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Ray Albrecht

Ray Albrecht died in his Issaquah, WA home on October 31, 2019, following a year bravely fighting lung and brain cancer. Ray is survived by his wife of 37 years Terry Phelan, brothers Chris, Rob, and Jim Albrecht and sisters Wendy Mulder and Gwen Bowden, along with nephews Dan Mulder and Christopher Albrecht, and nieces Heidi and Holly Bowden, Ceinwen Carrejo and Zoe Wright.

image of Ray Albrecht

Ray, 1981

Ray was born in Jarkarta in 1956 to a Dutch-Indonesian family who soon became political refugees and fled to Holland. They applied for US immigration status and were accepted 3 years later, after which they moved to Seattle and settled in the Wallingford neighborhood. He attended Lincoln High School and enlisted in the US Army where he served in Germany and then returned to the Seattle area to live out the rest of his life.

Ray, 1992

Ray worked at a few places over the years – Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, K2 Skis, driving bus for Metro, early days at the Starbucks roasting plant, and as a service delivery tech for Eastside Harley Davidson. But by far his favorite position was a radio DJ and Production lead at KCMU, followed by stints at KUOW and KMTT. He earned a certificate from Ron Bailey School of Broadcast in 1981 and went back to school in 1999 to get his AA in communications.

Ray loved live music and going to both small clubs to see local acts and to big venues for concerts. His work in radio gave him the opportunity to promote many local musicians who became good friends. As is fitting to this track, Ray was a serious audiophile with a highly respectable collection of progressive rock and blues albums and a penchant for pop music trivia.

Ray, 2011

Ray also had a love for motorcycles, which were a perfect vehicle for his free and adventurous spirit. He had a Yamaha in the early days and got his first Harley in 2003 – an anniversary edition Sportster. He added a Street Glide to his collection in 2012. His motorcycle family and all the people he met on rides over the years are a great example of how mutual respect and acceptance of all points of view really can coexist peaceably in today’s world.

Ray took respect and justice seriously and would stand up for anyone that was being bullied or mistreated whether he knew them or not. His bravery and conviction, time again, taught others by example to speak up and be there when someone is in need. He was also a true friend and always happy to give someone a ride, help them move, or escort them through an overwhelming crowd.

Ray and Terry 2018

Ray had a real pride of ownership in the properties where he and Terry lived, and they would work side by side on remodeling and landscaping projects. They had just finished their ‘forever home’ remodel in Issaquah when the cancer diagnosis was delivered, and he was grateful to be able to live there for a year and enjoy the change of seasons on the creek.

Ray was truly one of a kind and will be remembered for his big heart worn on his sleeve, his passion for life, his beaming smile, and a mischievous sparkle in his eye. His cremated remains are interred at Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent.  The inscription on his marker reads: Shine on, like the moon, the stars and the sun.

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  • Lenzy I Donald says:

    hello…my deepest condolensces…I was stationed with Ray in Germany in the early and mid 70’s…we use to hang out drink beer and did some photography…i just had a notion to reach out to some of my pals and i find Rays obituary…he was my friend then and one of the good guys…we served with Tank Company…Company “D” 1st Squadron 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Fulda Germany…we were on the east German Border…Ray will be missed…

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