Edward Eugene Kay


From the people Ed worked with

Ed was a dedicated and hardworking member of the staff at Timberline Middle School in Redmond WA. He was also a warm and friendly presence in the school community.

He was always willing to go above and beyond in various roles, lending a helping hand wherever it was needed. Many of his co-workers remember his infectious, joyous smile, dynamic storytelling, and his enthusiasm for his work. He often shared his love for his job, fishing, books, telling stories about his adventures, and, above all, the love he held for his family.


From his Friends and Family

Ed was very much into sports. He was an ardent fan of all the Professional Sports activities in Seattle, in addition to the local College teams, especially the Washington State Cougars and the University of Washington Huskies. Even on a national basis, he was very adept at relating and discussing information on the various sports teams.

He tried, as much as he could, to participate in many outdoor activities such as camping and fishing. He had a very strong love for fishing and knew a lot about many of the various species and how to catch them.


He was loved by his family and friends and will be very much missed, with his kind demeanor, robust smile and friendly personality.


Rest in Peace Ed.



The Early Days



4th Grade Age 9, 1976


1980’s; Ed, Mom, Dad and Sis-Michelle










Beth’s Wedding, September 2004






Ed and Sister Michelle.


2023 – A great day at Work!


A great day for a cool brew!


All’s Good



3 Responses to “Edward Eugene Kay”

  • Fay Cawley says:

    As I think about Ed, I smile. He was thoughtful, kind, curious and a gentle soul. It was fun to talk about food and life with him. His laugh was infectious. I will miss his bear hugs but am so happy to have had them. May we, all, carry on his lovely spirit.

  • Anne Caswell says:

    Ed was a joy to be around, always a good conversation about cooking, gardening, his job at the school and which of us would take last in the football pool! You’re gone too soon Ed, you’ll be missed.

  • Curt Caswell says:

    Ed was such a great guy, neighbor and friend. I loved to talk sports of all kinds with him and we were hoping to go crabbing. He could have taught me a few tricks. Gone but not forgotten. R I P Ed.

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