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Jill Breuckner Glover

Jill Breuckner Glover, of Kirkland WA, was born on February 14, 1945, and unexpectedly passed away on April 5, 2020.

She is survived by her husband of 54 years, Joseph Glover of Kirkland, WA, son, Scott Glover of Mount Lake Terrace, WA, son, Ted (and his wife Tina) Glover of Round Rock, TX, granddaughter, Tarah Glover of Woodinville, WA, her sister Kay Richardson of Port Angeles, WA, Kay’s daughters Karla & Kyne, and special family friend Andy Maib of Carnation, WA. She has also left behind numerous nieces from her brother, David – Christina, Connie, Catherine, Cara, and Courtney.

In her younger days, Jill was a cook for a nursing home in Lynnwood and then an Elementary school. When her husband and Andy (Maib) founded Abol Systems in 1984, Jill worked as their office assistant and retired at the beginning of this year.

In retirement, Jill would spend her time doing Word finds, playing Scrabble with family, watching Dr. Pol and How It’s Made. She could be found buying supplies at the local Joann Fabric store so that she could carry out her next ‘Crafty’ idea. Jill was the epitome of a craftswoman. If she envisioned it, she would make it, and then give her treasures away to those she loved. She knew her way around a sewing machine and a stitching needle, to say the least. She enjoyed eating out and trying new foods. She was known for cooking a good Sunday meal to share with family and friends.

The family will not be holding any services at this time. A familial gathering will be organized for later in the year to celebrate Jill and her life.
She was predeceased by her parents Walter & Inez Breuckner of Port Angeles, WA and her brother, David Breuckner.

2 Responses to “Jill Breuckner Glover”

  • Bill Payton says:

    Very sweet lady. My condolences to Scott and the rest of the family. I pray God will comfort you all.

  • Andy Maib says:

    Knew Jill for a long time. I believe her skill set wasn’t in the office or the kitchen, even though she was an outstanding cook. I believe her skill set was with yarn and needles. What Bruce Lee could do with a nunchuck, Jill could do with a couple of knitting needles. Over the years she made a lot of creative stuff with top of the line craftsmanship that showed. Hope everyone reflects on her life then moves on in your own pursuit of happiness.

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