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Maria and Gingersnap

When the time comes that we can’t be together,
keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.


Maria R. Barrett, 86 of Colorado Springs, Colorado and Anacortes, Washington passed away peacefully with family members at her side on November 11th, 2022, in Kirkland, Washington under Hospice Care.

She was born in Huntington, Long Island, New York in December 1935.

Maria’s family moved to Daytona Beach, Florida during her grade school years where she remained throughout high school. In 1953, the family moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. She attended Blair Business School there and worked as an Administrative Professional for many years including at the U S Air Force Academy. Maria also worked as a Real Estate Agent and hosted a local radio show for Seniors at KWYD Radio. After retiring, she relocated to Anacortes, Washington to be near her son.

Maria was fun loving, active, athletic, and enjoyed social occasions with family and friends. She loved the ocean…the beach was her favorite place. She treasured nature and loved being in the mountains and hiking, especially in Breckenridge. Fall was one of her favorite seasons, watching the leaves change colors. Maria enjoyed being a sister, and an aunt to her five nieces, she was always willing to lend a helping hand, when needed. She enjoyed spending quality time together, birthdays, picnics in the park and holiday family gatherings, especially Christmas season, enjoying all the lights and decorations.

She was an enthusiastic traveler, taking many cruises in the Caribbean, going down under to New Zealand, Fiji and Australia. She visited most of the countries in Europe while she lived for 3 years in Germany.  She loved Hawaii and visited the Islands a few times.  Maria once swam with wild dolphins in the open ocean.

She was a loving mom to her dogs, Skeezix, a Chihuahua with lots of personality who also loved hiking the mountains of Colorado, thinking she was the “big dog” on the block. Her most recent dog was a Cocker Spaniel named Gingersnap who was very loyal, always by her momma’s side.

Maria also loved music and dancing with Bud.

She was a proud and loving mother who enjoyed listening to her son Nick sing, play guitar, and perform with his bands and duos in various venues, (and at home) in Colorado and Washington state.

She was preceded in death by her father Nicola De Pace, a renowned guitarist who traveled the world performing as part of the musical duo “The De Pace Brothers”,  her cherished mother Maria “Theresa” Lamonaca, husband, E. L. “Bud” Hall, her sister Josephine Prickett, and her niece Jeanette Hollingsworth.

Maria is survived by her devoted son Nick Barrett [Susan] and her nieces Kathy Hollingsworth, Becky Wagner [Pat]  , Darlene Chaney [Craig] and Natalie Harrison [Tim] and their families.

She fought a long and formidable battle with Dementia in her last years.  Maria will be greatly missed, fondly remembered and loved forever.

The family would like to thank the Iancu family and the staff at Golden Cottage Adult Family Home for their devoted care.

Maria’s final resting place will be alongside her loving mother at Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Services and burial at Memorial Gardens Thursday, December 15 at 1:00 pm in Colorado Springs, Colorado.



5 Responses to “Maria R. Barrett”

  • Angela Combs says:

    Aunt Marie, I have always had a special place for you in my ❤️
    I’m so glad I carry your special traights and am so grateful to have spent the special moments together that we had. I’ll never forget you sledding with me and my sisters in Colorado on a toilet seat! Haha that was the fastest, funnest sled ride ever! You always made sure we all had fun. Until we see each other again, I love you so much. Thank you for all of the love and support you gave to my Mom and us girls during my childhood. I’ve missed you and always will. 💕

  • Becky Wagner says:

    Auntie Marie. We love you and will see you again someday. Thank you for being a fun, loving and kind aunt! You will be always in my heart and thoughts.

  • Jen Hopkins says:

    Great aunt Maria,
    I can still hear the genuine sound of your laughter. I always loved when we did our makeup together and you had let me use whatever makeup you had. Oh ya and the trick you knew of how to make sure I never got lipstick on my teeth 🤣 Best aunt a girl could ever have. Peanut butter snickers will also always remind me of you.
    We will laugh together again.
    .. Thank you for being so amazing. I love you

  • Stephanie Johnston (great niece to Marie) says:

    I am beside myself and sad to know that I was told a long time ago that my aunt RiRi had passed away. To learn that she just passed away breaks my heart to think all these years I didn’t have time with her when I could have. She was my favorite person in the world not just in my family she taught me how to love, dance, and be myself. She was the one growing up in my life that loved me and my energy! She loved me for who I was. I struggled with ADHD as a child and most people didn’t want to be around me because I was too hyper they would say I was too much but not Mari she loved my energy.She was always there for me….. we had so much fun. We used to take long walks in the middle of the night with her taser! Lol! I love you aunt Mari and you will always be my Re Re may you rest in peace and know that I have always thought of you and I have always loved you and I wish so bad I could’ve had more time with you. I will be there to pay my respects and now you can be with your mom and your sister and my mom and I hope you ladies take care of each other and have a blast wherever you are.

  • Katherine Hollingsworth says:

    Auntie Maria you were more of a mother to me than anyone. I remember so many good,fun memories. I believe I will see you again and we will hug each other smile,laugh and cry with joy. I remember how we would laugh so hard we would fall down. Love you always,niece Kathy

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