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“One good person can touch more hearts that we will ever know.”


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Donald McDaniel

Don McDaniel was definitely one of those special people. He will be remembered as a wonderful husband, a great father, a grandfather, a goofy but beloved brother, a favorite uncle, a special friend and neighbor to so many. “Donnie” to his family, was a big guy with a big voice and a big personality. He loved meeting people and made new friends wherever he went in his life. Don passed away on October 1, 2022, after a lengthy hospital stay. He has left a void in our lives and a hole in our hearts that seems too huge to imagine.

Donald Joe McDaniel was born on November 7, 1955, in Anderson, Indiana. He moved with his family to Washington state in 1964. He grew up and went to school in Federal Way. He graduated from high school in 1974 and joined the Army shortly thereafter. After being discharged in 1981, Don worked in the food industry for much of the 1980’s and eventually moved to the Redmond area where he met his wife, Joanne. By this time, he had discovered a love for construction. He would work in the industry as a painter and eventually a master carpenter for the rest of his adult life.

Don married Joanne Sims in May of 1989, and in May of 1990 Casey Joe McDaniel was born.

They moved to Bothell, WA where they lived in a close community of friends and neighbors and are still in the same home 32 years later. Don coached little league baseball for many years and then moved from a position of Casey’s coach to Casey’s biggest fan. He was the proudest father in everything that Casey accomplished in his life.

Don loved watching football, cheering the Seahawks, riding his motorcycle on a sunny day with Casey and other buddies, playing racquetball and golfing when he had the time. He would barbecue all kinds of meals for anyone that would compliment him as a chef! He always had the willingness and ability to help others with a repair or two. It seems everyone has a “Don Story” about that very thing. His love for 70’s music was evident every day. He sang along and was masterful at making up the words after the first verse of every song! He loved to watch movies, often watching the same movie repeatedly, even though he had every cable channel known to man!

Unfortunately, Don spent the entire summer at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, WA where he battled through every day with a variety of medical issues. His goal was always to get home to Joanne, to hold that new darling granddaughter, Marlee Jo, feed snacks to his dog Bear, and of course, take his motorcycle out for a last ride before the weather turned cold. He didn’t shave the entire hospital stay because he decided he would play Santa this year for Marlee. He was able to grow out a mighty fine white beard in 95 days! Sadly, none of these things were to happen.

Don leaves behind his wife Joanne, his son Casey, (Brianna) and granddaughter Marlee, a sister, Diane, Kent, WA, two brothers, Robert (Janet) Bothell, WA. and William (Phyliss) Federal Way, WA. There are also a number of very precious nieces, nephews, great nieces, and nephews that he loved so dearly.

His light will live on in the people who knew and loved him.

A celebration of life will be planned for the spring of 2023.



6 Responses to “Donald McDaniel”

  • Joanne McDaniel says:

    We are still trying to figure out how to go on living without Don in our lives. We miss him every day in everything we do. The reality of this still seems like someone’s else’s very bad dream. But each morning we do wake up and he really is gone from us – too soon. Much too soon. We will hang on to the love he left behind. We will continue to tell “Don stories.” We will find ways to let his precious granddaughter understand who her grandpa was and how proud he was of her. We will have family gatherings more often. We will remember how Don could always make us laugh. We will say how much we love and appreciate each other every day.
    Don may be gone from our sight but he will forever be in our hearts.

  • Thomas Harle says:

    Don was everyone’s friend. He had a casual manner that put everyone as ease and loved to play practical jokes when least expected. I remember building house 5 hoses in Houghton with a great crew and Don as my superintendent. He was across the street finishing some millwork with Wiilie and Mel. I was locking up the house across the street. As customary, I would lock all the doors then go out through the garage hopping over the safety light allowing the door to close. I must have repeated this at least 4 times thing something was blocking the signal. I looked across the street and everyone was in the driveway laughing to tears. Don had the remote and kept pushing it everyone I tried to exit. So I joined them for a beer. That’s Don

  • Blake Heath says:

    Don was my neighborhood dad. I lived next door to the McDaniels for many years. I ran over many times to his house to play with, “baby Casey!” I got the chance to work with him for about two years. It was a great time. He would always tell me stories about myself as a baby and I never told him to stop if I already heard the story 10 times. He would always call me just wanting to chat and invite me back to the neighborhood! Sometimes I didn’t pick up. I felt guilty but I was just busy. I often called him back the next day. He called a few months ago and I never got the chance to call him back this time. I miss you Don. A lot. I love you Joann and Casey!

    I’ll remember don as a great friend. A welcoming neighbor and a amazing friend. I’ll remember the vacation we took to lake chelan and jumped off the roof. I’ll always remember the good Neighborhood times we had together. Can’t wait to celebrate you with a shot of crown.

  • Marianne Brunner says:

    Don & Joanne we’re married in our back yard 33 years ago! We have had UNBELIEVABLE amount of memories from me convincing him to be “Barney” at the kids birthday, family talent shows, sharing “what we’re thankful for” at Thanksgiving get togethers, and our personal love for Spam & Black Licorice. I have continued to share Games, Games & more Games, Don always said “not another game”….but he was first to ask “no game”??? Tough on the outside, but a gentle soul on the inside….. I was privileged to share a couple of hospital days with Don!! We continued to make memories! “DD” Wear your “Crown” Proud! Love M.

  • Diane Tiefel says:

    I had the privilege of knowing Don since the day he was born since I’m his big sister. Everyone loved his humorous side and while he was not aware of it early on my mother was. The house we resided at when he and his twin brother Ron were born had a screened in porch in the back. My mom had her fair share of shenanigans over the years but early on she would put the twins out in the back porch while she took a breather…figuring they were fairly safe. They had plenty of toys to entertain themselves and she didn’t give much thought to the tiny hole in the screen door. The time came to “free the twins” and out she went only to find two little boys and not a toy in sight. The tiny hole in the screen was no longer tiny and the twins had shared the joy of pushing every toy through the hole in the door. The stories filled our lives with laughter and memories. While I can’t imagine my life without him I know he and Ron are reuniting and filling heaven full of laughter. Love you!

  • His daughter says:

    I was saddened to learn of my “father’s” passing online. I would’ve liked to have met the man that was described. I’m disappointed I never will.

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