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Paul David Ross

My blessed Paul Ross passed away unexpectedly by a hit and run, 10/20/20, on a cold wet, dark night. Taken too soon, he was a almost 59 years old.

He was born on 1/9/62, in a tiny village called Unalakleet, Alaska. His Inuit birth parents were Janet Agibinik and Gordon Nashlook.   A few years later, he was adopted and raised by Harry and Lucy Ross of Port Angeles, WA. He enjoyed riding his bicycle and skateboard around Port Angeles. His most treasured item was a mini-bike, but his parents were afraid he’d hurt himself and eventually took it away much to his dismay!

He made many friends, but in particular he loved his sister Elizabeth Ross. Paul and his family enjoyed many vacations over the years.

He ended up moving to Vancouver, WA where he finished school and ended up at Clark college. From there he went on many adventures. He worked on a crab boat at one time in None, Alaska. Earlier, he ran off and joined a traveling carnival/circus called Fantastic. He worked as a carny. He helped put the rides together and took them apart, as well as operated the rides. He slept under a semi truck at night. Eventually the carnival traveled to Port Angeles and he parted ways. From there he arrived in Seattle, ready to find a new home and work. In north Seattle’s Lake City area, he found the love of his life, Gloria Calico.  They stayed together the next twenty seven years. They had one son, Joel Ross, in 1995.

Paul was happy keeping busy working as a day laborer, construction worker-jack of all trades. He also had a large extended family in Alaska and Port Angeles, consisting of many half siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. He was loved by many and known by all.

Quick wit and ready smile, always outgoing and if you didn’t know him, soon you would! His passions, other than his family and friends were skateboarding, bicycling and camping. In later years, he was slowed down by arthritis and bad knee joints. Fondly known as “Eskimo Paul”, he will be sorely missed and remembered by all.

Rest in peace my Love…

9 Responses to “Paul David Ross”

  • Chick says:

    Gloria I am thinking of you and your family during this most difficult time. My prayers continue for comfort and strength

  • Shari says:

    Dear Gloria and Joel,
    I am so sorry for your loss, may the lord bless you all of his family. Paul was a character that’s for sure, he will be missed by the family here in Browning, MT

  • Mary Ellen Hanson says:

    I am so sorry for your loss and I wish I could take the pain away, even for a moment. You are such an amazing and strong woman who has endured too many loses!! I love you and Joel, your family, and am here if you need ANYTHING!!
    Paul was loved dearly by everyone and will always be remembered!! No one will ever forget his kindness!! I know that my brother was one of the first to hug and welcome him, waiting there with open arms.
    Your family is in our prayers and thoughts, every single day, and we lobe you guys!! ❤️

  • Elizabeth Ross says:

    I love you Big Brother, I will miss you everyday … till we meet again❤️

  • john worthington says:

    No better person to go through life with when you were young and everything was brand new and the thrill of living is as strong as you will ever feel it. So many times I laughed so hard my face hurt.

    Goodbye Paul.

  • Jeni Hann says:

    I met Paul when we were kids in Port Angeles, at the swimming pool. He taught me to blow bubbles off my tongue and showed off tricks on his board. He was an important person in my life for many years. My Dad adored him too.
    His laugh, his sweetness, hiding under his bad boy image was magical.
    He used to hang onto my bus when school got out riding his skateboard, drove the bus driver crazy!
    We talked occasionally over the years, checking in to see how things were going.
    I loved him deeply, what once was romantic love eons ago had evolved to a deeper love.
    He will always be a part of me. We grew up together. I’m happy he had a son with Gloria and that she was able to hang in there over the years. I’m sure it wasn’t always easy.
    I’m really grateful he had her.

    To everyone who had the joy of hearing his laughter, my heart goes out to you.
    He will be missed and thought of often.

    I’ll love you forever Paul David Ross.

  • Gina johnson says:

    Paul, I will miss your ever present smile and huge bear hugs. Say hi to Steve ♥️

  • Yoshiyuki Tanaka says:

    I’m sad
    Another important USA family is gone
    Someday I will go to Harry, Lucy and Paul
    Drink a lot together in heaven and be scolded by Harry and Lucy together
    Wait till then
    I pray for Paul’s soul.

  • Kevin Astle says:

    I am just finding this out and am deeply saddened. I enjoyed many laughs and appreciated his work on countless jobs through the years. Paul was truly a good soul. Rest In Peace

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