Clifford Miller


The Life of Clifford Miller

Clifford Al Miller, more fondly referred to as Brother Miller, was born on June 14, 1954, through the union of Elijah Sr. and Queen Esther Miller, in St. Louis Missouri. He often spoke of how privileged he felt growing up in Kinloch, a rich and vibrant community in St. Louis. He enjoyed everything from the orchards in what he called a paradise, to the local store and Juke Joint owned by Poppa Bill. He and his siblings had a strong since of belonging in their hometown.

During his teenaged years and in high school, Cliff was an avid wrestler and boxer. He told stories of he and his brothers aspiring to be martial artists, with Bruce Lee being their inspiration. Cliff also did a stint with a traveling circus where he set up rides and monitored them, as he was one of the strongest and well-built men known.

While in St. Louis Cliff welcomed the birth of his first son, Lamar-Mijakelita Isa-al, through his relationship with Sharon Allen. Cliff and his son grew and learned about each other in an incredible way. Cliff always admired the talent and creativity of his son, as Mija inherited the gift of singing.

Cliff loved to travel which led him to Seattle, where the union between he and Alfredia Haulcy, graced him with four more children: Marie, Marlo, Denise, and Al. His children have endearing memories of walking and catching buses all over West Seattle with their Daddy; marching, singing, and praising the Lord shouting, J-E-S-U-S! He took them to Sunday school and after church they ended up eating at Royal Fork on California Avenue. Cliff continued this tradition with his grandchildren.

The youngest of Cliff’s children was born through his union with Edna Mason. Elijah, more fondly called “Boony”, was a little “red” version of his father. He was very athletically inclined and could play basketball with the best of them. Just like his father not standing very tall, he could do jump shots and dunks all over those six feet and above. They called Cliff, Jumping Jesus!

Well known in the church arena as a powerful preacher and singer, Bro. Miller attended faithfully. A former Minister of Zion United House of Prayer, he also ministered at the school the church opened: Zion Preparatory Academy. There he did everything from dishes, serving breakfast with Mother Drayton, and working in maintenance. He loved working with the students in the after-school daycare/program. The students loved him and believed he could do no wrong.

One of the culminating and all-inclusive aspects of Cliff’s life was his ability and showmanship as a performing artist. He was a featured soloist in the group, “A Moment in Time” singing his rendition of “My Girl” and “This Little Light of Mine”. Cliff’s powerful, soulful voice was heard ringing through the streets of Seattle, as his greatest stage was the people who gathered to listen. He and other “Buskers” (street performers) were regulars at the Pike Place Market. Crowds would gather and Cliff and the group would belt out famous gospel selections and favorite R&B tunes. Theirs was one of many coveted groups to grace the stage of The Moore Theatre and The Seattle Rep, where they were enlisted for their Smooth Quartet sound, by Pat Wright, gospel legend in Seattle. They also had a yearly singing gig with Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks Company.

Cliff lived a very fruitful and exciting life! He will be missed by his long-time friend and road partner, Janett Du Bois. They shared in tough times and in good. They traveled and made memories with family members on cruises, from Florida to Jamacia and other places in the Caribbean, over the years. They were always there for each other. Cliff was a beacon of light to her family; loved by her mother, sister, and in-laws alike. Her children cherished the strength he brought as he encouraged and ministered to them.

Family was especially important to Cliff. In the end they were there to show him how much he meant to them. His brother Jimmy would have been proud to see his family providing comfort and support. Calls from St. Louis were particularly special. Cliff’s family showed up round the clock to let him know he was not alone.

Clifford was proceeded in death by his mother, Queen Esther Miller, his father Elijah Miller Sr.; his brother Kennedy Paledo Miller, his brother Elijah Miller Jr., his sister Fredonia Christine Davis, his brother Jimmy Gene Miller, his brother Johnny Ray Miller, and his sister Debra Jean Miller.

Cliff has left to cherish their memories his oldest sister Irene Tolbert, sister Ruth Esther Tice, his brother Fredrick Miller, and his brother Undra Miller. He leaves his son Mijakelita Isa-al; daughters Marie Haulcy, Marlo Haulcy, and Denise Johnson, son Al Haulcy and Elijah Mason-Miller, his God-Daughter Amyla King, as well as a whole host of Grands, Nephews, Nieces, Cousins, and Friends. He always told his family, “Get Right with God!”


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