me my calling.
    We stayed friends all these years, visited a few times up in Washington with Carol and Bob, and once shared a house out on the San Juan’s together. She was always just a phone call away, a phone call that would usually stretch into hours. My heart breaks that I can’t call her now. Our last call was all about her latest project making beeswax candles, and how much the wax costs, and the wicks, and where to but supplies at the best price….
    I know I’ll see you again in heaven, sweet friend. I love you.
    Jeanne Anderson

  • Sis Joyce says:

    It’s impossible to put into words all Carol meant to me, sharing nearly 77 years as sisters. I will love her always and miss her beyond beyond. She is most certainly sitting with her Lord Jesus reveling in all she is now experiencing with Him, perhaps saying only as she could…”OOOOHHHHH”. Until we are together again dear sis…in Jesus name, Amen.

  • Rosalie Roberts Simrock says:

    In deepest sympathy. My heart goes
    out to all of you. Carol was such a sweet and wonderful lady. I feel so lucky to have known her growing up in Newbury Park with Tiana, and her loving family. Carol is a heavenly angel now❤️

  • Jeffery Mason says:

    Carol moved in with her family around the same time I was in elementary school, as was customary, I tried making friends with her two youngest sons, Dane and Derek and while we did hang out then, it was mostly Carol I came to know the best.

    She was always trying to “baptize” me into her church where I saw more of a follower of Christ extending a kind hand in fellowship which in my youth was something I was not too familiar with.

    Carol always had a kind thing to say about everyone and everything around her. Who can forget about her amazing doilies and other handcrafted pieces of work she had and proudly showed around the house?

    I would always look forward to the work she did and ALL BY HERSELF getting the house ready for Christmas, I remember being in tears asking if Santa had lived there with the amazing artwork as well as candles and trimmings she did everywhere, she beat the neighborhood to the punch with the amount of time and effort for sure.

    Carol was a big proponent of farm fresh foods and drinks, I would enjoy ready-made without sugar or additives drinks and snacks, plus that one time I had goat’s milk but my stomach didn’t agree. I know that being her heart was always in the right place to stay healthy which she did so well.

    Carol was always there for her friends and family, no matter what and there was no arguing for her love of the Lord which I came to respect as the years passed by she would always want to share a gospel, a prayer, or a thought for the day, and take the time to visit anyone who came by to do so.

    I will truly miss our times together and told her how much I appreciated her all these years. We didn’t have to agree on everything or go to the same church to be able to have the same love and faith together and she opened my eyes to the love of the Lord more so than anyone else I knew.

    Thank you Carol for all the love and support you gave to me personally, and for the almost 40 years of friendship we shared.


    Jeffery Mason

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