Doreen Weiss-DeShazer

Doreen Weiss-DeShazer

Doreen Weiss-DeShazer of Woodinville, Washington, passed away on March 23, 2020, at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, Washington.

Doreen was born in Providence, RI on September 2, 1962. She grew up with her parents Adam and Claire, and Sister Linda Michalik. She loved to visit her Uncle Louis, Aunt Carol and Cousin Lois, who lived nearby. She often talked about the beauty of her hometown, especially during the fall.

Eventually moving to Washington in 1996, she later enjoyed and excelled in a career of furniture sales and room furnishing design. She loved the scenery of the Pacific Northwest, photography of the local flowers and wildlife, sticking her feet in the sands of Cannon Beach, Oregon, taking ferry rides to Whidbey Island, and picking blueberries or strawberries.

Doreen was spiritually strong, and loved to teach others about the Bible and the wonderful hope for the future whenever she could. Doreen was noted too for her empathy and warmth; she had a way of connecting to those she met, and formed many enduring friendships along the way. She always had an impact on all who knew her, thanks to her enthusiasm and her genuine, selfless love for others.

She is survived by her son Ben and her Husband Elvin.

A memorial to celebrate her life will be held on a future date.

4 Responses to “Doreen Weiss-DeShazer”

  • Terry Stewart says:

    I will always remember and appreciate what a wonderful wife Doreen was to my brother Elvin. Because we lived far apart, we were not able to spend a lot of time together. However, I always knew she loved Elvin with her whole heart in the happy way she lived her life taking care of him. I am very thankful for the time we were able to have before she passed. Love Terry

  • Paul and Patricia Weiss says:

    We can’t believe such a vibrant person is gone too soon. We look forward to welcoming Doreen back the the resurrection soon to come.

  • Karen Bucher says:

    While I never had the opportunity to meet Doreen, my family has had the privilege of her son Ben being part of our lives & family. When I read the words warmth & empathy to describe Doreen, it touched me because that also describes her boy, a heart full of those qualities. I feel a bond because we lost our moms on the same day, I am grateful that we will both get to welcome our moms back because of the resurrection hope, and I look forward to meeting Doreen.

  • Tom Dubiskas says:

    I have been missing Doreen since I was very young. This is one thing that I would have loved to make right. I have lost my whole family. I guess that I will never get that back.
    I love you Doreen, may you rest in peace.

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