Brian Powis


Brian Powis of Newcastle WA passed away on July 31, 2020.

He fought a courageous battle with Lewy Body Dementia.

Brian was a electrician and a proud member of IBEW Local 46.

Brian knew how to work hard and play even harder.

Brian had a passion for life he loved to ski, scuba dive, hunt, and hike. He will always be remembered for his larger than life personality and laugh.  To know Brian was to love Brian .

I will hold his heart in mine forever. Rest In Peace my beautiful husband till we meet again. I love you so Much!!!!

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  • Lori Larson says:

    Brian was a dear friend of mine for 38 years. I have never met a man who could light up the room with laughter like he could. Larger than life he was and ALWAYS laughing. I am pretty sure that he may have been a bad mood a couple of times but I never saw it.
    He was an awesome snow skier and water skier oh and practical joker. I loved all of his stories about his pranks but nobody could ever stay mad at him.
    He had a heart of gold and will be missed by many. RIP my friend and don’t be playing any pranks in Heaven or the good man might kick you down below!
    Xoxo Lori (aka pink hair)

  • roberta graff says:

    I met brian the same day that i met my husband bob…he has been a part of our life together..brian was one of the kindest people ive ever known in mylife..the times we shared in hawaii are the best memories of my life..brian was always the life of any party.. anyone who knew him was very lucky to have him in their lives. he was so happy and lived life every single day . he was lucky to have been loved by two awesome women and they spoiled him horribly which he did deserve as he treated them like queens.we will miss and love him ALWAYS

  • Jennifer and Sherman says:

    We were fortunate to meet Brian 10 years ago in Mesa at our winter home. We quickly became friends. We will always remember Brian’s smile and for all the fun times we shared. We enjoyed his great sense of humor, his infectious laugh and he was always the life of the party. You will always have a special place in our hearts and we will miss you. RIP friend Love you Jenn and John

  • Tracy Boyd says:


    I know you are up there having fun. You might even be lighting fireworks off with friends and family. Of course present with your infectious laugh and smile. There might be a large Bon fire and you are throwing in large logs. You are definitely up to some sort of amusing behavior.

    You certainly had a genuine enthusiasm for life and knew how to live life to the fullest. I’m sure you are tapping into the afterlife, enjoying all it it has to offer, not missing a beat.

    On a more serious note, one of the best things I like about you is how much you care about people. Always helping people when the situation arises. Remember the time you drove home on 405 that dark, rainy day when a guy hit a dog and it died? You pulled over. He was crying and he had thee small kids at home and couldn’t take the dog home to bury it. So you did. That’s just you.

    Back to the lighter and brighter side of things, there will will continue to be discussions of your past antics in this life. “Remember when Brian….” The laughter will flow in the memories of you. You may be gone, never forgotten.

  • Vicci Ryan says:

    Brian has been a part of our extended family for over 50 years at Cedar Villas. There are so so many wonderful and silly memories floating in my head….Kind he was,like calling my elderly parents to see how they were….Silly for sure,like landing in the bonfire with his bro or the time he was banned from lighting off cannons on the 4th of July…Brian loved his friends and enjoyed a good drink and poopoos! Most of all he LOVED his ‘angel on earth’…wife Sherry. She watched over him with loving care…his last years were made better with her constant attention! Until we meet again…Vicci

  • Fred E (Ed) Madlener says:

    Brian, you were always life at 110 percent! As an electrician, nothing ever phased “the Terminator”(pun, intended) As Crew to many adventures on the Kanoa, your kindhearted spirit was always welcome. Constant mischief, and a life filled with “friends I haven’t met, yet!” Always punctuated by the booming laugh! I’ll see you on the other side, friend!

  • Mary Ann Ellis says:

    The memories of Brian, go on and on! The first one for me is when he was a little boy. He came to live with us after his Father died. He locked everyone out of the house and ran from window to window laughing. My parents were frantic but Brian thought it hilarious. As the years went by his antics went on and on. He made life an adventure. So many memories, Grandmas house in the summer and later years of course at the lake.
    He was a big man with a big heart. He will be missed but the memories are many and the smiles he brings will stay with me.
    He was as they say “unique “ one of a kind! ❤️

  • charles holley says:

    Rest in Peace Big Guy . To many memories to list .

    See you on the other side’

    The Holley Families .

  • The Holley's says:

    Rest Easy Big Guy. You earned it.

    Sincerest condolences to all.

    The Holley Clan.

  • John powis says:

    Brian Powis wild and crazy larger than life that was my little brother. He loved hanging out with us and our friends.And our friends loved him. He truly was the life of any party. He lived life to the fullest and had the stories to prove it. We miss him terribly but are left with so many memories and uncle Brian stories that will live on. Love you and miss you brother.

  • Susanne Seymour says:

    Brian was was my Brother, Playmate and Best Friend all through life.
    We did crazy things together when we were kids, one of my memories is with my friend Larry we talked him into being our baby which he was more willing he got in my doll carriage, covered him all up and ran up and down street laughing, he broke the springs but we had fun.
    Brian loved coming over to our place on Whidbey Island and walking the beach with Sherry and I, that will be such a miss.
    Brian had such a contagious laugh you could walk in a room not see him but here him laughing.
    My Mom told me after my Dad passed away that if you looked up at the white fluffy clouds he was there so now he has joined them.
    Rest In Peace my dear Brother.

  • Christine Newman says:

    Brian was one of the kindest, caring and most wonderful people that I’ve ever met. He always made time for me no matter how busy he was or how old I was.

    There was one Christmas in Seattle where, as the only child at the time, I was playing alone. He came over and sat down before asking what are we playing? I grinned and replied Polly Pockets. He laughed that famous laugh and well let’s play!
    No matter how sad or down you were feeling, he never failed to put a smile on your face.

    Miss you and love you always and forever, Uncle Brian

  • Alan Rusler says:

    Wherever you are big guy it will be a happy time.

    Your joyful activities never had a deadline – they just occurred whenever you created them.

    The many festivities we enjoyed on Shuswap Lake will always generate great memories.

    The chuckles and spontaneous guffaws we could hear across Caen Road or from fires and fireworks on the beach were always enjoyed.

    The keenest explosions came from the big beach barrel or scorched the back of “someone’s “ shiny pick — don’t believe they were ever able to pinpoint the guilty party. There were suspicions as it happened on the Fourth of July.

    I remember my dad roaring out the side door — he thought someone had fired off a shotgun.

    You weren’t all fun and games — especially with the women in your life — you could get very serious. I remember particularly the “Jehovah Ladies” who came to your door when you weren’t home — You sure tracked down the blonde.

    We miss you already!

    Neighbor Al Rusler

  • Cathy says:

    As Summer comes to a close, we sure missed you this year at the lake Brian! We especially missed your laughter, smile and uplifting spirit. Your zest for life and love and caring for everyone.
    Remembering the good times together boating, waterskiing, snow skiing and family get togethers. You were loved by many and we are so thankful you had your beautify wife Sherry who stood by you right until the end!❤️ Cathy and Bob.

    end! ❤️ Cathy and Bob.

  • Cathy says:

    As Summer comes to a close, we sure missed you at the
    Lake this year Brian! We especially missed your laughter, smile and uplifting spirit. Remembering the good times boating, waterskiing, snow skiing and family get togethers. You were such a loving and caring person and made everyone feel special! We are so thankful for your beautiful wife who stood by you until the very end. She loved you very much!❤️ Cathy and Bob.

  • Michelle Powis Vaughan says:

    Uncle Brian was the life of every gathering and had a way of making people feel special. There is no one else quite like him. I will deeply miss his laugh, his stories, mischievous pranks and heart-stopping explosives. He was sentimental, caring and always there to help me whenever I needed it. He was at my house installing outdoor motion detector lights during the 2001 Nisqually earthquake and called me at work to say “Sorry darlin’, but your house is gone!” then waited for what felt like an eternity before he let out his booming laugh! I have many fond memories of Christmases at his house and summers at our family lake cabin. I’m grateful for knowing him and for the influence he has had on my life to have FUN!
    I love you, Uncle Brian. I hope you’re having fun but we miss you so much!! Love, Michelle

  • Kevin Griffin says:

    I miss Brian.

    What fun we had together at the lake pounding beers, cracking jokes, lighting fires, floating and boating.

    Brian was always a big laugh – a happy person who made everything more enjoyable.

    Cheers Buddy!

  • PATTY JUNCO says:

    I met Brian around 1987, when he was falling in love with another. I was so captured by his crazy since of humor,
    love of adventure and love of life. I never laughed so hard when I was around him, and still after the many years think of him fondly.
    What a character and someone who I will never forget encountering. Always bring a smile.

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