Gary Frank Anderson


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Gary Frank Anderson

Gary Frank Anderson, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, passed away on Saturday June 10th 2023 surrounded by his loved ones at the age of 78.

Born in Sacramento, CA and raised in the vibrant San Joaquin Valley of California, Gary’s childhood was filled with the beauty of the region. In 1958, he settled in Long Beach, California, where he graduated from Miliken High School, forming friendships that would last a lifetime.

At the age of 15, Gary met the love of his life, Jean. They quickly became best friends, and their bond grew stronger with each passing day. By the age of 20, they decided that life was better together and on August 5th, 1966, Gary embarked on a lifelong journey with Jean. For over five decades, he cherished her and spoiled her with love throughout their married life.

image of Gary and Jean

Gary and Jean

After the wedding, Gary left to serve his country for two years, including a stint in Korea. Upon returning from abroad, Gary and Jean raised their family in Irvine and Alta Loma, California, and later settled in San Ramon. During these years, Gary was a well-respected businessman in the grocery industry. He was known for being a fair but tenacious negotiator and a dedicated colleague and mentor. He also moonlighted as an innovator, playing a pivotal role in developing schematic processes that continue to be used today. His accomplishments not only provided for his family but also enabled them to embark on many exciting adventures and unique opportunities.

To know Gary was to experience his artistic, thoughtful, adventurous soul. He was passionate about exploring new places. He and Jean would often embark on spontaneous road trips. He thrived on engaging in intellectual conversations that deepened his understanding of the world around him.

While he was a thoughtful man, he also had a mischievous side. Gary enjoyed teasing and playfully arguing with his family, bringing laughter and lightheartedness to their lives. He was also an active man with a deep love for basketball, which became an integral part of his life. Sharing those moments and memories with others brought him joy and camaraderie.

Gary was at his core a teacher and guide, always nurturing and supporting those around him as they pursued their dreams and goals. With a UCLA teaching certification, he set up a program for at-risk youths to learn valuable skills and receive afterschool jobs within the grocery industry. He encouraged everyone to pursue their passions and stood by them no matter the circumstances. With the mind of a designer, Gary was innovative and skilled with his hands. He had a natural talent for building and tinkering, and his passion for electronics led him to be an early adopter of cutting-edge technology.

Above all, Gary treasured his family. He was preceded in death by his parents, his brother Ed, and his granddaughter, Virginia, whom he loved deeply. He was a devoted husband and father to his wife, Jean, daughters Gina and her husband Derek, Kim and her husband Orr, Aimee and her wife Liz. He took great pride in witnessing their growth and accomplishments. Gary was also a loving grandfather to Sean, Rebekah, Jessica, Geoff and Jessie, and a doting great-grandfather to Julyette and Alistair.

As we mourn Gary’s passing, let us also celebrate the remarkable life he lived and the profound impact he had on his family and friends. He was a pillar of support and leaves behind a legacy of love, warmth, curiosity, ambition, and adventure. He will be deeply missed.

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  • Lea Davis says:

    My heart hurts for y’all. I did not have the privilege of meeting Mr Anderson, but my friendship with Gina shows what a wonderful man / husband / father he was. Her kindness, love, caring, goodness, etc., is an example he set that will live on for generations to come.

    Prayers for all.
    Love, Lea

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