Pete Bean


Pete Bean was born 5/15/1967 in San Diego CA where he lived until he was 8 years old.

Then the family moved to Valdez, AK that’s where he bloomed into the person he would become. When they moved to Alaska, he was so excited where he had moved because there were several families of kids. That’s where he started perfecting the art of talking, He never met a stranger and always found something in common with every kid he met.

After leaving Alaska he moved to Tri-Cities, WA. He played football, wrestled in Junior high and later played high school football.

He got married right after high school and had a son Roy who he is and was very proud of.

Pete had all kinds of jobs from being a grave digger, bus boy, box boy, and worked on a livestock kill truck with his Best Friend Danny Ellis. He went to Columbia Basin College to learn to be a welder. He then moved on to Commercial Sign Installing, this is where he learned electrical work and he could also use his welding expertise. Pete then moved to the Seattle area and worked for several sign companies to owning his own sign company.

During that time he met Alison Dailey and they had a daughter together. Alison and Pete never stopped loving each other they just had different philosophies on life.

Pete later became a Journeyman Electrician and loved his Electrical family. Pete loved to cook and barbeque, shoot pool, play softball, sing Karaoke, and enjoy a Rainier Beer. He was a diehard San Diego Chargers fan. His stomping grounds were the Rolling log and the H&H, he was the guy that wasn’t afraid to jump in and protect a friend, Pete was usually always on the side of right. 8 years ago, the Love of his life was born into this world, everyone that knows Pete knows Evelynn, she was the light in his eye. He was so proud of her and all her accomplishments; he always encouraged her to be better.

He was THE best POP POPS anyone could ask for. In the end it was Pete, Alison and Evelynn. He didn’t want it any other way, he never skipped an “I love you” or that needed hug or kiss. He will be forever missed.

Pete Bean was one of a kind, never a stranger, usually a friend.

Pete is survived by his brother Wade, Son Roy, Brother-in-law Danny, 3 nieces Erin, Megan, and Jessie, Best Friend Alison, Daughter Harlee, Granddaughter Evelynn, In-laws Ed and Nancy Dailey, sister-in-law Erika, nephews, Cecil and Franklin, IBEW family.  And a special thanks goes to Prime Electric for treating him as family.

Hey this is Evelynn – a GIANT thanks to Pop Pops and everybody for all the love and help.

3 Responses to “Pete Bean”

  • Danyel Treece says:

    He will be missed! Condolences to the family’s and love and peace to you all!

  • Kathy Delosa says:

    Whenever our paths crossed it was a delightful time. My condolences to you and praise for the legacy Uncle Pete created.

  • Phil Irwin says:

    I knew Pete growing up in Kennewick and helped him get his first job at Cedars off the Columbia River in 1984. I was happy to get him plugged in there as I was on my way out, I had known him since middle school and was glad to pass the baton to him. Our paths crossed again at my daughter’s birthday party in the late nineties in Issaquah, by random chance our daughters were childhood friends, it was an amazing and notable coincidence. Our paths crossed once more at the Rolling Log a few years ago when my band played there. Very cool how our paths crossed by random chance over time. I always liked Pete he was a good guy and we had great chats n laughs when we would meet each time. In the few times our paths crossed over the years I found that Pete was super enthusiastic about life, was true to himself and others, and had a gigantic heart! I wanted to share this, as he may not have known that our chance encounters since childhood were meaningful and positively impactful to me. Pete was a good man, I enjoyed our chance encounters, and I’m sorry to see him go too soon. My condolences to Pete’s family.

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