Kerry A. Fultz


Kerry A. Fultz “Kal”
Aka Kerry Jones Fultz
12/8/65 – 5/10/22


Entrepreneur, Innovator, Creator.


image of Kerry A. Fultz

Kerry A. Fultz

Kerry graduated from Newport High School in 1984. He had been celebrated as “Mr irresistible” in 1982.

He received Associates Degree at Bellevue Community College and completed courses at The University of Washington in Communications and Engineering. He also studied at Kaplan University in Legal Studies. His humor and passion for music led him to work with many radio stations in the Seattle area.

He was well loved and nicknamed “Sparky” while he created morning show comedy skits for KZOK,102.5 FM Seattle, with his friend Kevin Benson in the mid 1980s. “Mr

Russell” was a “Biff and Sparky” listeners’ favorite skit.

His efforts working as an Assistant Program Director and Traffic Manager at K.A.S.B.

“The Rave” FM the Bellevue Community College Radio Station helped petition the government to increase their bandwidth.

Kal described himself as a Serial Startup and Technology Pioneer and a Data Visionary.

Kal’s impressive career resume includes technological positions at many well known companies such as Boeing, Macy’s, AT&T, Nordstrom and Microsoft.

Kal created multiple tech software and artificial intelligence companies. He was the CEO of the award-winning MaxSet Worldwide, Inc. and He also had previous companies such as ProSoft, and

Kal was an Experimental Technical Specialist and Distinguished Researcher at Boeing. He flight tested the first 787-8s and 747-8Fs and the first 747-8i. Kal was also a Chairperson for the Boeing Global Corporate Citizenship for the Holidays and Foster Children program leading events that helped children in need.

Kal was an enthusiastic collector of vintage items including western movie posters, Mad Magazines, comics, stamps and coins. He enjoyed digging for quartz crystals and discovering fossils, ancient stones and dinosaur bone fragments.

Kerry Fultz (“Kal”) died of Lung Cancer at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, Washington on May 10, 2022.

He is survived by his daughter, Bridgette Furrow, his Mother and Stepfather, Lana and Jim Foster, his brother, Cameron Fultz, his sister, Gretchen Fultz, and his girlfriend, Laura Yoshihara.

Kal’s life will be celebrated on September 10, 2022 at Pritchard Beach Bathhouse at 2:15pm – 4:30pm. Parking onsite.

Please be prompt. Refreshments and snacks served after the celebration of life service.

7 Responses to “Kerry A. Fultz”

  • Rick LeBlanc says:

    Kal was my dear cousin and the son of my 1st cousin Lana. He was the 2nd Grandson of Nathanial James Le Blanc whom was the 1st son of Eugene L. “Gene” Le Blanc & Marie Louise Durocher Le Blanc.

    Kal was a wonderful boy and man that used his well versed mind to take on the challenges and make them work! An IT guru that was cherished every project he encountered.

    He was a great husband and awesome father to Bridgette. A father and daughter’s relationship is always one that lasts forever.

    Blessings to his spirit and may his transition be swift up to Heaven.

    Save me a space at the Family Table!

  • Gretchen Futlz says:

    I miss you bro bro
    love, your little sister Gretchie

  • Derrick Miller says:

    Gretchen, I’m very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Regards, Derrick Miller

  • Cameron Fultz says:

    I miss you and our adventures together and our various competitions. Love, your big bro.

  • Quang Vu says:

    Laura, Gretchen, Bridgette, Cameron, Lana and Jim,

    Please accept my deepest condolences to all of you and your families.

    Kal and I met many years ago at Boeing. Immediately, we hooked up into a special friendship. There is not a topic of life (technical, nontechnical, fiction, nonfiction, etc.) that we have not discussed. Kal is super knowledgeable, creative and humble. Kal visited me in Southern Maryland (SoMD). We had the best time working (aka I was only his helper 😉 and then launching Kal’s newest technology product from his new Boost Research Corporation and exploring Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC areas. We played so many great games of Pickleball (Pball). Kal played very well and nicely touched a lot of SoMD Pball players’ hearts. Kal was like a younger ‘Brother’ to me…

    Life and Health are so unpredictable!

    Kal, my brother, I truly miss you, may you rest in peace and fly away with the angels.

  • Aniko Bahr says:

    Kal, you had my back and I had yours. I’m grateful for our neighborly friendship. Fly free. Be blessed.

  • Don Dang says:

    Kal and I met when we both joined Boeing Flight Test. We were recruited to support the 787 and 747-8 programs. We were called Technical Aide Specialist. Each of us was assigned a different airplane to support. Throughout the 787 and 747-8 programs Kal and I had shared many moments of laughter, life hiccups, great foods, hikes and even vacation together. There was never a dull moment when we hanged out. Kal was very fond of his dad and always speak about him. He loved his family in his own ways. I always feel we are more than just co-workers. Kal introduced me to his daughter, Bridgette, and even invited me to stay at Cameron’s house when we attended the Ellensburg’s rodeo show. He was full of life and always energetic. I will always remember, Kal, for his unquenchable curiosity and his creative imagination. Missed you, man.
    R.I.P, Kalcapone!

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