Michael Scott Guzman

August 19, 1993 – September 28, 2019

image of Mike Guzman

Michael Guzman

image of Mike Guzman in Utah

Michael in Utah

Michael loved traveling and to be outdoors, preferably in the mountains. He was an adventurer, musician, and engineer. He always lived life full throttle, and would never apologize for doing so. His passion was to climb from a very young age and continued to his final day. He loved to understand how things worked and never stopped learning. From restoring cars and boats to 3D printing, Michael had many interests and projects. Michael was a gentleman’s gentleman and spread love wherever he went. He genuinely cared for those he knew and would do anything to help.

Michael is survived by his parents, David and Joyce Guzman and his brother Thomas.

A celebration service will be held at 1:00 pm October 19, 2019. The View Church, 17210 Wa-9 Snohomish, WA 98296

imager of Mike Guzman -Sitting on-mountain-side

24 Responses to “Michael Scott Guzman”

  • david guzman says:

    I could live 100 lifetimes and I will never stop missing you. Love always.

  • Joshua Hon says:

    Go climbing all the trails with my mom & dad for eternity!

  • Sylvia Clausing says:

    You are truly loved and will be missed dearly. I hold you in my heart forever, and will never forget that last hug and kiss 6 days prior to this tragedy. Loved watching your adventures here on earth. Your sweet kind heart and love for others will stay with us. My deepest condolences to Joyce, David and Tommy. He is your guardian Angel, looking over you.

  • Lily Dickerson says:

    You were my guy. I loved you with all my heart and will never stop loving you. I think about you every hour and wish we had more time together, but love the memories we did have. Climb high, babe.

  • Rick & Tina Guzman says:

    Although we were separated by many miles, we always enjoyed hearing of you and Tom’s new adventures and all the projects you had your hands into. On our recent visit, it was great getting a peek into the window of your life and seeing what a truly fine young man you had become. You will be forever missed and forever in our hearts.

  • Jim Moran says:

    I don’t know if I have ever felt a hole in my heart like I’m experiencing now. I feel so blessed to have had the time we shared, watching you grow from a small boy to a grown man, nearly a legend in your own right. You raised the bar for living life in the here and now and I thank you for that lesson. Your kindness to every living thing and person you came in contact with will live on in the hearts of so many. There is comfort in knowing you are so loved by so many. Until we cross paths in the next realm, I will hold you close to my heart…

  • Angela craycraft says:

    I use to watch your adventures on Facebook. You seemed to have such a free and happy life . I felt I could imagine climbing a mountain, it made me feel happy to see your pictures. You left this earth to soon.

  • Perry Lutz says:

    My sincere condolences to you and your family on the immeasurable loss of your son.

  • Joyce Guzman says:

    Mikey, I love you so very much; you will never know how much my heart breaks. We all wish you were here my baby boy; you were always so kind and loveable always giving hugs and kisses to me. I miss your beautiful smile and how you always made it home for dinner to eat with all of us. You were there to do bible study with us, or go out and work with your dad in the garage, and always making time to spend with your brother sharing your dreams together. Your charm, character, confidence, courage and strength to follow your dreams will be always missed. You always did things your way and not fit into a box. You wanted things the way you wanted them with no excuses. I will miss all of those things. But most of all I miss you my loving son, hearing you laughing and talking with Tom and your Dad. We all love and miss you so much; I wish I had a tape of your beautiful voice singing a song. Take care my young man. I know you’re in Heaven singing and climbing those beautiful mountains. Until we see each other again. I Love Love Love Love you my darling boy. Mommy misses you so very much, love mom. You’re a Blessing to us all. I love how you loved and lived life my baby boy.

  • Lisa Rhodes says:

    I can’t imagine the depth of your heartbreak. I was blessed to run into Michael a few weeks ago at a coffee shop. He was so sweet to make a point of saying hello to me. I hadn’t seen him for a couple years and he was so handsome and grown up and just a wonderful young man. I know we will see him again but that doesn’t ease the pain now. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  • Abagail Moran says:

    My heart aches. For all the memories we shared together. For all the times I got to watch you, Tom, and my brothers grow up together. My heart aches remembering the days when I would sit in your lap when you played video games or when I used to tag along with all you guys and play freeze tag in my back yard. My heart aches everytime I look in the mirror and see the scar on my forhead from when you tried hit that bee in the bottle and I was standing too close. My heart aches for all the times we shared, for all the memories I have. You weren’t just my brothers friend, you were my brother. I feel like a piece of me will be missing forever… i love you Mikey.

  • Garrett Meyers says:

    You were an amazing friend Michael, I still can’t comprehend that I’ll never hear your laugh again.

  • Jeff Hansen says:

    I didn’t know you well, but you always had a smile on your face and lived your life to the fullest. All of those who had the pleasure of having you in their lives are better off because of it.

  • Rachel Hill says:

    Mike was always a joy to see when he came to grab coffee on the daily for the past 2 years at my shop. It will truly never feel the same watching your crew walk through that door without you. You are deeply missed. Thank you for all the silly jokes and smiles. My heart is with your friends and family.

  • Andrew Sambrook says:

    I only met you once or twice, but, I was taken aback by how friendly, sweet, and outgoing you were. You were one of the people I wanted to get to know better. You were a truly good person and you’ll live on in the hearts of many. Thanks for the memories and experiences you gave us, Michael.

  • Kaili Park says:

    Michael was a good friend my 11th grade year in High School. Always animated and full of funny stories. We all had a great time with him at ORCA. So sorry for your loss.

  • Terra Nicolle says:

    You brought a smile to our faces every time you walked into my little cafe next door to your work, the world is all the better for having had you in it. I’m sure the vantage point from your new height is incomparable to all others. You are loved and will always be missed. RIP dearest Michael, you found a shorter path than planned from A to B.

  • Emma Guzman (Lyday) says:

    He will be so missed. Such an amazing person with a great spirit that he shared everywhere he went! He was such a fun and inspired gymnastics coach, and just a good person to be around. My heart breaks to hear that he is now gone. My condolences to his family

  • Nicole Harvey says:

    Michael was one of the first people I met upon moving to Washington 2 years ago. He started off as my coworker but we instantly became friends. He made the work day so much more enjoyable with his witty comments and quick laugh. We spent time together outside work as friends as well and he introduced me to Aaron. I will be forever grateful I got the time with Michael that I did. He was such a genuinely kind soul.

  • Viola says:

    I am so sorry for your loss Joyce, I cannot imagine what your feeling but know you are in my thoughts and prayers always.

  • Vivienne Jones says:

    Mikey- I cant believe that you are gone.. we were so close growing up together despite all the miles between us. I remember Christmas time in California, Disneyland with pictures of us and Tommy with Pluto that Grandma Lora still has hanging up in her house, dancing at Aunt Christine’s wedding, my first time seeing the space needle with you and Tommy when I graduated… It’s crazy because I was just thinking about you the day it happened, how it was way past due for a visit! You have been in my thoughts every single day, cousin. I love and miss you so much. Thoughts and prayers for Tommy, Aunt Joyce, and Uncle Dave. Love you all!!

  • Kevin Pavoni says:

    Every time I saw you, you radiated happiness and positivity. If life is measured by the people we touched, you lived longer than anyone. You could light up the darkest room and lift the heaviest heart. Thank you for being a friend.

  • Jeff Aguiling says:

    Michael and I worked together for a little over a year. He always brang the life to the party. He always had my back when I needed assistance at work. One evening I had set up a movie night with some of the coworkers, and while the rest of the crew could not make it, he and his girlfriend were able to. I could tell he felt bad since the turnout wasn’t that great and saw that I had spent some time bringing and setting up the movie projector. He brought some beers and xbox and we just had a good time hanging out for a bit. It’s the little gestures that matter and am thankful to have met and worked with him.

  • Danielle Sipes says:

    It was always a bright spot in the day when you came in to the cafe next door, or just seeing you around town. I will miss seeing and talking with you. You were taken way too soon. You are missed by so many. Rest in peace.

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