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Molly Jackson

Molly Belle Jackson left this world suddenly on August 17th, 2022 at age 38.

She was born in Seattle on September 22nd, 1983. After graduating from Nathan Hale High School in 2002, she pursued her dream to become a cosmetologist. Molly also worked alongside her mom at the iconic Italian Spaghetti House in Lake City for many years.  She was a beloved member of the Tropical Tan family as well.  She most loved spending time with her amazing children and the rest of her family.  Molly was a talented and creative craftsperson.  She brought an energetic spirit and exuberance to every task she undertook.
Molly is survived by her children, Jayden and Kandace; her mother, Sharlene Jackson Pranger, stepdad Dean Davis; her sisters, Jesika Pranger, Rose Davis, and Moriah Jackson-Davis; her brother Blake Pranger; as well as a nephew, nieces and many cousins. Molly was predeceased by her father, Dan Burrows.  For those whose lives she touched, Molly left behind many beautiful memories.

Molly will be honored in a celebration of life ceremony on Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 at Legion Hall Park in Everett, WA at 2:00 p.m. with a reception following. In lieu of flowers,  please donate to the fund set up for the benefit of her children at Fundraiser by Teigan Borus : In loving memory of Molly Jackson (

12 Responses to “Molly B. Jackson”

  • Jennifer Kulp says:

    Molly was the first person I sat down next to in kindergarten. She was the only other girl with crazy short hair like me. We became instant friends and soon found out we lived on the same street in our neighborhood. I had never met anyone that had as many fun things to play with as Molly and found myself spending about as much time at her house growing up as my own. Molly’s creative ideas, combined with her natural artistic abilities and can do attitude made her the most amazing and incredibly entertaining person to grow up with.
    Molly’s sense of humor was both hysterical and a little sick which is what I loved. Molly is one of those people you only have to meet once and you will remember her forever. So many wonderful memories with Molly. She will be missed and never forgotten. Rest in peace Molly.

  • Domonique Bergere says:

    Oh Molly… The way you could walk into a room and uplift everyone around you. Your light, your smile, the world just isn’t the same without. I remember my first day managing Northgate, scared of how the new staff would like me, but you let me in with the warmest welcoming attitude and the biggest smile. I will never forget that <3 TTAN FAM LOVES YOU

  • Christian Howerton says:

    She will be missed …she has been good friend and I have many good memories with her …… to many people dieing right now in my life !! Sad sad sad !!!

  • Sandy Sutton Burrows says:

    Molly had two sisters on her father’s side also. Danelle Chaddock, Bellingham and Erin Read, Spokane.

  • Robin says:

    Much sincere love to all, I pray for comfort in this time of great sorrow. So many fond memories. 💔

  • Bobby Burrows says:

    When I first saw Molly, she was the prettiest little girl playing with her brother Blake. She was always smiling. We only had brief contact through the years and I so regret that now. She grew up to be such a beautiful woman and still was always smiling when I did see her. Molly we will never forget you and your dad’s family love you and always will.

  • Lisa.St Martin says:

    So much love to you Sharlene and your beautiful family.I didn’t know Molly but Sharlene talked about all 5 of her children to me at work and shared memories and pictures with me.God bless you Sharlene Molly was absolutely beautiful.Continued prayers for your entire faimly

  • Dee Waddell says:

    Still so hard to can be so cruel at times. I am so grateful Molly’s beautiful children have their awesome Grandma Shar to share their life with and for support..Shar and I go way back and I remember Molly being born..its just so incredibly sad..soar high are absolutely beautiful 😪😪❤❤

  • Maria Carson says:

    Molly Belle Jackson!
    I met Molly freshman year at Nathan Hale Highschool! Molly & Jennifer welcomed me!
    Molly was caring & full of love!
    We lost touch & reconnected when we were 21, going to Happy Palace & celebrated her 21st birthday with her sister, Jessica & brother Blake.

    Molly was my best friend. I would do anything for her & her for me.

    Molly & get family were something I wanted to be apart of.
    Her mother Shar & husband Dean were always welcoming! I love visiting Molly at work while she worked along side her mother Shar. I was intrigued by how family oriented Molly was.
    She was sick a beautiful person full of love & light!

    Molly you will be missed by many & blessed by your guidance through the life you lived.


    You will always be loved & never forgotten!

    Dynamic duo you & I!

    I love you


  • Nick Snyder says:

    Molly Molly Molly! My little sister from another mommie. I’ve been out of touch with the fam. For to long. But always in my heart & thoughts. I just literally talked to you a few months ago. You gave me Blake’s number and told me he always will love me. I did call him girl like I told you i would. Just wanted you to know sweetheart. My little sister I will never forget you and you will always have a spot in my heart. Love you girl 💞

  • Mikael Shaffer says:

    Even though Molly and I lost touch over the years truly devastated to hear what has happened to one of my best friends since kindergarten. We had a very unique relationship Molly and I ….from her beating me up on the monkey bars in third grade to falling off her trampoline in 5th grade and my elbow landing in a big pile of dog crap after she double bounce me off the trampoline and flew me across the yard…. and then completely points her finger and laughs outrageously. ( I laughed at this myself it was pretty hilarious ( we both had kids Young and we both struggled on similar paths. I miss her practicing on my hair all the time learning new techniques..I miss eating at spaghetti factory with her. I’ll miss Molly’s love notes on the toilet when you wake up in the morning to go to the bathroom wishing you too have a great day I’ll miss her signature traits like how she doesn’t eat anything with eyeballs. She was a pro stylist and gave great fashion advice… she couldn’t sing and she couldn’t dance worth a dam but when she did both…you loved her for it!! I keep saying to myself.. so I guess Molly is the first one is use girls growing up who found out what happens after we did… I’m terrified of death and I often been wondering to myself what she’s doing right now? After life? Alter dimensional space and time shift maybe? Heaven? Hell? Who knows….. I just know I’ve missed Molly for years and I hope her family and children stay strong only way through this is through this

  • Mikael Shaffer says:

    P.s wherever Molly is I hope she is with her Dad and Tippy … If you grew up with Molly we all knew who Tippy was

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