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Jarrod Vincent Reed

Jarrod Vincent Reed, 40 years old, was taken from this earth on March 11, 2022. He died instantly and without pain in his own bed in Hunts Point, Washington, from an undiagnosed heart condition.

Jarrod was born in May of 1981 in Stamford, Connecticut. He came into this world a sensitive and skeptical soul. He lived his early years in Connecticut where he lived the boys life with his older brother, Jim Jr., who was two when Jarrod was born. His mother, Beverly, had her hands full when she gave Jim and Jarrod a baby brother, Justin, scarcely one month after moving cross country from Connecticut to the Los Angeles area in 1985.

The family moved back to New Canaan, CT only a year later in 1986, where Jarrod lived until right after freshman year at New Canaan High School when the family relocated to Mercer Island, Washington in 1996. Jarrod graduated from Eastside Catholic High School, in Bellevue, Washington in 1999, where he was a decorated varsity football player and wrestler and friend/protector to so many. He then attended Oregon State University where he played football and even had the chance to go to the Aloha Bowl in Honolulu on Christmas Day 1999.

Throughout his entire life, Jarrod was deeply committed to his brothers, Jim Jr. and Justin; his mother, Beverly; and his father, Jim Sr.  He existed to love and support his family and other close friends. He exuded deep love and a fierce protection for “his people.” He had two German Shepherds, Bear and Hera, who were also extraordinary lights of his life and they were with him until the end and beyond as they guarded him until Jarrod was found.

Jarrod found pride and livelihood by becoming an extraordinarily exact carpenter and builder of many things. Indeed, he loved his people by trying to fix or build anything they may have asked for. He loved in so many ways.

Jarrod lived every day grounded in love for his family and friends and is survived by not only his mother, Bev, and father, Jim, his two brothers Jim Jr. and Justin; but also his two sisters in law, Brianna Reed and Dorothy Reed; and their children, Jimmy III , Jackson, Elliott, Hank, and Lucy. Uncle Jarrod loved all of them immensely by showing up every time he was given the opportunity and always had a kid or two climbing his large 6’7” frame. In recent years he spent much of his time living near and in loving friendship to his dear friends, Joe and Anna Sabey and their children Sloane and George.

A beautiful memorial and Celebration of Life was held in Bellevue, Washington on March 18, 2022. Over 200 people came with scarcely a few days notice to honor and support the Reed Family.

Jarrod Vincent Reed will be forever missed by his family and all those whose lives he touched and we will live every day trying to be a little more like Jarrod; carrying his life mantra of family, love, loyalty, strength and devotion to his/our people.

2 Responses to “Jarrod Vincent Reed”

  • Gina Williamson says:

    I will miss you Jarrod and your infectious laugh! You taught me so much and I’m so privileged to have known you. Rest In Peace beautiful Jarrod xoxo

  • Eileen Haynes says:

    Dear family,
    Your tribute is so lovely! I know your devastation is unbearable. I know you are gutted. He is irreplaceable. One foot in front of the other. Every day. You all have to be Jarrod now. If you can. Hugging you all!

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