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Samuel Jordan Work

Samuel Jordan Work was born February 8, 1987 in Bellevue, Washington and passed away peacefully on September 18, 2020 at age 33 in Swedish Hospital, Seattle, Washington after a five-year battle with cancer.

Sam was the youngest of two children born to James Edward Work and Linda Cheryl Laurie. He was predeceased by his father who passed away on May 29, 2012.

Sam grew up in Redmond, Washington and graduated from Chelan High School in 2005 where he played and coached baseball, participated on league bowling and continued his music education. He went on to attend college at Seattle University’s College of Science & Engineering to study mechanical engineering and was on SU’s baseball team.

He joined Cub Scouts in first grade experiencing years of adventure camping and hiking with the scouts and obtained the BSA rank of Life Scout. Sam asked to take piano lessons in the second grade and studied music under the tutelage of a concert pianist. Sam appreciated all genres of music, played keyboard for several bands throughout the greater Seattle area and opened for the Marley family. He listened to country western music and liked singing Frank Sinatra karaoke. Sam loved people and relationships were of paramount importance to him. He possessed common sense, was highly observant and an extremely gifted writer. He was very witty, had a wonderful sense of humor and was a great impressionist. He enjoyed skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving and billiards, playing in league and tournaments. Sam began helicopter flight training hoping to get his pilot’s license.

Sam was a general contractor establishing Redmond based S.J. Work Construction, LLC in 2013 specializing in general excavation and site development and also a managing member of Work Industrial Park. He established Apex Works, LLC in 2018 for motorsports design, innovation and restoration and was an avid automotive and motorcycle enthusiast. Sam moved to Snoqualmie, Washington in 2018 where he cherished the beauty and tranquility of the mountain, surrounding views, pastures, gardens, open spaces and wildlife.

Sam is survived by his mother, Linda Work, siblings, James Work, Rebecca Sorensen, Douglas Work, Antoinette Work, Jennifer Work and his canine best friend, Lukas.

10 Responses to “Samuel Jordan Work”

  • Chanté Gonzales says:

    Sambo – The only good thing out of this entire experience is knowing that you get to be with your dad sooner than later. I hope you can run in heaven with scissors and drive as fast as you want! Until we meet again. Chanté

  • Megan Paisley says:

    Truly blessed and fortunate to have had Sam in our lives. I will miss his smile, big bear hugs and hanging out in the garage with the boys. Heaven is lucky to have you! ❤️

  • Tracy Laurie says:

    Dear Sam,

    You were six years old when I first met you. You were so sweet, and it was fun to play and hang out with you. You were simply the cutest ring bearer ever! So. Stinking. Cute. You and James made me an aunt, and I loved watching you both grow up. Your ability to play the piano kept me in awe because no matter how much I tried, it was something that I was incapable of learning. What a talent!

    I will always treasure the many memories I have of you. Haunted houses for Halloween with you, James, Uncle J and Uncle B – boy we had some fun (one time in particular where you, James, and Uncle Brian rolled with laughter for almost thirty minutes – I won’t say why here). Then there were always family birthday parties, and all of the holidays. I specifically remember one cold, crisp Christmas day when you took us on a tour of your soon-to-be first home. You were so excited! Sadly, it wasn’t too long after that we found out you had cancer. Another memory is from one of my absolute favorite Christmases. You, healthy again, played board games with all of us. (I think that may also be the same Christmas that you couldn’t stop cracking up at the picture of your mom with her onion glasses on.) That was a very good day. I also especially loved it when you planned the surprise birthday dinner for your mom at the Barking Frog restaurant. She was surprised we were all there, but the look on your face was priceless. Simply beaming. You made the day special for your mom, and it was easy to see how much you loved her.

    Now, it’s hard to believe you are gone. Even though we were told things were not going well, it still doesn’t seem real. Every time you had a cancer scare; you would beat it, or so I thought. I knew you were often not feeling well, but I always fully expected you to recover. It was also interesting to read your posts on Facebook. You had a crystal clear perspective on what you believed, and the hearty “dialogue” that ensued with your friends was quite fascinating. It made it all seem like you were doing okay even though you weren’t. Not too long ago, I read your post for extra good vibes. I texted you that day. I told you how I had been praying for you and was sending you as many good vibes as I could, said to you that I loved you. How I wish I could it say to you again.

    Sam, you are so incredibly loved. Hearing about the dedication of your mom in her care for you is nothing short of breathtaking. No greater devotion exists than that of a mother for her child and your mom lives that devotion. Seeing the pictures and memories from James has been comforting and shows how much your brother loves you. Reading the comments and stories from your friends is moving. Together these things all demonstrate just how much you are loved. How much you made a difference. How much you will never be forgotten. I hope you felt it. I hope you experienced, and realized all of the love that continuously surrounded you.

    I miss you. Your Uncle James misses you, and thankfully, because he is the master picture taker in the family, we have so many great photos of you. You would have fun looking at all of them! Madison misses you too. You may not have known it, but she thought about you and prayed for you often. She took your passing very hard.

    Of course, my prayer now is that you are at peace. I am thankful you are pain-free and hope you are doing something fun with your dad. Someday, I’ll look for you as a part of my own heavenly welcoming committee, but till then, goodbye.

    Love and miss you forever—your Aunt Tracy.

  • Edward Dalbey says:

    Sam, we already miss you terribly. Grabbing that beer never happened for us, so I look forward to that in heaven. I’ll see you there one day, my friend.

  • Claire Prillwitz says:

    Oh Sam, sadly I never was able to meet you but I was still so taken with you. We were friends on FaceBook. You always impressed me with how you treated people, how you spoke to them with knowledge, ease, caring and making a difference for those who really needed that from you. I truly loved reading the things you wrote on every day life, politics, your dog, your family and friends. Yours is a very old soul and I look forward to mine meeting yours one day. I’m sure you are delighting those in Heaven with your bright spirit and infectious smile. I know you’re already making a difference there. <3

  • Jennifer Work says:

    Rest in peace little brother. God bless ❤

  • Sophia says:

    I had the privilege of meeting Sam in 2015 at a seafood festival where he was helping out his friend promote his merchandise and I was volunteering. I will never forget how kind and genuine Sam was. Sam am I only meet twice but he has left a lasting imprint on my mind. It is sad to see great talent and worthy individual go. May he rest in place.

  • Beckie says:

    Run free and happy little brother from a different mother. Say hi to Dad.

  • Steven Wise says:

    I met Sam in 2016 at Ducati in Redmond, WA. His passion for Ducati motorcycles never ceased to amaze me. When Sam wasn’t working, we spent many wonderful days riding our motorcycles and nights shooting pool and singing karaoke together. I especially loved his Sinatra songs! We even rode out and attended a Rock Concert together back in the summer of 2018. Sam was very selfless and helped many people. I remember one day I was moving in Kirkland…on short notice…Sam showed up with his trailer to help me move my furniture. I was blessed to have known Sam, even if for a short few years. The truth is anyone who has ever had Sam in there lives was blessed.

    R.I.P. my friend!!!!

  • Martha Vickers Motta says:

    I just learned of the passing of your beautiful son, Sam. Linda,I am so sorry…as you know, there are no words. I wish I could comfort you like you did for me so many years ago. I have spent so many hours wondering why these horrible things happen. I can honestly say that I know how you feel. Please give it time. Nothing will ever be the same but the pain will ease…
    Do you know that my son owns a Golden Retriever because of your sons. Jay was not a dog person, especially big dogs. My family visited you in Lk Chelan and your boys introduced us to your Golden. Jay came running in to tell me that he wanted a Golden just like your boys owned. He’s the proud owner of a female Golden named Stevie Nicks…he has my sense of humor! Your boys are the reason for my son’s happiness…he loves that dog.
    Linda, I moved to Arizona and would love for you to visit. Please take care of yourself…you are very important to James
    My cell is 425 444 6627.
    I hope you get this message.
    Martha Vickers Motta

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