Kenneth Lee Edwards

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Kenneth Lee Edwards

Ken Edwards left this life on December 12, 2019 due to complications from yet another back surgery.  Ken was a hyperkinetic genius, devoted husband, father, and unquestioning helper to an extremely wide circle of friends.  He was a disabled US Navy veteran who endured more continuous pain than any person should ever have to experience.

Ken accepted all people and was fiercely loyal to those who were close.  He loved giving his all in times of need.

Ken’s travels took him from Antarctica in the far south to Murmansk north of the Arctic Circle.  He visited places in Europe, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.  And he made friends everywhere he went.

Ken leaves behind wife Oksana, and daughter Nikki at home; parents Kerry and Mary Lee Edwards; brothers Tony Tong and Brandon Edwards; daughter Leeann Adair, with grandson Clayton Edwards and granddaughter Danika Adair; stepmother Sandra Tong, stepsister Lisa Paine, and stepbrother Kyle Tong; his best friend Abdulla Almoaibid, and best buddy Snickers

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  • Brandon K. Edwards says:

    RIP brother…
    08/12/63 ~[ 2006 fought Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma ]~ 12/12/19

    Ken also fought Prostate cancer in 2017 & 2018…, his finality was a post surgical blood clot. The surgery fused 4 more~ 8 total discs in his back; repairing injuries that began in service to our country in 1983… (life #101)

    The night he past it struck me, I got to save Ken’s life once 1986, Ken saved my life multiple times!

    Ken was also a survivor of an 80 foot fall from climbing a cliff in 1987… (life 220, 221, & 222)

    Ken lived with RA since 1994…, requiring many surgeries on his joints.

    “He asked for so very little, he gave so very much.” with…, quoting his father, Kerry Edwards.

    Ken exampled ‘how to overcome and keep on living’… He was a hero!

    His journey across this world multiple times was diverse & full of heart. As I looked out on all of those at his services I saw such a loving diversity, so many cultures, walks of life, and religions; both here and at the church. I am reminded of how my brother transcended all of these footsteps in your lives across this world multiple times. With respect each one is an unique individual and to simply say then we all know Ken and he was so very unique and special, loved and accepted by all of you as best friends, a son, a brother to all…! You each knew Ken’s transcending footsteps in your life, we each knew him as the most unique person in our lives. In his honor may we each celebrate and keep the peace and love he shared with all of us!

    And, on behalf of the family we thank you for your love and coming out to Ken’s military service and or earlier at church. And, those who could not join us we know everyone who knew him certainly knows as great a loss as there can be…

    We wish you a Merry Christmas, and hope you will have a peace filled New Year. May God our Creator bless each of you.

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