Brenda Danelle Giles


January 30, 1984  –  July 25, 2022


image of Brenda D. Giles

Brenda Giles

Brenda D. Giles, 38, was born in Everett, Washington on January 30, 1984, at 12:15p.m. to Theresa A. Giles and Michael E. J. Giles. Brenda died in her home on Monday, August 25, 2022, at 11 p.m. in Federal Way, Washington.

Brenda is survived by her mom, Theresa A. Giles, her older sister, Jennifer A. Kollasch, and her half-sister, Christine Bechhold.

From a young age, Brenda had a light that shone through and a personality to boot. She was very social and loved to sit and talk with the elderly while her mom and sister were grocery shopping. Many people often commented on how friendly and happy Brenda was despite the difficulty of her childhood and moving around a lot. Brenda was stubborn, determined, and had her own rhythm to life. Brenda was a cheerleader in High School. She loved to dance and celebrate. Brenda was not shy with adventure. In her early 20’s, Brenda worked on a cruise ship that toured the Hawaiian Islands. She loved to travel and was so excited to go through the Panama Canal and visit New Zealand. She settled back into Seattle and did the local Argosy Cruise tours before attending Pima Medical Institute where she earned her Medical Assistant Certification. A dream of hers was to eventually be a nurse.

Brenda had a harrowing relationship with numbing her pain. She was a fighter though and worked herself to sobriety a few times. In her 30’s Brenda was selected from her sober house to represent the program she was in at a national conference in New York, New York. She was doing well and found her community. Brenda’s mental health began to suffer again, yet she continued to fight and found support through Valley Cities. When the confusion and fear in her mind became too strong, she would reach out to her sister or pray with her mom. Prayer became a main touchstone the last few years before she lost her battle in this earthly world. There is not a soul or spirit that she did not love. Every relationship held meaning and purpose for Brenda. Her spirit remains in the whisper and softness of the wind and to earth she is returned.

8 Responses to “Brenda Danelle Giles”

  • Jen Kollasch says:

    Brenda, your spirit continues on! XOXOXOXO Jen

  • Eileen Wurst says:

    What a lovely and thoughtful tribute to honor Brenda’s life. My thoughts, prayers and Reiki are with you and your family during this time.🙏🏻💕🙏🏻🙌

  • Haydy says:

    RIP Brenda.

  • Brandi Robinson says:

    Rest In Peace and love sweet Brenda. ♥️

  • Jolene Reyier says:

    Brenda I will always remember your smile and your wonderful spirit!

  • Jen Creson says:

    I didn’t know Brenda, but I know her sister Jen… I wish that Brenda find the peace that eluded her in life and a whatever’s next that lives up to her bright spirit and big heart. I also wish for peace and love for the family who survives her ❤️

  • Mary Schmidtke says:

    My heart misses you, a gentle light – beautiful smile that radiated your sweet soul. May you be covered in peace. Until we meet again, hugging you.

  • Theresa Nuccio says:

    What a lovely soul. Thank you for the beautiful photos and story about Brenda’s life. May she find peace and light. My thoughts are with her family and her community.

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