Therese Mary McConville

Therese Mary McConville was born on January 13, 1940 to Gerald and Rose Martin in Seattle,
Washington. She lived her entire life in the greater Seattle area, attending Blessed Sacrament School,
and was in the very first graduating class of Blanchet High School. She earned her BA at Seattle
University in fine arts and education and was a second‐grade teacher after graduating college, along
with teaching hearing impaired students as well. Her appreciation for art and beauty was reflected in
her personal style and original works of art.

She met F. Thomas McConville during her last year of college when he came to pick up her roommate for a date. She was dating someone else and eventually dated Tom, but while on a date with him, she became cross with him and threw Tom’s hat into a lake and that is when he says knew he was in love with her. She soon chose him as well and they were married on June 15, 1963 at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. One year plus one day later, their first of five children were born.

Therese lived a fairly quiet life, but one full of love and service to others. She cared for her aunt and
uncle, an elderly neighbor, and her own mother as they all aged and needed a little more assistance. She worked for Sears, the Bon Marche (now Macy’s), in various office settings including Social Security, but she was particularly proud of her time with Benaroya Research (part of Virginia Mason).

She raised five children, Casey (Sylvia Cash), Marty (Rachel), Molly (James), Meghan, and Seaoh Kerry (Tyler). One of the biggest blessings of her life were all of her grandchildren, Maddy, Alex, Nathan, Kellen, Joy, Katie, Grace, Tom, Ben, Joey, Xena, Cam, Rose, and Keira.

Therese loved the Pacific Northwest with all her heart. She had a special place in her heart for Long
Beach, Washington, a lifelong favorite vacation destination.

She loved to get a great cup of coffee and go for a long drive, she loved to “tootle” (just meander with
no set destination) and see where she ended up. She loved to go to craft fairs, find great fish and chips, spend time with family, have a ladies lunch with her best friends. Any adventure, large or small was wonderful to her.

Therese always had room at her table, room in her home, and room in her heart for anyone who needed it. She used to say of all her kids, her favorite child was the one she was with, or the one who needed her the most. (but we all know is was Seaoh)

Mom was a beautiful soul, inside and out. She was an example of and taught her family how to love
unconditionally, how to persevere through difficult times, how to never give up on life or on those she loved. She taught us about deep faith, she also taught us it was all right to ask questions and make up our own minds. She cared deeply for the Lord, she believed in Jesus with all of her soul, and she knew where she was headed after this mortal life.

Mom left this earth in the very early hours on January 6, 2020. She passed as quietly and gently as she lived. Never has a soul deserved as lovely and as gentle of a passing more than Mom. She is preceded in death by her parents Jerry and Rose, brother Jerry Martin, sister Paddy Bray, brother in law Eddy Bray, and her husband F. Thomas McConville, and many other beloved extended family members.

Loved by all who knew her, she will be thought of and deeply missed every single day from now until the end of time. We love you, Mom . . . more than any mere words could express.

3 Responses to “Therese Mary McConville”

  • DeMotte Case says:

    This remembrance is exactly what I would have said,had I the skill. This world needs more folks like Tess. I miss her daily. I hope Tom found his hat.

  • Marilyn Reeve says:

    Therese was a truly kind and gentle soul, with an amazing sense of humor. It was an honor to call her my friend, and a delight to have worked with her at BRI. May you hold her memory close and be comforted in the knowledge of how much she loved you all!

  • Nathania tenWolde says:

    Thank you, Therese, for all the time I got to spend in the house (sometimes weeks on end during high school) being a part of the family. Much love to you all.

    Nathania (Tania)

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