Kenneth “Ken” Donald Sturges Jr.


October 2, 1953  –  December 28, 2023


image of Kenneth Donald Sturges Jr

Kenneth Donald Sturges Jr.

Kenneth Donald Sturges Jr., known to all as Ken, passed away on December 28, 2023, at the age of 70. Born in Miles City, Montana, on October 2, 1953, and raised on the plains of Iowa, Ken’s journey led him to Kirkland, Washington, where he wove a tapestry of strength, compassion, and quiet introspection.

Ken’s life was marked by a dedicated balance of service and personal passion. After graduating from Lake Washington High School in 1971, he met his lifelong love, Irene David, an encounter that preluded his distinguished service in the United States Coast Guard as an Electronics Technician, Rank E-6. Their marriage on July 2, 1977, was not just a union of hearts but also of minds, enduring over four decades.

Professionally, Ken’s versatility shone through. His career at Interpoint and later as a truck driver for Swift highlighted not just his technical prowess but also his love for solitude and reflection. His achievements in safety, recognized by over two million safe driving miles, mirrored his meticulous nature and commitment to excellence.

Ken’s resilience in the face of personal loss, including the untimely passing of close friends and family members, underscored his profound strength and depth. Despite these challenges, he found joy and solace in life’s simple pleasures, like his evenings spent with a cigarette, a glass of Black Velvet and Coke, and his thoughts. His participation in a bowling league showcased his social side, balancing his introspective nature with a love for friendly competition.

His unwavering devotion to his family was exemplified in the care he provided for Irene during her long illness. This period, while challenging, highlighted his incredible strength of character and depth of love, a love that he also extended to his children, Rev. Alfred Sturges and Sanjeevi Sturges, his daughter-in-law Michelle, and his beloved grandchildren, Elisha and Honna Leigh.

Known for his quick wit and intellect, Ken’s contributions to the community were significant. He was a cherished Sunday School teacher at St. John’s Episcopal Church, where his lessons went beyond faith, instilling values of kindness and service.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, February 10th, at 2 pm, at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Kirkland, WA. The service will include the committal of Ken’s ashes in the church’s columbarium, alongside his beloved wife, Irene David. In lieu of flowers, donations are welcomed at St. John’s Episcopal Church in his memory.

Ken’s legacy is not just in the lives he touched or the achievements he made, but in the quiet moments of kindness, the laughter shared, and the wisdom imparted. He leaves behind a legacy of resilience, love, and an indomitable spirit that will continue to inspire those who knew him.

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