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Kevin Jay Haggard lived his last days at home in Fall City, Washington surrounded by his wife Judy, mother Marlene, children Evan, Lana, Nicholas, Benjamin, Katherine & Lindsay, and pup Jax. He was a proud grandpa to 5 grandchildren. We said goodbye on April 4th, 2022.

Kevin always had a plan, and made even the most mundane parts of life fun and memorable. A brilliant baker, an avid reader, and a devout man of God. His long white beard and round belly, when embraced, let you know you were home and safe.

He could drive while sleeping, sleep while reading, and turn a stranger into a friend anywhere he went. He was the hardest working man we knew, and to know him was to laugh with him or share a beer with him. Known affectionately as “The Meat Pie Man”, he used his empire to support those around him.

We will celebrate all 62 years of his life together on May 26th, at 2:00 pm,  at Calvary Mt Si in North Bend. Join us to cheers in his honor afterwards at the Last Frontier in Fall City. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to NAMI WA (

10 Responses to “Kevin Jay Haggard”

  • Lauren Bentley says:

    I never had the good fortune of meeting Kevin but he did raise my best friend who is an incredible woman and I’ve heard so many stories of the role he had in making her the amazing person she is today. I wish I had been able to get a big bear hug from him, try one of his famous meat pies, and thank him for being a kind, loving, supportive, and encouraging father to someone I love so much. He will absolutely be very missed.

  • Mayme Paul says:

    Kevin was full of love and joy and he made everyone he met feel special. He was a great role model for his children with his work ethic and commitment to his business but priority was always family. We all were lucky to have known him. His spirit will definitely be missed.

  • Colleen Mishra says:

    Kevin loved his children fiercely and is the very definition of the kind of dad everyone needs and deserves. He leaves an incredible legacy.

  • Emily Phillippy says:

    Kevin made such an incredible impact in his childrens lives, I didn’t know him but got to learn about how great of a father he was through Lana.

    My husband and I once drove an hour to the Dickens fest just so we could try his meat pies. That was over 5 years ago and my husband still talks about those pies, and I still remember Kevin’s giant and welcoming smile.

  • Diane Thomas Price says:

    I knew Kevin as a child and used to babysit for him and his brothers. I am sorry to learn of his passing but I am happy to read about the lovely life he has lead as an adult. My condolences to his wife Judy, his family and his mother, Marlene. May Kevin rest in peace.

  • John Dahlem says:

    Kevin was an incredible young man. Loved our days together at Loara High School, but mostly in the mountains climbing Mr. Rainer in 1983. The climbs of Mt. Whitney and visit to Manzanar were epic. His love for his brother was an inspiration to all of us. He may not have been the World Champion Meat pie Champion, but he was a WORLD CHAMPION man to all who knew him. We had so many fun times together and always laughing. He meant a lot to me!!!!

  • Raven says:

    I have never had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Haggard, but as an avid Renaissance Faire attendee I will say this- his meat pies he created and shared were what made the Faire. He was able to create food that made people feel taken back in time and filled with so much care and love. We are very lucky to be able to have experienced what he created and his Scottish Pies will be missed at the Faires forever 💕

  • Mark Ungar says:

    Every October for many years, I had the privilege of helping to hook up Kevin‘s Heritage Meat Pies booth to electricity at the Dickens Christmas Fair. It was always great to see him as he pulled his giant freezer trailer into the backstage area the Friday before opening day. I followed him for several years on Facebook, where he would share his victories in winning various culinary contests around the world. Occasionally, I would run into him at various highland games and Celtic fairs in California, where he would always greet me warmly with a big handshake. At Dickens, he would always generously give me a pie out of the back door of his booth, because he knew that I was busy as part of the tech crew, and did not have time to stand in the long line that stretched away from his front counter. I miss him greatly, and will continue to remember him as time passes by.

  • Joe Carbone says:

    Kevin was indeed all the things described in his obituary. I consider myself lucky to have known him well enough to consider him a friend. I think about him often and miss our chats. I wish the best for his family.

  • Gary Crouse says:

    I grew up with Kevin, Richy, and Les. Les had the same birthday as I, but a year older. With all that I have read here, I wish I knew him (them) as we became adults. Unfortunately, I moved away in 1970 and never kept up with my childhood friends. I will always cherish them. My loss that I didn’t keep in touch.

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