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Chris Campos

Drake “Chris” Campos, age 27, survived by parents Francisco & Irais, and older sister, Jennifer, was born on July 4th, 1995 in the city of Seattle. A city, as it happened, that he was quite fond of & loved until the very end of his earthly, human experience.

Drake and Jenn

He was a blessing to all he crossed paths with, and a joy to be around. . . a light within the darkness for many. A sweet, kind and noble soul with a heart of gold, with the capacity to really see & love just about every individual he got to know, no matter what he was going through. He lived to make deep, genuine connections with people. And he loved swimming with his sister & his “brothers from another mother”: Anthony (aka. Tony), Jayli, and Chris. Furthermore, he was an avid skateboarder, guitar hobbyist, food connoisseur, and concert enthusiast.

He grew up in San Diego, CA. with many uncles and two brotherly cousins, Arcangel & Alejandro, where he and his sister spent a lot of time with both close and extended family, going on regular family adventures around San Diego and down into Mexico.

After some time moving around the Southwest, the family found a forever home in the Pacific NW, and this is where Drake’s story really began to take off.

He honed his love of skateboarding, and enjoyed Seattle’s diverse social life, developing a loving group of friends, and exploring his passion for music. But he never forgot about his roots in California, nor with his family, regardless of how far he’d venture off from home. In his early twenties, he spent a lot of time in Seattle’s live music scene. . but of course, this type of lifestyle can come with a high risk of exposure to substances, and challenges that he was unable to overcome. .

On May 9th, 2023, though he never did stop trying his hardest, he lost that battle. . but left behind a legacy of admirable courage, selflessness, love, compassion, and big smiles that anyone that had the blessing of meeting him would happily attest to. He was always willing to share a meal, or give the shirt off his back without a second thought. He will be sorely missed, and fondly remembered, and never forgotten in the hearts & minds of those that had the pleasure of knowing him. . a truly unforgettable soul. ♡~ ✧*

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  • Arcángel Campos says:

    Good morning /afternoon,

    Drake was and is my Brother. He was always a kind and humble kid and family oriente guy. I grew up with him but not seeing each other as a cousin but as a Brothers. I always remember him and Jennifer together at all times, playing or bothering my uncle Francisco, it was more like a hobbie to us and my uncle will play along with us having so much fun together all.

    My aunt Irais, she was the best Mother there was for the 3 of us and Christopher loved her very deerly and always got that Love from her that a Mother can offer her Kids. How do I know that? I lived with them many years and I received it Too from her.

    Jennifer was always the protectant of Christopher, well me and Christopher liked to do crazy stunts that involved extreme games such like skate boarding for him and me BMX or Roller blding. Jennifer was such a wonderfull amazing caring loving Sister to Christopher, she was only the best of herselve and Christopher was Lucky to have her and somehow he knew that.

    Me Arcángel, I will long to see my little cousin/Brother once again in the Day of the resurrección, for I know that God will do it and I will be waiting for the time to come soon.

    It has been a great honor to have a cousin/Brother like my deer Christopher Campos.

    Thank you.

  • Mario Ortega says:

    My Dear Boy, you may have lost this demon. But set in truth that you will surely succeed in your new life. I truly will miss you. I may not been around sufficient but you was always in my heart. And as a child growing up you always where very delightful to be around, as your uncle wish could have been around more, will be truly missed, but soon enough I will see you again. I know that you have been thru alot.but rest assure that you now will move forward to a delightful place, rest in peace my child. As kind as you are will be welcomed with open arm’s, love you and be in touch with you later. Sincerely your uncle Mario

  • Salvador Vilchis says:

    Dearest Drake “Chris”,
    Certainly, it is a great sadness to see you leave when your life was in its best moment. I had the opportunity to share with you some years ago, you were just a kid, but you were happy, outgoing and joyful, you liked to learn about things in life. When my family and I visited yours, you were an incredible host, you gave us even your room, and shared your meals as who enjoys seen people doing something special; that was you, my Dear Chris. I always remember you with that innocent look and that gorgeous smile that made people feel comfortable next to you.
    May God receive your soul with his glorious open arms. Enjoy eternal life, and sing that music from your musical soul…join the angels in heaven. Rest in peace my beloved nephew, we will keep you in our heart, always.

    With love,
    Vilchis Olalde Family.

  • Lupita says:

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this. I met the Campos family when Christopher was a toddler. Christopher was always full of life; happy, caring, following his sister around. We would gather at their home for dinner and he would share his toys with my boys. Beautiful smile, loved skateboarding. And his momma. I send the Campos family a big hug.

  • Jess says:

    To a sweet soul. To being just kids. Rest easy little primo 🕊️🤍 Tqm

  • Cristina says:

    Rest in paradise, cousin. I’ll always cherish the fond memories I have of us growing up. Your sense of humor and smile will truly be missed. Heaven gained another angel. Vuela alto y descansa 🕊️ We love you and will miss you so much🤍

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