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Teeuwynn Woodruff

A. “Teeuwynn” Woodruff was born on October 25, 1966 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and passed away on September 1, 2023 in Bellevue, Washington.

Teeuwynn was a fierce and brilliant woman whose intellectual gifts shined through in everything she did. During childhood she enjoyed competitive horse riding, achieving 2nd in the country in dressage. As a young woman Teeuwynn entered Widener University as a double major in Psychology and Sociology. After college, she began hobby game writing. Teeuwynn leaves her mark on the gaming industry as one of the first female game designers at prominent studios, notably Wizards of the Coast. She won several awards as a tabletop game designer, including the Origins Award, and contributed to the literary world with published works of fantasy and many online articles. However, the creations she was proudest of remain her 3 sons: the honors chemistry student, a top League of Legends player, and the budding artist.

Teeuwynn was an adamant and vocal Democrat who valued equality, humanity, and diversity. She was a passionate feminist, a social justice advocate, and an avid animal lover.

Teeuwynn is survived by her husband: Mike Cooper; sons: Griffin, Frost, and Ember; parents: Larry and Margaret Woodruff; and brother, Paul Woodruff. She is greatly missed by her beloved animals – Moose, the Newfoundland; Jinx, the Amazon parrot; and Truffle, the Chinese Crested.

A celebration of Teeuwynn’s inspirational life will be held on December 9th 2023 at Kirkland Woman’s Club.

In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the Center for Reproductive Rights. Teeuwynn strongly believed that women should be in charge of their own destinies.

2 Responses to “Teeuwynn Woodruff”

  • Darla Kennerud says:

    I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate piece of writing for Tey. She was the fiercest person I’ve ever known: fiercely intelligent, fiercely creative, fiercely dedicated to the rights of all, and fiercely in love with her babies. She knew her worth and wasn’t afraid to say so, which was a wonder and a revelation to me. But she also cared very deeply, could be stubborn and sarcastic, and had a wicked sense of humor when she unsheathed it. Miss you, Tey.

  • Andrew Smith says:

    Oh, the shock & sadness to learn that my amazingly talented & magical cousin Tey Woodruff had passed away, back in September.

    We were intermittently close, & then drifted apart, over the years, as happens. I am grateful Jeannie was able to visit with me to their home out west, about a decade ago. They tried to teach me Rock Band & other games. We were pretty slow learners & they were patient & it was fun.

    One of my fondest memories from when we were kids were the August weeks on the Jersey shore that seemed to stretch forever & especially the plays that Tey would direct us in to perform for the adults. We were just tweens & it was everything.

    At least one of her colleagues from the gaming scene, where she was a creator & curator for years, posted such a loving tribute that I will need to read a lot this week. That person described my beloved cousin as: “wicked-smart, wickedly funny, big-hearted, & eager to learn anything about anything.”

    You are profoundly missed & may your memory extend forever.
    -Andrew Smith, cousin

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