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Gerald Thaete

Gerald Thaete, age 76,  passed away Sunday Oct.18th, 2020 due to Stage 4 liver cancer that had spread throughout his entire body.

Gerald is survived by his children Eryca Thaete Caldwell (Tim Caldwell); Gerald Thaete JR. (JJ); his grandchildren Jonathan;  and Kaitlynne Capp, Jaden Ballance, Laurae and Grant Thaete. He is also survived by his Siblings Shirley Gray (Bill Gray); Daryl Thaete (Clarice); and Judy Dunne (John) – also his many nephews, and nieces. He is preceded in death by his parents and many family members and a few friends. He was born to Ray and Etta Thaete.

He was born in Everson, WA. They moved many times in his young life. He graduated from Eastmont High School in Wenatchee, WA.

He later joined the Air  Force. After being discharged from the Air Force he moved to Seattle, WA. He lived in the area until he passed.

He worked for the phone company and held many positions within the company. He retired from there in 2012. I believe he had worked there for over 32 yrs.

He loved the Lord. He had attended Shoreline  Community Church for 35 yrs. Before that it was Seattle Christian Church (Christian Temple for many, many years.

He was loved by many.

He was very tender-hearted. He loved music. He Sang in the Choir most of his life.

It came as a shock  how quickly he passed.

His services will be at Shoreline Community Church next year, and he will be interned at Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent, WA.

An update will follow when we know more.

4 Responses to “Gerald Thaete”

  • Shirley Gray says:

    Jerry was a great brother, a super kind man, and had a memory that made him the family historian. We all, including mom, asked him when we needed information about anything in the past. He doted on his kids and grandkids, valued friends, and loved to sing and listen to gospel music. He loved the Lord and we KNOW we will see him again when we get to heaven.

  • Deanna Lannoye says:

    We have lost a friend and classmate. I am glad he did not suffer a long time.

  • Roger Tornga says:

    Almost every time we walked into Christian Temple, Warren Gepford and Gerry Thaete would be standing in the foyer. Maybe always! There’s much to be said for faithfulness. It was part of Gerry’s godly character. I moved to Texas 21 years ago and was so surprised to see him across the entry to a huge stadium in Dallas, Texas in October of 2018. My wife looked in astonishment as I ran to make sure to intercept him. God gave us a really special treat that day and I’m so grateful. Heaven, so much talk about heaven, one of these days I’ll meet you there!

  • Trudy Tassano says:

    Gerald was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I worked with him at the phone company. He will be missed. My condolences to his family. I’m very sorry.

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