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Kaye Jean Mason-Stewart

Kaye 81 of Shelton, WA passed away at 4:50pm on July 1, 2021 at Mission Healthcare in Renton, WA.

Kaye was born in Lincoln, Nebraska to Milo and Ruth Frisbee and later moved to Washington state where she raised her family and remained the rest of her life.

Kaye was a wonderful, loving lady and forever a devoted and self-less caretaker. She raised five children alone while also caring for her ill parents in her home. She had so much love to give and always put others ahead of herself. She was preceded in death by her husband’s Earl Mason and Wendell “Stu” Stewart who she married later in life and cared for them in their health decline of Parkinsons and Stroke, respectively.

She was immensely proud of her family and loved to go all out and host gatherings at her beautiful home in Shelton. Kaye was known for being a wonderful cook, creative and artistic, and loved to doodle. She enjoyed spending time looking at homes and properties and had a weakness for anything chocolate.

Kaye will forever be remembered as being incredibly kind, always caring, and thoughtful, and the matriarch of her family. She overcame many obstacles in her life and always remained strong and kept a positive attitude even in the darkest of times. She advised others to take things “inch by inch” and to cherish life as “each day is a gift”. She was known as a very- hard worker and owned several businesses throughout her work career including retail, employment services, interior design, and various real estate ventures.

Kaye also volunteered her time in different ways throughout her life as a cub scout den mother, president of the school PTA, and president of her condo association.

Kaye is survived by her five children Michael, James, David, Jon, and Teresa: her daughter in-laws Cheryl, and Jill, and son in-law Steven. She was the adoring grandmother to Dylan, Kendra, Taylor, Samuel, Wyatt, Alexis, and Mackenzie, and great grandmother to Kason and Ava. She also leaves behind her love Jack Doig, her best friend Dianne Krauss, her sweet dog Chester, her brother Jack Frisbee, and several other wonderful friends.

In remembrance of Kaye’s life, the family asks that any charitable donations be made to the American Heart Association or Hope, Inc. in her name. A celebration of life will be in September and announced later to family and friends.

8 Responses to “Kaye Jean Mason-Stewart”

  • Cliff Heckard says:

    I was a maintenance/ adopted kid. This one time I needed a part to fix her sprinkler system and needed to go to the Hardware store, she asked to go along. After we purchased the part she wanted to get ice cream cone and drive around. After almost 2 hours we came back home and she was ready for a nap. Needless to say, I came back to finish the next day. But I will honestly say, those days with Kaye were very important to me. We spent more time visiting and telling stories than we did working. She is forever in my heart. I LOVE YOU KAYE

  • Amy Reynolds says:

    Kaye was my other Mom during part of my teen-aged years. As a friend of Teresa’s,I spent most weekends in their home and Kaye and Earl made me feel more than welcome, they made me feel part of a family. I needed a place like that at that time in my life and Kaye provided such an environment, taking me with them on family get-aways, feeding me, and always making me feel included.
    She had so much love to give, and she gave it all.
    Thank you, Momma Kaye…

  • David Rowley says:

    You’ll be forever missed and loved deeply! I’ll see you again once my last days arrive but until then I’ll forever cherish and adore you! Thank you for being an amazing loving mom! I couldn’t of had a better mom! I’m so grateful I had you to to 81! I want you to get so much older I always thought you would you always were such a fighter and survivor! Thank you for making up strong and loving people! I’ll miss our talks and you’re unconditional love forever! Love you with all my heart forever! Still hasn’t hit me all the way that you’re gone! Love you always your loving son David ❤

  • Teresa Brooks says:

    Thank you for all the sacrifices you made throughout your life to keep our family together and to give us what we needed. You were such a wonderful mom and the most loving grandma to my kids and I am forever grateful for your unconditional love and strength. I am the woman I am because of you! I will cherish all of the wonderful memories we shared forever. I love you so much and will miss you every single day for the rest of my life. May you rest in peace and continue to watch over us Teresa

  • Steven Brooks says:

    I met Kaye and her family about 10 years ago. I was lucky enough to fall in love with her daughter Teresa and there you have it, I was part of this amazing family which Kaye was the leader! She always had a smile, always wanted to hear things in our crazy lives and always entertained to the fullest. There was never a dull moment when you were with her,she was truly an amazing women who’s strength and courage showed inside and out. I love you Kaye and will miss you but I’ll never forget how amazing you were and thank you for accepting me into your life, it was truly special.

  • Crystal Nailor says:

    Dear Kaye ,
    The space you leave cannot be filled, the hearts that weep your passing are many. You meant so much to so many .
    Growing up with “MommaKaye” for 35 yrs gave me twice as many hugs , twice as many smiles and atta girls than just having one mom.
    Her best friend Dianne Kraus is my mother .
    They had a very special bond,
    a love for chocolate , Chicos clothes and driving around looking a beautiful homes .
    Thank you for being in my life as a true
    Cheerleader , friend and positive force ..
    Forever grateful,
    Love you Kaye!

  • Lorena and Tom says:

    Kaye was a wonderful and kind neighbor. We will miss our lawn chats. I fondly remember how years ago we had a neighborhood clean up of the road and she brought us all muffins and coffee. Kaye was a true gem and we will miss her.

  • Dianne Lynn Kraus says:

    Kaye, a Forever Friendship

    Kaye and I shared a friendship that transcended everything else. It “is” rare. I use the word “is” not “was” because the reality of her not being 25 minutes away from me, is not valid and never will be.
    Real life has hard edges…Kaye smoothed them out. The sound of her voice melted your concerns. Kaye “is” different … so different from you or I. She has “tenacity”. We all know what “tenacity” means … that was Kaye. If you look up “tenacity” it also means “the quality or fact of continuing to exist”, my point exactly. Kaye will always exist in my heart and soul, today and forever.
    She is an angel that gifted herself to those who knew her while on earth, whether it be family, friends or business acquaintances.
    Kaye and I were close, we shared a “sisterhood”. The touch of her hand could erase any pain I felt. She could look straight into your eyes and accept who you were. She didn’t magnify your faults as some would. She saw the beauty within you by shining a light on your strengths.
    I’ve known Kaye since our girls met in High School 34 years ago. I’m beyond blessed to have been graced by her presence not only for myself, but my family. Kaye “is” too great a power in my life. She will always remain “is” not “was”.
    There is no treasure on earth equal to the gift of Kaye.
    Forever, I will remain, Sissy Dianne August 24, 2021

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