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Penelope Lynn Jensen, age 74, passed away March 2, 2022 in her home of 32 years in Renton, Washington.

She was born July 9, 1947 to Robert Hansen and Shirley Frew.

In spite of a difficult childhood, Penny was full of life and zest and made an impression on every person she met. Look for Penny, and you would find her watching the hummingbirds, knitting hats for the homeless, painting Far Side cartoons, or making witty comments that would brighten your day. Her catchphrase was, “Bite me.”

image of Penny JensenPenny loved to serve and did so not only as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but also to her family, neighbors, and community, at large. She would bake her famous chocolate chip cookies and bring a grandchild with her to deliver them to the local fire department. She retired after years of service with the Kent School District where she kept herself young by surrounding herself with little ones and as a high school computer lab tech support.

Penny adored her three children and 10 grandchildren. She was “the” grandma who would be on the floor with them, playing with toy cars or Monopoly, the mom who would watch the grandbabies so parents could take a vacation, the grandma who would host a grandchild for a week to teach them how to paint.

Above all, Penny loved her “Davey.” Married 54 years, they were very much in love. They enjoyed music, road trips, and hiking together. Wading through their years of trials together, they supported and treated each other like two young love birds, and that affection trickled down to their kids and grandkids, creating a home that was full of life and love.

Penny is preceded by her parents and sister Shirley and survived by her husband, David, children, David Michael, Sarah, and Anna Marie, brother Darrell and sisters Carol and Laurie, and 10 adorable grandchildren. Penny was very close to and much loved by her in-law relatives, as well.

Memorial service will be held on Saturday, March 12th with the viewing at 10:00 AM and the service at 11:00 A.M. at the Wax Road LDS Church building, 19909 Southeast Wax Road, Maple Valley, WA. Masks are requested. Special thanks to Evergreen Hospice for their attentive care, Barton funeral home, and Tahoma National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, please take a grandchild out for a maple bar.

5 Responses to “Penelope Lynn Jensen”

  • Yvonne Shane says:

    Oh, my dear Penny Poo as I called her, and she would call me Bon Bon. Though we only saw each other every couple of years it was as if time stood still, and we had never been apart. She never changed, always full of beans and could make the trials of life seem light with her ever present sense of humor. I regret not getting in touch with her this last year, not that she didn’t cross my mind, but I allowed life to get in the way. That is a sad misfortune we often carry once someone we love passes, we always feel “if only”. I know she is so happy now and her family and friends have welcomed her home with open arms of love, and she in return will fill them with her boundless love. So grateful to have been a part of her life she will always be a dear friend. I love her family and David. I’m sorry you will be without her presence in your life. But life is so short, and we will all be joined together again when our time here on earth has ended. Love forever Penny, Yvonne

  • Nancy Wing says:

    Penny was our neighbor for 23 years and was such a kind soul. We will miss her cookies and funny puns. Thoughts and prayers to the family during this loss. Know she was loved by many many people and will live forever in our 💕 hearts

  • Caesar & Alice Hernandez says:

    Our dear neighbor will truly be missed. We have been there neighbors for 32 years and she was always such a kind and happy person. We would always see Penny outside with Emmylou and always have a nice chat. We will miss u❤️❤️

  • Jasara says:

    Beautiful tribute to Aunt Penny! She was truly beloved by many and a source of fun and insight to all who knew her. Thank you for reminding me of her famous “Bite me!” phrase! I’d forgotten it until reading this and love remembering just how spunky she was. She really did have the biggest heart – present for the big and small moments. She helped me pick out my wedding dress and threw a wedding shower but also just checked in with texts and phone calls over the years, even when I lived very far away. I miss her so much already, and I hope her close family finds comfort and solace in the coming days.

  • Fiona Bean says:

    She was my grandma and I loved her so so much. I just wish I had more memories with her that I remember. Anytime I come over to her house I always ask for an oreo!!! She will always be in my heart!

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