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Margaret Galles Hager

Margaret Galles Hager, 80, of Bothell, Washington, passed away on Wednesday, March 16 peacefully at her home.

Margaret was born in Kingsley, Iowa on December 11, 1941, the daughter of Roman and Iola (Johnson) Galles.  She was the fifth child of Roman and Iola’s eight children.  She attended Kingsley Public School, graduating in 1960.  While an outstanding student, she was a stellar athlete receiving state and national attention in basketball and fast-pitch softball – all before Title IX was enacted.  Margaret graduated from Briar Cliff College in 1965 earning a B.Sc. degree with Majors in Math and Science.  Following graduation, she taught mathematics in Kansas, Iowa and Washington.  She later attended Portland State University graduating with a M.S. degree in psychology and had a successful private practice in Kirkland, WA as a Clinical Psychologist, specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques.

On August 10, 1964, Margaret and Jim Hager were married.  Margaret and Jim have seven children (dutifully noted on Margaret’s Honda license plate as “HAGER7”) and twelve grandchildren.

For the last 56 years, Margaret has been the consummate matriarch of the Hager family, modeling/journeying with each of the HAGER7 into adulthood with Galles/Johnson values at the foundation: Faith, respect, authenticity, sense of humor and a good dose of not taking oneself too seriously!  She loved being a Mom, yet being “Nana” brought pure joy to Margaret.  She was the HAGER7 lighthouse – always a beacon of light for anyone seeking advice, counsel, consoling, a hug, love.

While an Introvert, and proud of it, Margaret was famous for her many ‘capers’ throughout the years.  She was active in politics, enjoyed the company of long-time friends from her years in the Kingsgate Community in Kirkland, WA to many newer pals when she moved to her final ‘homebase’ in the Wandering Creek  Senior Community, Bothell, WA She especially enjoyed hosting gatherings at her home to discuss critical issues of the day, or for holiday festivities.  She also spent hours sitting on bleachers watching games and attending performances of her own kids and grandkids as well as those of her friends’ children and grandchildren.

Margaret was preceded in death by her parents, Roman and Iola (Johnson) Galles; her brothers, Gerry Galles and John Galles; and her brother-in-law, Richard Ortner.

Margaret’s survivors include three sisters: Sister Michaela Galles of Dubuque, Iowa, Clara Beth Ortner of Holstein, Iowa, and Jenni Malsam and her husband Joe of Sioux City, Iowa; two brothers: Joe Galles and his wife Madeline of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Jim Galles and his wife Connie of Sioux City, Iowa; sister-in-law: Lois Galles of Kingsley, Iowa; husband: Jim Hager of Renton, Washington; children: daughter, Elizabeth Anne Spiller and her husband Ryan of Olympia, Washington and their children, Molly and husband Brad, Jake, and Jona; son, James Andrew Hager of Hermosa Beach, California; daughter, Nicole Celeste Hager and her wife Sarah Jahries of Maplewood, New Jersey and their children Rylie, Martha, Charlie and Robby; son, Jonathon Alexander Hager and his significant other Luci Sinor of Snohomish,Washington; son, Nicholas Anthony Hager and his wife Antoinette of Seattle, Washington and their daughter Bella Jean; daughter, Erin Michaela Crane and her husband Brian of Woodinville, Washington and their children, Taylor and Jakson; and daughter, Jennifer Anne Clark and her husband Clayton of Bothell, Washington and their children Gavin and Mia.

A Funeral Mass will be held at Holy Family Catholic Church in Kirkland, Washington on July 13, 2022 at 11am, reception to follow.

Donations in lieu of flowers may be made to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Memory of Margaret Galles Hager.  Memorial gifts can be made online at  Under Direct My Gift, please select “Greatest Need” and under Dedication, please select “In Memory of” and include Margaret Galles Hager.  Your gift can also be mailed to Fred Hutch, 1100 Fairview Ave N, Mail Stop J5-200 Seattle, WA 98109.  Please include In Memory of Margaret Galles Hager when sending in your donation.  Your gifts will directly support SCCA at Evergreen Hospital where Margaret received her care.

13 Responses to “Margaret Galles Hager”

  • Cindy Carman says:

    I send you Jenny/Clay and your family my deepest condolences. I really enjoyed the few times I was able to spend with your mom when I visited. Loved her sense of humor! We also communicated often via e-mail. Will miss her deeply! RIP NANA MARGARET. WITH LOVE NANA CINDY.

  • Alicia Hooper says:

    Sending my sympathies to the entire family and anyone that knew and loved Margaret. I only know Jenny but if her mother is anything like her, Margaret must have been an exceptional woman too. She has a radiance about her and heaven has gained an angel. Healing thoughts and prayers for you all.

  • Diana Crawford says:

    Liz Spiller & family: What a wonderful tribute to your mother/grandmother. May the memories of her give you all comfort. With Love, Diana Crawford

  • Edie Dixon says:

    To my Dearest Friend Margaret, who was the best friend ever: I will always remember our great talks – politics, religion, sports, and best of all, our children. I learned so much from you, such a smart and brave lady, never complained all the years with cancer. Even when we played soccer, you broke your ankle during a game and kept on playing. You are amazing, and will continue to be amazing, as an angel watching over all of us, – and we better get it right or you will bonk us down on our head from heaven. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maureen Turkington Wilson says:

    Margaret was a year behind me in school (Kingsley). Not only did she excel in sports, but she was an accomplished drummer. During one parade, the head of of her drum broke while we were marching in the rain, but Margaret didn’t miss a beat. She just kept up the beat with her drumsticks on the rim of the drum. Margaret was always smiling, fun to be around and pleasant to everyone. All of the band members from that time have happy, fond memories of her. My condolences to Jim and all of Margaret’s family and friends. May she Rest In Peace.

  • Jenny Churchill says:

    My dearest Peggy, She told me I was the only one allowed to call her that! As I grew up in the same neighborhood and in the same house with all of your children, I will always be honored to remember the special times and the conversations we had. You were one of the funniest and most joyful moms on the block! One of the most precious times we spent together was my last visit to Washington, we had a chance to sit together and break bread and laugh! You will always be part of me and for that I am forever grateful.
    Much love to the rest of the family during this difficult time.

  • Sharry Brown says:

    My heart goes out to the Hager 7. You all have been a tower of strength for Margaret on this long and difficult Journey. Her home was a house of love for all. There are so many memories you have to share and hold dear. She has been such a dear friend, a true treasure in my life, and in many others as well. Margaret will be in our hearts forever.❤️

  • Karla Hopkins says:

    Margaret will always remain a fierce woman with many strengths in my mind. She taught me so much growing up about being a tough woman who deserves respect. I will never forget her meeting me at Starbucks to help me work out student loans, and to make sure I knew I was worth it, and could do big things with my life. My sincere condolences to the whole family. Hugs to you all. I Love you Jenny!

  • Barbara Butler says:

    I had the privilege of knowing Margaret through therapy. She helped me work through some difficult relationships and I still draw on her wisdom today. It was a sad day for many of us when Margaret retired! I will always be thankful for her wisdom and gentle hugs after each session.

  • Judy Michel says:

    M, our friendship ran deep, our connection seemed life-long strong. I wasn’t ready to lose you, too many capers yet to share, too many conversations left unfinished, too many problems to solve (or so we thought). You lit up the room just by your presence. You literally kept me sane the night my hubby died. You were Mama to seven amazing children, you obviously pollinated those kids with your sweet honey, as every one turned out with their own special flavor. No finer legacy than your beloved clan. Your humanity was a constant that you shared with all. You will always be in my heart.

  • Carrie Niederman says:


    Thank you for the gift of your time. Our chat on the backporch of Oaknoll is still front and center in my mind. It was magical and a glimpse into your talent to touch others.

    You will be dearly missed.



  • Brenda Lyle says:

    I have love for Margaret she was my campaign manager for School Board in Boulder Valley School District. It was truly love a first sight. We were such good friends. I will miss her and my prayers go out to her family. She was such a great human being and friend.

  • Theresa Rumens says:

    I loved her💔 Margaret was instrumental in completely changing my life for the better she was wise beyond belief and I adored her. She taught me how to be strong and how to live life holding up a mirror reflecting bad thoughts away from myself. She helped my children grow up and to understand them and trust them and give them a little rein so that they had the ability to be themselves.
    She always told me I was on her Board of Directors, maybe she told everyone that but I believed her her, and would never do anything to let her down. Rest In Peace my beautiful friend.

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