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Blake Charles Chenevert, age 56 of Redmond, Washington passed away from a long battle with sarcoma on the night of March 9, 2021, at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, WA. His wife Jean, son Ben and daughter Delaney were by his side holding his hand.

Blake was a wonderful father and most loving and devoted husband. He was one of those people who you are better for having known and makes you want to be a better person. Blake would brighten other’s day through his energy and sense of humor. He would always put others first, was loved by many and will be so greatly missed.

Blake was born on December 19, 1964 in Boron, CA to Kathleen & Edward Chenevert. He joined his older sister Rene and his younger brother Everet five years later. Love, kindness and a wonderful sense of humor were abundant and instilled in Blake’s personality.

His dad Ed took Blake and his siblings fishing and backpacking and introduced a great love of the outdoors and a particular fondness for the Pasayten Wilderness. His mom Kathy taught him how to live his life with a strong moral code, by always putting others first and by cherishing family.

The family moved to Omak, Washington where he grew up and graduated from Omak High School in 1983.

In 1981, Blake gained 3 more siblings – Daniel, Cindy & David when Kathy married Jim Bone. An incredibly strong bond developed through their many years together and they nicknamed themselves the Boneverts as they were a melding of the Bones and the Cheneverts.

Blake attended the University of Washington in Seattle, earning a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering. After working at Rocketdyne in Southern California for 3 years, he traded in his convertible for a 1971 VW van and spent the next 3 months driving across and exploring the United States. He told many stories from his adventures. He always was there to help anyone in need, giving CPR to a choking victim in a café, or late at night pushing a stranded man in a wheelchair through the snow to his home safely.

Following his traveling adventures, Blake went back to the University of Washington and obtained his  master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and his doctorate degree in Combustion Engineering. His love for learning spanned through the entirety of his life.

During those years, Blake met the love of his life and best friend, Jean Hamlin. They were introduced by friends and family at a barbecue at Jean’s brother Jim’s house. Everyone thought they would make a good match and they did not disappoint and were married 16 months later in December 1994. A similar outlook on life, bright sense of humor and helping others were just a few similarities that the two shared. For 26 years, the two would go on to have two children and make countless memories with family and friends.

While Blake completed his doctorate, they rented an apartment in Seattle and would later move in with Blake’s college friend Aaron Koopman to save up for a big trip. To celebrate and mark his accomplishment and graduation, they traveled to Europe and spent 2 months backpacking & exploring several different countries and cultures. Upon their return, they settled in Redmond where they bought a home, Blake joined a startup company called Ramgen and they started a family.

Ben was born in September 2001 and Delaney in October 2003 and a new level of love was born with them. In their youth, Blake would spend countless hours with the kids attending all their youth baseball, softball, basketball & soccer games. Creating the evil elves scavenger hunts at Christmas time, playing dragon babies, Cornhole, and having dinner as a family every night were some cherished memories.

Ben and Blake shared a love for baseball, escaped to MLB spring training a few times, and loved playing fantasy football and poker with their father-son friend group. Delaney and Blake would go out to sushi, crack jokes, debate current events and talk about anything and everything.

Some wonderful family memories include camping, visits to the grandparents and relatives on Whidbey Island, Omak and Greencreek, family reunions with all of the siblings, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles, floating down the Okanagan River during the Omak Stampede, vacations to Disneyland, trips to Maui where he would boogie board for hours and watch amazing sunsets.

With great fondness for space travel and friendly missions, Blake returned to the aerospace industry and joined Aerojet Rocketdyne in Redmond working on space propulsion thrusters. Family and friends referred to him as a true rocket scientist. After 10 years, Blake left to pursue his dream of opening a business of his own. Delphi Precision Imaging was created in December 2015 by Blake, Daniel (his brother and business partner) and Jean. Working side by side these past 5 years, they have built a successful business that provides 3-dimensional x-ray imaging services to businesses throughout the United States.

Blake leaves behind his wife Jean, married 26 years, his son Ben age 19 and his daughter Delaney age 17; his mother, Kathy Bone (Jim), father, Edward Chenevert (Stella) and his siblings Rene Zander (Randy), Everet Chenevert (Heather), Daniel Bone (Maggie), Cindy Trujillo (Jef) and David Bone (Valerie). He is also survived by numerous loving relatives, friends and neighbors.

A memorial service will be held at St. Jude Parish in Redmond, WA on Monday, March 22, 2021 at 1pm.

Instead of flowers, donations can be made in honor of Blake to either or to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

12 Responses to “Blake Charles Chenevert”

  • Andy Robinson says:

    Blake is the happiest guy I have ever met, with the funniest giggle that was infectious. Good Sam Club all the way!

  • Amy ODonnell says:

    Blake always made his Hobo omelets, using the freshest Hobos. His attempt to “oil” the pan using peanutbutter, didn’t work out so well for making pancakes… but camping wouldn’t be fun without some kind of failure.

  • Gerald & Wendy Berg says:

    Blake and I worked in the same lab at the UW in graduate school. I always had really loud metal music playing when I was working… one day Blake leaves me a note: Jerry, Devil stopped by. I told him you were at class, he’ll come back. Blake.

    He always kept everyone grinning with that bite.

  • Kennan Kuffel says:

    I gained another “big brother” when my brother Aaron and Blake became friends in college. We always debated if Omak or St.Helens had paved roads first. Blake always made me laugh and I could tell he had the biggest heart.

  • Rebecca Sliger says:

    Blake and I were in the same lab in grad school at UW. At first, I was very lost in a lab. I had taken all of the theoretical classes, but I didn’t have any hands on skills. Blake was kind and patient. He took time out of his work to show me make to a thermocouple, and how to put things together. He had a fun sense of humor.
    Blake was always willing to help others. Just a couple of years ago, he came to the college where I teach to talk to the students. They loved his presentation.

  • Krista Odiorne says:

    I met Blake after college playing volleyball and drinking beer. He was so fun and made everyone feel welcome. Best sense of humor and always keeping everyone on their toes!

  • Tony, Joni, Alyssa, and Jared Gee says:

    Our sons played some baseball together and it was great to sit with Blake and enjoy his sense of humor during the games. We’ll miss him a very much and know we were fortunate to have had such a kind-hearted person in our lives.

  • Jamie Waldock says:

    Blake was the first person to interview me for a job at Aerojet. For years after I was impressed that he remembered me and would stop to chat in the hallway. I thought he was both kind and incredibly skilled as an engineer and he has been missed these past years. I am so sad to hear about his passing.

  • Renee Avra says:

    I’m so sad to hear of the passing of Blake. He was great to work with and very helpful with any new requirements I would send his way. My heart goes out to Jean and his entire family.
    He will be truly missed.

  • The Reimbold Family says:

    Bah-Lah-Kay. This was our son’s nickname for Blake, and one we will never forget. Through our tears today Jean and I laughed about that, and the hugs that come with baseball. . Our Ben so enjoyed when Blake drove the baseball carpool. Blake was truly one of Ben’s favorite grownups. He was one of our favorite grownups, too. Such a loving soul that made us laugh so much with that wicked sense of humor and joy for life. We are better for knowing him.

  • Jeff Maybee says:

    Blake was my manager at Aerojet and I will always be grateful for his kindness, smarts, leadership, and most of all his friendship. Blake is one of the finest humans I have ever had the privilege of knowing, he is one of those genuine people that brightens the lives of all who knew him. Others have noted his wonderful sense of humor and I can certainly attest to that! I am deeply sad to hear of his passing and offer my sincerest condolences to his family.

  • Rainer W Janetzki says:

    Blake is simply a class act all the way around. Wicked smart, dry humor, glass is 1/2 full approach to life. My life has been enriched because of knowing him. You will be sorely missed Blake!

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