James (Jim) Buchanan Kenney Jr

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James Buchanan Kenney Jr

On October 22, 2019, we lost our beloved, James (Jim) Buchanan Kenney Jr., due to complications from Prostate Cancer. He was born April 26, 1947, to Alice and James, in Indianapolis, IN.

Proceeded in his death by his parents, James and Alice, and stepfather Arthur, Sister Kay, and grandson Cameron.

Jim is survived by his daughters and their spouses, Karey Kenney Conrad and husband Phillip Conrad IV of Kirkland, WA, Jennifer Edwards and husband Darin Edwards of Bradenton, FL, and Katelin Robinson and husband Michael Robinson of Rogers, AR. He also leaves behind his siblings Sidney, Ryan, Cherrie, Sunday and Bernadine, grandchildren Justin Cox, Kimber Jimenez and Phillip Conrad V and great grandchildren Aubrien, Eliana, and Mariano.

Jim worked in various trades over the years but ultimately followed his passion with vehicles through custom upholstery and participating in car shows with his beloved yellow and orange Camaro. Known as “Diamond Jim” to some for his upholstery work and his signature colors orange and yellow. He also served in the United States Navy in Vietnam as a Naval Aviator flying DC3 planes and received the National Defense Service Medal and the Vietnam Service Medal. He loved to tinker around on his Camaro, help his daughter with her vehicle projects, and spend time with his grandson.

A Celebration of Life will be held from 12pm to 5pm on November 16, 2019, at All City Convertibles & Customs in Kirkland. Flowers and cards can be sent to Jim’s daughter, Karey, to All City Convertibles & Customs for the celebration.

22 Responses to “James (Jim) Buchanan Kenney Jr”

  • Elicia Edwards says:

    I have only known Jim a few years now and had the pleasure of spending time with him on many occasions. He was such a genuinely good guy and will be missed!

  • Michael Herold says:

    Jim was a strong person with a heart of gold. One of the most amazing people i knew in my life.

  • Ricky Curren says:

    R.I.P sir, you were a great man and I’ll never forget you!

  • Thomas Conrad says:

    My first meeting with Jim was him opening up his home to me while I was traveling back to Kirkland. We drank beer and spoke of our military times, as Veterans do. But he was more than that. He was a man who was kind to everyone. Assisted children in the community in ways not many knew. His love for his family was evident when he spoke of them. His eyes would widen and sparkle with adoration throughout his stories. Jim is what society needed. Someone who would give you the shirt off his back if you were down in the dumps. The light Jim had may have left, but it’s presence is still seen and felt by many. You’ll be missed, brother. Missed, but not forgotten.

  • Chris Conrad says:

    Jim was our next door neighbor, the best neighbor anyone could ever have. He then became family. He was generous, loving, caring and was always looking for ways to help out. We will be forever grateful for introducing his daughter to our eldest son, she has been the best wife to him and now mommy to our grand son. She mirrors her dads love, work ethics and tenacious spirit in her everyday life. Jim will be missed but lives now in her spirit and the spirit of Phillip, whom he showered with love. Keep the beer cold Jim, we will see you again!

  • Kathy Trixel says:

    Jim was a very gracious host. He made anyone in his home feel welcome. His bond with his daughter was phenomenal. Jim, you shall be missed.

  • Jesse W. Fox says:

    I didn’t know you for very long, but I can’t tell you the last time someone called me up on the phone to say how much they admired my work. That will always be a great memory. You sincerely cared about people and made efforts to show your appreciation. Wish I could have known you longer.

  • Jackie Matvenko says:

    I was fortunate to meet your Dad at your wedding. Such a kind and gentle man. Hold on to your memories and your family. Love you.

  • Tracy (Kenney) says:

    Jim will be missed so very much by Kareybeth, Phillip and Scott.
    He was my spouse for 13 years and I am so thankful that he blessed me with 2 beautiful daughters. Karey Elizabeth Kenney Conrad and Katelin Alice Faye Kenney Robinson. RIP

  • Al and Chris Stiles says:

    Very sorry to hear of your Dads passing Karey. Our condolences to you and the rest of your family.

  • Jennifer Edwards says:

    The last 26 yrs we have had together has truly been one of the biggest blessings in my life. There has been so much love and I cherish every memory with you.
    In 1993 I was blessed with the help of a genealogist to find my biological father. My birth in Hawaii on the Naval base is where I began this journey in searching for Jim Kenney. This is one of the best decisions I ever made as a young girl. The years have been good to us daddy. The 100’s of hours on the telephone, the wonderful vacations to see one another and the deep connection we held close to our hearts. I will miss the laughter between us, (your laughter) and how my cheeks hurt from laughing so much with you. Those special moments when we both talked about the things we had in common. But most of all I will miss the love we shared with one another.
    Until I see you again in Heaven daddy, you are now enjoying the presence of our Heavenly Father and your loved ones. Fully healed and basking in HIS agape love. You will be dearly missed.
    I love you!
    Your daughter, Jenny

  • Alvin Wuehler says:

    So sorry for your loss I was a good friend and roommate with jim for many years and he was a great friend that would do anything to help out. We done a lot together including traveling across the US to Arkansas he was a friend to anyone you met always had a joke or something funny to say. I will miss him at least I got to spend some time with him and pray with him Lord willing I will see him on the other side God bless the family. A friend of the whole family Alvin Wuehler

  • Karey Conrad says:


    You taught me so much throughout our lives and I am grateful for the 33 years we had together. It was you and I from the day I was born. Life will never be quite the same without you. You and I shared such an appreciation for vehicles, and you taught me so much respect for my own. I promise to take care of the Camaro and Phillip will do the same after me. I will teach him everything you taught me. My heart aches from missing you so much and when I have a bad day, I just want to call you. My heart will never stop hurting, you were taken from us too soon, you will live on in my heart and memories for the rest of my life. I am so thankful you got to meet Phillip and you are no longer in pain. Until it is my time Daddy, I love you, I will see you in my dreams. See you on the other side.

    Your Little Girl,
    Karey Kenney Conrad

  • P. Scott Conrad IV says:

    A relationship with your Father-In-Law can be a weird one, or it could be completely natural like mine was.

    I met James, Jim he preferred, over a car. He had this 09’ SS Camaro that just roared. We slowly chatted more and more. Eventually we were just friends, shot the proverbial shit, and killed a lot of Bud Light.

    Then it got weird. He had a daughter. Her name is Karey. Something was going on and he asked me if I’d do him a favor, take her out for a drink and let her vent. I was pretty reluctant, for obvious reasons. I wasn’t a nice person. I had become overtly direct, and to a fault. I just didn’t see Jim and I getting out of this without a few words when it was all over with.

    The rest of Karey’s story is history. Jim and I didn’t have to have a come to Jesus moment. Yeah, I was direct with Karey even ordered her a vodka cran because she was a trying cuss. I’d say it got better, but maybe she just tolerates me now?

    My relationship only grew with both these Kenney’s. Jim and I remained friends, but that changed when I asked him permission to marry Karey. I don’t think it got him by surprise, but it did surprise him that I’d even ask for permission. After this moment, and he waited for Karey to say yes, our relationship changed a bit. Friends yes, Family for sure, but with a lot of dignity he bestowed upon me the title of Son. A title he made me continually earn.

    He was very interested in my flying and what was next. Always higher and faster. He even said that I might be bored. Too comfortable, ‘…go fly something new and take care of that Daughter and Grand boy for me.’

    I will always do my best for Karey and Phillip. I don’t know where you are Jim. I just am glad you are out of pain, pain from the cancer, pain from old age, pain from just living life’s battles. You’ll be forever missed. Thank you for introducing me to that amazing girl Karey. A lot could be different had it not been for that.

    Good bye Jim

  • Kerry Shea says:

    Well Jim, I am truly sorry to have to say goodbye..You will be missed..You were in the Navy and I was a Navy brat stationed in Hawaii…You were my first love and the father of my first daughter. A lifetime time has gone by but what we had together will always be part of me. My memories run deep. RIP Jim

  • Dan and Sandy Moorman says:

    Karey, so sorry for your loss.

  • Margot & Kyle Windenburg says:

    Lots of love to you and your family.

  • Davis Family says:

    Love to you and yours in this hard time. Jim will be missed dearly.

  • Chad Lowell says:

    Happy travels my friend, seeyou on the other side.

  • Tim & Rani Thorning says:

    Great to see everyone and loved the memorial with the videos. we will miss Jim!

  • Lingan, Pratheeba and Shama says:

    We are blessed to have known Jim over the last 14years. Humbled and greatful to have had a wonderful person be our neighbor and friend. May he rest in peace with no pain.

    Lingan, Pratheeba, Shayan and Shama

  • Lingan, Pratheeba and Shama says:

    We are blessed to have known Jim for the last 14 years. We will miss him but he will always be with us.May he rest in peace free of all pain.

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