Gary Davisson Taber


5/2/1944  –  11/14/2022


image of Gary D. Taber

Gary Taber

We are sorry to announce the death of Gary Davisson Taber. He was a good person, well educated, devoted to his family, and will be remembered whenever snow falls from above or the sound of a train rolls down the track.

Gary is survived by his wife of 54 years, Claudia, his two daughters, Greta Taber and Lydia King, his son-in-law Riley King, and his grandson, Aidan Taber whom he loved unconditionally.

Since you’ve left us, we hope that you have found “something good” and that your prayers for snow have been fulfilled. We love you.

2 Responses to “Gary Davisson Taber”

  • Jordan & Robin Anne Tolbert says:

    We miss you, Gary! Our dog Buddy adored you and loved when he got to see you and Claudia! We love you always and treasured the time we spent together. We always learned something new about languages, science, history, parts of this country and our world that you lived and learned in.
    Snow is a miracle isn’t it? Every flake a different design. The peace that snow brings, the softness and beauty it gives to even very mundane areas, the crunch as we walk in it. We will always think of you and smile when we see snow, Gary.
    To your amazing wife and extraordinary family: We know this loss hurts in countless big and little ways. You were blessed to have Gary as a husband for fifty four years, a father who loved you always, a father in law who loved you just as fiercely and Aidan you are loved beyond measure by all of your family.
    May your memories of Gary bring a smile and some ease to your souls always.
    We hope you see snow!

  • Tom, Heidi and Becky Veltman says:

    Deepest condolences to the Taber family. We enjoyed our visit a few years ago with Gary and Claudia, memorable to “chase cows” around our backyard. It was very nice to spend that time together, even though it was a short visit. You will be missed by all that knew you.
    With sympathy – the Veltmans.

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