Inez Millie Sligar


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Inez Millie Sligar

Inez Millie Sligar left this life on June 4, 2021 in Everett, Washington.

She was born Inez Millie Rosen, second child of Theodore and Frances Rosen in Twin Falls, Idaho.  She grew up on their farm and attended Wendell High School where she played basketball and acted in plays.

Inez married Rollo Sligar of Wendell, Idaho where they lived until moving to Seattle, Washington in 1951 with daughters Priscilla and Christine.  A son Daniel and daughter Loretta were born in Seattle.

The family moved to Bothell, Washington in 1954, where their children grew up and attended public schools.  Inez attended Everett Junior College in the early 1960s and continued to pursue her education later in life at Yakima Valley College and Central Washington University.

Inez was the most  tender of mothers completely dedicated to her children and family.  Her world revolved around them and her grandchildren.  She also remained close to her parents throughout their lives, usually traveling to Idaho at least once every year.  She maintained a correspondence with her siblings, cousins, aunts and other relatives.  Overarching all of these relationships was her lifelong partnership with Rollo until his passing in 2018.  Their bond was so strong that she felt that he was with her even after death.

Inez worked most of her adult life after her children were in school, starting in restaurants.  When she became a school bus driver it was a good fit with her responsible nature and her love of children.

Inez’s life work was as a mother and wife.  A beautiful woman with a sweet shy nature, she tended to stay in the background unless she felt that someone needed to be protected.  She was courageous in her unstinting lifelong service to her family; a dutiful daughter, wife, and mother.

Inez loved to grow vegetables and flowers.  A hobby was finding antiques and treasures in second hand shops.  Another hobby was photography.  She had a lovely singing voice and loved all kinds of music.

Inez is survived by her three elder children Priscilla Bird, Christine Lavra, and Daniel Sligar; eight grandchildren; five great grandchildren; and her younger sister, Gaylene Bates.

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  • Carole Brannam says:

    Now that some visiting is allowed, I was going to check in with Inez’s dwelling and see if I could visit. So sorry to hear of her passing. I knew Inez and Rollo from when I met Priscilla in middle school and we became the best of friends. I last visited Inez when the Italian Prune tree was generating lots of fruit, and it is my very favorite fruit. She was generous and loving by nature and will be missed.

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