Terri Ann Curtis

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Terri Ann Curtis

Terri Curtis was born to Ruth and Hubert Curtis on March 16, 1959 in Seattle Washington. She transitioned into the next dimension on June 12, 2020, at 9:05 am. She was 61 years old. Though she, in her own words, “cherished all information regarding spirituality”, she was deeply in love with the beauty of this world.

Those things included gardening, especially in Hawaii; riding her Harley; quilting in the Hawaiian style, and just appreciating the beauty around her. She did require that things be “clean, put away, beautiful, and harmonious”. Though sometimes challenging, this was part of her love of beauty and desire to surround her self with beauty. And while she was adventurous and exuded a beautiful energy as she moved through the world, she also “loved a cozy bed and pj’s”.

While she loved the things of this world, she also cherished living a life informed by spirit. She was an energetic seeker who found much of what she sought. She had challenging situations and people in her life, as we all do. Rather than resenting these situations or feeling like she was a victim of the external world, she described them all as “teachers” that she was truly grateful for. In her own words, she “loved to face her issues and heal them; loved to forgive; loved to help people when they asked; and loved to love.” What better testimony to a life well lived?

She was married twice, first to Mark Overdick and second to Kerry Berlin. She neither wanted nor had children. Terri is survived by her partner William Rosaia, her brother David Curtis, and many aunts and cousins. Arrangements for a ‘celebration of life’ are pending until the ban on large gatherings is lifted.

4 Responses to “Terri Ann Curtis”

  • Bobbe Branch says:

    I knew Terri through classes that I took with Rebecca and a wonderful group we formed after the classes for spiritual connection and learning. She was such a powerful giver of love and curious about life, learning and healing of the heart and soul. I enjoyed being in her presence and bless the sweet connection we had and I believe we still have in a different way. I am glad she came into my life.

  • Carolyn Barkley says:

    We met Terri and Bill in Hawaii as neighbors. It didn’t take long for us to become fast friends. We lived in beauty and joy there. She and Bill had created a paradise on their property, something we were inspired by as we attempted our own paradise. Terri was such a loving, kind, generous person who was always positive. even when it came to the last few days, she asked that we not feel sorry for her, but to send loving and prayerful thoughts instead. I will sorely miss her and feel blessed to have had her in my life. Rest In Peace dear, dear friend. All my Love, Carolyn

  • Sally Jordan says:

    Terri was a beautiful loving soul ~ kind, sweet, and very thoughtful.
    I am thankful having met her many years ago but only knowing her for the brief time when our paths crossed~ she left memories on my heart. Peace to her.

  • Dick & Molly Baker says:

    i met Terri in about 1995 when I went to work for Vandermeer Forest Products. We remained as good friends until her passing. Our lives changed
    Through the years, but we always kept in touch through the years. She was a loving caring person. I think I was responsible for Terri taking up riding Harleys. I would ride mine to work and she would always want to go out to lunch on the bike. This ultimately lead her to Bill. He used to work for Rod Anderson up in Monroe. Harleys quite often need work and I sent her to Speed Twin where she met Bill. I will always love this beautiful and spirited woman. She has a special place in my heart and will always have a home there. God please give her happiness just like she gave to all that knew her. Rest In Peace.

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