Joseph E. Foster


1995 – 2022


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Joseph E. Foster

Joseph (Joe) Eugene Foster, of Ellensburg, WA, prematurely departed this Earth on September 1, 2022 at the age of 27.  Born in Tonasket, WA on August 27, 1995, he spent most of his life in Washington State, having graduated from Columbia High School in Hunters, WA before finding his place in Ellensburg.  He passed away at Harborview Medical Center after a long battle with injuries sustained in a car accident.

Family and friends remember Joe for his generosity and desire to help those around him.  This quality was manifested in his work, which ranged from cooking food at the local diner to helping the community through his contributions to home care services.  It extended to his personal life, where Joe illuminated the lives of those around him, who describe him as always positive — a friend to all, and brother to many.

Joe is survived by his 8-year-old daughter (Alea Foster) and her mother (Shilo Foster), his father (Stephen Foster), step father (Joe Schwartz), sister (Felicia Foster), and numerous loved ones including grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and a community of supportive friends.  He is preceded in death by his mother (Rachel Schwartz).

Joe loved spending time in the outdoors camping, swimming, biking, long-boarding, and snowboarding.  In his free time, he enjoyed sketching, playing the drums, and video games.  His dreams included finishing a college degree at Central Washington University and traveling to Spain to immerse his family in a new culture.

A memorial will be held at the Cedonia Community Church in Hunters, WA on October 8, 2022 at 1:00pm to celebrate Joe’s life.  In lieu of flowers or gifts, those wishing to honor him may make donations to a college fund for his daughter.  Alea was his world, and we could pay him no greater service than to support his dreams for her future.

If you would like to donate, please contact Felicia Foster (509-994-9097) or


4 Responses to “Joseph E. Foster”

  • Vanessa Moore says:

    Although you and I knew eachother for a brief amount of time, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t have an impact in my life. I pretty much always looked forward to working with you because let’s face it, you were the best cook at the RH. You were mellow, pretty much followed my often times wierd requests and for that I grew to respect you. Not just in the work environment but also as a person. I could clearly see how devoted you were to your beautiful Daughter. Thanks for the words of encouragement when I quit my bad habit. It meant a lot to me. Please know that myself and many other people who are still here on this Earth will miss you dearly.
    Peace be with you
    Joe Foster❤️🦋

  • Amanda Drew says:

    Joe, I am very glad we had talked through the situation we had between us the last time I had seen you. My heart breaks this was the path life picked for you and this family. I will never forget the memories we all made camping at you’re moms && the love you had for you’re daughter. You did an amazing job with her she is the sweetest and beautiful little girl. You made an impact on my life and I know you did for Zachary aswell. I was blessed to meet you and I hope you are up there watching over all you’re loved one. They need extra love more then ever❤️

  • Faith Willmon says:

    Oh Joe!!
    We have so many memories together growing up, from baseball to kids club to Kickin it at the park. I’m glad I had to the chance to know you and create some awesome memories with you and some of our other friends. You had so much ambition and generosity. You are missed soo much. Pray that Heaven is more beautiful than Bible describes and that you are at peace 💜

    Miss you Joe!!

  • Shandog27 says:

    I got to witness so much love and pride from your mother towards you growing up. You were her pride and Joy. Than I got to watch her proudness towards you grow and grow as you became such a wonderful father to Alea. Than, I got to catch a glimpse of that pride you had for your own daughter come full circle. I know I was not close to you personally, but I do feel like I knew who you were as a person and as a father. I do feel that I had a chance to connect with you over Memorial day weekend when you spent the weekend with Alea. You were taken from this ambitious life you were living unfairly and way too fast. You will be missed greatly. Please know that I will keep my eye out for Alea as she grows up. I had a special bond with your mom and your mother loved sharing that bond with Alea and Tabby. I will do everything and anything to keep that bond alive throughout their lives. I hope you have found your mom and I know the two of you will forever be looking over Alea as well and keeping her safe. Give you mom a hug for me too.

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