Daniel G. Rowley


February 7, 1953 – August 24,2022


image of Dan Rowley

Dan Rowley

After a very long and difficult battle with a chronic pain illness, Daniel G. Rowley (69), passed away peacefully at home in the arms of his beloved wife, Chris.  Dan was born in Seattle, but lived most of his life in Kirkland, where he continued to be a devoted and loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, stepfather, uncle, nephew, coworker and cherished friend.

Outside of his love for his family and friends, his passion has always been “Cars”, hence most commonly and respectfully known as “The Car Guy”.   There were cars, then cars, then more and more cars.  Dan lived and breathed Cars and was always happy to share his knowledge and love for cars with anyone and everyone!  Cars were his second family, and he meticulously and delicately took precious care of every one of them.  With his love for cars, Dan became the Co-founder of Legends Pacific Northwest Car Club in 2000, where he and Chris enjoyed the weekend car shows; so much so that the club sponsored two separate car shows.   Dan took pride in his Legends sponsored charity work where they raised over $100,000.  Dan and Chris loved to travel every year to Reno for Hot August Nights and other events where they could drive one of their classic cars and enjoy all the fancy cars and silver auctions. Dan never missed televised auctions such as the Barrett -Jackson and Mecum classic car auctions.   Dan continued to support the Legends Car club up until 2015, when he could no longer continue due to his declining health issues.

Dans first job?  You guessed it, a car salesman.  He learned at an early age the meaning of making a dollar and the responsibilities that follow. When he decided it was time for a more stable job with good benefits to support his family, Dan accepted a job offer with The Boeing Company, using his hands on experience and knowledge with cars.  For 30+ years Dan exemplified true value to the company with the installation of engines.  So much so that Dan was awarded the coveted Gold Veterans Badge from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) for his loyalty and continued service.

Dan was preceded in death by Gilbert and Eunice Rowley (Parents); Kathryn Rowley (Sister); and
Jeri Saxlund (Aunt).

Dan is survived by his best friend and beloved Wife, Bridget Christine “Chris” (Kirkland); Daughter, Kathryn  (Troy) Wallin (Enumclaw);  Son, Daniel Rowley (Charlottsville, VA); Brother, Michael (Marci) Rowley (Scottsdale, AZ);  3 grandchildren (Kario, Kelyn and Kailey); 2 great-grandchildren (Knox and Stetson); Stepson, Jay Corgnati (Renton); Stepson, Tony Corgnati (Renton); step- grandson, Gio Corgnati (Renton ); Uncle, Terry Saxlund (Seattle); Uncle, Roy (Sandy) Birkland (Phoenix, AZ); dear friends, Lloyd and Nela Womack (Kirkland), as well as countless extended family and friends.


11 Responses to “Daniel G. Rowley”

  • Penny McNeill says:

    Chris…my Dan and I realize you
    are so very sad to lose such a
    WONDERFUL husband and your
    BEST FRIEND. Your family will
    Always be there for you. Be strong,Sister. Love ❤️ You, Penny

  • Mary &Tom Bair says:

    Aunt Chris, Tom and I are thinking of you in this hard time for you and your family. We love you.

  • Sharon Swanson says:

    Thank you, Dan, for always taking such great care of my sister, just as she took great care of you. The two of you were like two peas in a pod. You were a little rough around the edges, but had such a big heart. I will miss your quick wit humor.

    Rest peacefully, Dan, your struggle is over! We, Chris’s family, will help Chris through this difficult time. You will be missed!

  • Gary-P. Hansen says:

    What a beautiful tribute to Dan. Rest In Peace, “the car guy!”

  • Tom & Gina Howell says:

    Not certain if there are cars in heaven. I suppose they will make a few exception. Enjoy the sweet ride Dan.

  • Daniel says:

    Chris, I came across the following poem by Margaret Mead. It resonated with me as I reflect upon Dad; a man of few words. He did, however, offer words of deep affection, thankfulness, and love for you. Kathy and I are grateful that he met and found an angel in you.

    “Remember Me” by Margaret Mead

    To the living, I am gone,
    To the sorrowful, I will never return,
    To the angry, I was cheated,
    But to the happy, I am at peace,
    And to the faithful, I have never left.

    I cannot speak, but I can listen.
    I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.
    So as you stand upon a shore gazing at a beautiful sea,
    As you look upon a flower and admire its simplicity,
    Remember me.

    Remember me in your heart:
    Your thoughts, and your memories,
    Of the times we loved,
    The times we cried,
    The times we fought,
    The times we laughed.
    For if you always think of me, I will never have gone.

    RIP, Dad.

  • Jackie Poulos says:

    Thinking about Chris and Dan today. I was there when Chris First met Dan.
    Chris was helping me get ready for a car club picnic. she was on the Deck and Dan was down below with Ted. Dan said to Ted “why don’t you introduce me to Your sister in law? ” The Introductions was made ! And they were a perfect match and they became “Chris and Dan” And were off to the Car shows.!
    . Ted and I were there when they met, And we were there when they were married.
    Dan will be missed.


  • Kathryn A Wallin says:

    Chris this was so perfectly wrote. It explains who our dad is. His love for cars i remember going to visit on the weekends and we of course had to see all his cars dad was do not touch them lol. I got to go to a car show with him in Roslyn i am glad i got to share a life passion with him. Thanks for giving me life dad and teaching me about cars.
    I will miss you; we will meet again. I know at the end you said you were over this but in other words i won’t write you were worried about Chris she will be fine. Love you dad give grandpa and granma hugs for me!!!

  • Kailey Wallin says:

    Grandpa you will be dearly missed. Thankful for the days we have gotten to spend together. I will remember and cherish all the car rides in all your fancy cars. Also showing and telling all my friends about all your bad ass cars you have. It was always fun coming out to your house to check out the garage to see if you randomly bought another fancy car. I will remember you going to car shows especially in Enumclaw when you got a reward from Kasey Khane.
    The list of memories go on. But one of my favorites is when you would leave the dairy you would always do a big burn out!!

    Keep doing burn outs, shows, and buying cars up in heaven.
    You will be greatly missed.
    Love you Grandpa.

  • Kelyn wallin says:

    Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa, god I’m gonna miss our talks and just BS-ing about cars and farming and the random goofy stuff you bring up. I know your in gods arms now and not in pain anymore. I hope heaven has car shows so you can show them all the classic cars you have built and won shows with down here. I love you lots and I will miss you dearly but I will see you again one day. Love you Grandpa

  • Kario wallin says:

    Grandpa, the memory’s we have made in our time together are the ones I will always cherish, your where such a happy guy and a funny one, but the older I got the more I noticed how strong of a man you where, fighting everyday, for another day, but I know You’re gone from this world, grandpa, but you’ll always be present in my heart. In your favorite car slamming gears and pounding beers. Thank you for the time and memories with you in this life time! Until next time, love you!

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