Charles Sheffield

Charles “Chad” Sheffield, of Redmond, WA, passed away on June 24, 2020 in Kirkland, WA.  He was 78.


He leaves behind his loving wife of nearly 36 years, Joanne (Pegg); daughter Kristin Sheffield Sigel (Seth) of Woodinville, WA; son Kelly Sheffield (Lisa); 4 grandchildren (Kenzie and Tyler Sigel and Alex and Anna Sheffield) and long list of dear friends and extended family.


Chad was born on December 28, 1941 to Donald and Chloe Sheffield in Ogden, Utah. Chad was  raised in Brigham City, and attended Box Elder and Ben Lomond High School where he was an active member of his school’s swim, track, and football teams.  He later attended Weber State University before moving to Washington State where he would spend the great majority of his adult life.


Full of energy and with a vibrant personality, Chad leveraged his early years in construction to forge a long and successful sales career, highlighted by a near 16 year commitment to Issaquah’s BMC West. There, his unmatched level of customer service and ability to clearly paint a customized and translatable “word picture” made him a popular and much appreciated member of their team.   He truly enjoyed his time there, retiring in 2007.


Chad and Joanne were married in 1984, and their honeymoon lasted until the day he passed.  Their chemistry was unmistakable, and they both greatly enjoyed entertaining friends and family, gourmet cooking, gardening, traveling, and playing competitive and “high-stakes” games of Yahtzee.   Chad had many other interests,  including woodworking, rock collecting, and a love of cars.   It is safe to say that his beloved pick-up truck (easily recognized by its “CHAD” license plate) was among the cleanest and shiniest automobiles in Washington’s history.


A great storyteller, Chad was a lifelong learner and possessed a wide range of knowledge across many subjects.   He was an avid reader of fiction and history, and excelled at (and rarely missed) “Jeopardy!”, taking great pride in his frequent final jeopardy success.  He was quick to share a joke (loved hearing new ones) and laughed hard and often.


As fond and as proud as he was of Kristin and Kelly, his life changed forever with the birth of his grandchildren, starting with Kenzie in 2001.   Never has a grandfather taken greater joy (or given more love) than Chad gave to Kenzie, Alex, Tyler and Anna.  Through sunshine and rain, he was a permanent fixture at baseball, softball, soccer and basketball games.  He beamed with pride at every school show, debate, theater and dance performance.  He poured his love into woodworking projects for his grandchildren, building a magnificent playhouse for Kenzie and beautiful dollhouse for Anna; he built bookcases, doll cribs, treasured toy chests (with secret compartments) and wooden rifles — and anything else his grandchildren could dream up.   All were built with precision, with fine craftsmanship, and with love.


Chad will always be remembered for the affection he shared with his family and friends and for the countless holidays, birthdays, milestones and wonderful times when he opened his (and Joanne’s) home.


Chad is preceded in death by his parents, Don and Chloe Sheffield, and his brother, Don (Sandy) Sheffield, Jr.


His family hopes to celebrate his life at a later time and greatly appreciate all your kind words and thoughts.


18 Responses to “Charles Sheffield”

  • Jill Hill says:

    What a wonderful tribute. We treasured Chad’s friendship from the day we first met him. To say we will miss him is an understatement. Our love to all of you.

    Terry & Jill

  • Joanne Bruckel says:

    It breaks our hearts that Chad is gone from the earth but NOT from our hearts. We could always count on Chad for love and laughter. We will certainly miss his jokes, laughter and smiles (hardly ever saw Chad without a smile). I also TREASURE the bird house he made for me.
    Joannie & Chad were indeed soulmates and were inspiring to be around.
    You will always be in our hearts Chad but we WILL MISS YOU.
    Love and God speed,
    Jodi & Ron

  • Marilyn Bencar says:

    What a beautiful summary of Chad’s life. I will always remember his smile, love of life and that twinkle in his eye. How fortunate for two special people to have found each other as life partners. You are both in my prayers.


  • Kayse Ricker says:

    My beautiful big sister, Joanie, found the man of her dreams whilst on assignment in Washington for a California Real Estate Developer. Who would have thought that a estimated six month assignment would turn into the rest of her life! She met a great guy, who turned out to be her forever, “Mr. Honey!”

    Thank you, Chad for loving my sister and making us all laugh so often with your wonderful sense of humor. Your creativity and carpentry talents were amazing. I’m glad it brought you so much pleasure and gave so much pleasure to those whom you loved.

    I will always remember your story-telling tales – especially those involving Joanie! You will be missed – yet it is so darn comforting to know that you’re pain-free, able to jump through hoops and clouds and can see the Jeopardy answers before the questions are asked – from your vantage point in heaven!

    I know you’ll be watching over Joanie and so will we!

    God bless you, Chad. Love, Kayse

  • Jacqueline Bisnar says:

    Beautiful tribute for a life well lived and loved! I will miss my Valentine’s Day cards, his great sense of humor and stories. Grateful we had time together last year! My thoughts and prayers to all his family and friends.

  • Hank says:

    His life was full friends,Joy and love. Whenever I think of him I’ll always have a smile on my face.

  • Phil and Marianne Henderson says:

    We have been friends with Chad and Joanne for over 25 years. We will greatly miss getting together with Chad as he was always had a sparkle in his eye and a story to tell. We had so much fun with the dinner group over the years and have missed that. Phil always said Chad was his brother from another Mother, as they had the same coloring and hair and both were wood workers.

    What a wonderful life Chad had and with a loving wife.

    Chad you will be greatly missed.

  • Kat Trainor says:

    Yours was the first wedding I attended, Uncle Chad. It’s one of my earliest and most treasured memories of the family being all together. I remember how my heart sung when you sent us Valentine cards, and for years after to my mom. I’m thankful that I saw your smile via Zoom and heard your laugh not to long ago. That too is now a treasured memory. Sending love and light to you, my beautiful Aunt Joanie and your entire family. Especially those littles written about so fondly above. With love, Kat

  • Melissa L Ricker says:

    Uncle Chad had a beautifully lit up smile that said so much.
    His smile said to me “you’re not only safe, you are welcome.” His smile seemed to indicate he had a happy secret to share. Funny, charming, kind and he adored my Aunt.

  • Jenna Ricker says:

    Uncle Chad was a born raconteur – just thinking of him starting a story makes my lips curl and my cheeks hurt in anticipation of laughing. I’m so grateful for the times we spent together. I will cherish them always.

    There are soulmates, loves of lives, and one and only’s – but Chad and Joanie were all three and then some! I vividly remember their wedding in Uncle Hank & Aunt Boopie’s backyard. Even though I was just a kid I could see their dedication to each other and it has been an inspiration ever since.

    I will miss him and that twinkle in his eye and the stories I had yet to hear. He is forever in my heart. Sending so much love to Joanie, his children and grandchildren, and all those lucky to have crossed his path.


  • Eileen Trueman says:

    Back in the good old days I lived in Marina del Rey, CA, and had a wonderful friend, Joanne, who lived next door. Joanne met Chad and Fell in love. Al and I attended their beautiful, intimate wedding. She left the area and we lost touch. A couple of years ago I answered my phone and a hesitant voice asked if i was who she thought it might be. I was so happy to have her and Chad in my life again. They moved here and it was marvelous to be reconnected and to see how that love between them was still as real as it was years ago. I know Chad is with you Joannie as he has always been with you. May you Rest In Peace, Chad

  • Joseph Lippi says:

    God Bless a very special man who with his wife Joanne Mary and I had so many very special occasions together with them. Now Chad is in heaven with Mary and keeping an eye on all of us down here on earth to keep us safe.

  • Sylvia Bisnar says:

    This great man will be missed forever. His kindness, smile,sense of humor, love, and so many, many more attributes. Chad and Joanne showed a love for each other daily.
    Got to know them both when I married into the family, on a trip to Hawaii, and when they briefly lived in Arizona. Chad was fun to be around at all times. What a Great Guy. Will miss him….Sylvia

  • Patricia Soldati says:

    Last week I shared Chad’s passing with my step-daughter, Cheryl. Many years ago, Cheryl spent time with Joannie and Chad, and has fond memories of that weekend. Shortly after my conversation with Cheri, I received a note from her husband, Scott, which said, in part: “I’ve had the pleasure of hearing how awesome of a person Chad is from Cheryl. Most people would say “was” but I don’t. They are always here with us in one way or another.”

    So true. Chad lives in my heart and always will.

    I think about how he grins when he snags an extra beer behind Joannie’s back.

    I think about how we roll our eyes together after one of Joannie’s malapropisms. “Let’s go rubber-nosin’” will surely go down in history.

    I think about how he loves a good Scotch.

    And what a good cook he is.

    And how he loves to read – just about anything. He is such an eclectic fellow!

    I think about how he cuts through worrisome issues with pragmatism – and humor.

    And how much he loves Joannie, who adores him back.

    All perfect memories in the present tense.

  • Mary Lampson says:

    So many wonderful memories of times with Chad. Always good for laugh therapy, a wonderful garden, and gourmet cooking. He loved his beer and his hobby of shopping for grocery bargains. Some of my favorite memories were from our cross country ski trips where he was known for skiing in beige wool knickers with red suspenders. Quite the daredevil skier he was in his earlier years. The world has lost a very special person!

  • Lorene Park says:

    Joanne I am so very sorry to hear about Chad. Although I never had the privilege of knowing him, I feel after reading this tribute I can appreciate the very special person he was. Your life together was one of God’s great blessings.
    Be strong and live with all the special memories and moments.
    God bless you and your family❤️.

  • Gary R. Soldati says:

    I will miss Chad, and knowing of his health struggles these past years I was hoping to see him again. It was not to be.
    After meeting my wife Patricia and being new to the Pegg clan, we did some traveling with Joannie and Chad! Chad was very welcoming and a lot of fun to travel with! He got my humor and had plenty of his own. Once while traveling in Southern California l remarked to him “How nice it was seeing all these older men walking with their daughters!” He flashed that sly smile of his and nothing more needed to be said.
    In later years after l started making fishing lures he was a great source of anything woodworking related. He saved me countless hours with his knowledge of power tools and how best to use them. The same can be said of grilling! We had countless conversations around the barbecue about the best way to grill, another one of his expertise, and life in general!
    Goodbye Chad! Sorry to have to do it from afar!

  • Loren Pawloski says:

    Chad was one of greatest guys I have ever known. I saw this in him when I hired him way back in the 90s. Then I got to know and love him. I think he was actually a better story teller than me, and the jokes. Oh man, I missed you when you retired and you were always on my mind. I’ll see you again, one day, my ol friend…

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