Mabel (Dionne) Torstenson

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Mabel D Torstenson

A beautiful mother lost on Earth, an angel gained in Heaven.  Our hearts are broken for our beloved mom.
Mabel (Dionne) Torstenson,  born on Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation Located in Belcourt, North Dakota on November 15, 1927,  has gained her wings at the age of 91, passing away peacefully in Seattle, Washington on September 12, 2019 in the comfort of her home.  Mabel was surrounded by her loving family during the last few days of her long and well lived life. 

She leaves behind 8 daughters; Ella Cofer, Rose Burrell, Betty Tappe, Ruby Hodges, Donna Hinricks, Shirley Munro, Linda McCaw, and Debbie Tesfamariam, as well as 27 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren, 3 great-great-grandchildren, 2 sisters Patricia Lind and Theresa Mae Artseth, and 1 brother Julius “Joe” Dionne. 

Mabel has taken her journey to be with her sons, William Alexander Demontigny, John Lloyd, Johnny Al, Kenneth David, and Daniel George Torstenson. 

Mabel was one of the strongest ladies anyone could ever know.  She suffered the loss of 2 husbands, both military veterans, Alexander Demontigny and Lloyd Torstenson. 

Lloyd passed away too soon in 1971 leaving Mabel with a family to raise on her own.  It was such a big loss, but she raised her children proudly. Mabel traveled everywhere by foot or bus as she never learned to drive. 

Mabel was an amazing woman who was proud of her family and will be greatly missed.   

She outlived all 5 of her sons as well as 2 of her brothers, Wilmer Martin Dionne and Lester E. Dionne. 2 sisters Marie Mattern and Delphine Dionne, and both of her parents Peter and Delia (Zaste) Dionne. 

She was in deep pain but chose to stay strong.  She was funny and enjoyed telling stories of her life as a child and as a young wife and mother. 

A straight forward person, Mabel always told it like it was, yet was loving and cared deeply for family.  She worked hard and never asked for help.  She was so strong. 



Mabel and Lloyd moved to Seattle in 1964.  They rented a home for a short time before purchasing a house to call home and raise their children. 

Mabel lost her husband LLoyd at an early age of 42-years-old in 1971.  She laid him to rest with the military.  Mabel somehow managed to stay strong for her children. 

Mabel worked for many years at Harborview Hospital as a dietician.  She then retired, but as strong as Mabel was, she just wasn’t ready to stop working.  She got a laundry job in a private owned nursing home (Austins Nursing Home).  She had many friends there and was well loved.  She ran the laundry as if it were her own.  All agreed and even joked about naming it Mabel’s Laundry Room. 

Mabel loved animals.  One in particular was a white horse that she owned named Honey.  Oh, she loved this horse.  She also loved cats and dogs.  Mabel had huge collections of cat and dog Knick-knacks to back her love. 

Mabel loved country music, she also loved Elvis Presley’s music and movies.  She also had lots of collectibles and music.  Mabel and her daughter Betty were fortunate to travel and tour Graceland, and she just loved it. 

Back in her earlier days, Mabel enjoyed having big family dinners for holidays at her home.  She enjoyed shopping for fancy ruffled dress and suit outfits for her small grandchildren for holidays, especially for Easter. 


Our letter to Mom. 

 Thank you for your unconditional love and friendship.  you are our best friend and always have been.  

Thank you, Mom, for showing us Grace when we didn’t deserve it. 

Thank you, Mom, for comforting us through heartbreaks. 

Thank you, Mom, for giving us everything. 

Thank you, Mom, for always believing in us. 

Thank you, Mom, for being our mom. 

You will always be #1 in our hearts. 



Donna writes: 

One of my favorite memories was my first job.  It was my first job, first pay.  Excited to buy my own clothes!  After school I went to the mall, and bought a pair of jeans.  I was excited for Mom to get home to show her.  She said, “Those are nice, can you boil them?”  The next day after school I returned the jeans, got cash and went and bought milk, bread, and butter.  I tell this to a lot of people and they admire it. 

Mom, I’m still decorating your tree for you.  May you rest in peace. 



Ginger writes: 

My favorite memory is how grandma always kept us full of food.  She was always cooking her rhubarb.  Was one of my favorites she made.

60 Responses to “Mabel (Dionne) Torstenson”

  • Linda McCaw says:

    Hello mom. Just thinking about you today it is Sunday would have been our visiting day. But instead I go to the cemetery because that is where you last stop was your resting place . It is so peaceful over there .
    Anyway’s love you lots miss you.Say hello to all .

  • Linda.McCaw says:

    Mom Happy Mother’s day.As you can see Rose & Don & Ruby and I was visiting you for mothers day May you enjoy your flowers . Now it your time to celebrate with your son’s .Love you tons Miss you tons
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

  • Linda Mccaw says:

    Mom just wanted to say Happy Fathers day on Sunday 6/18/23
    Thank you for being my Dad As well as my Mom when Dad could not due to his passing away when I was 12 yrs old . so Happy Father’s day to the both of you hope your celebrating in heaven much love to you both also tell Kenny Happy Fathers daty

  • Linda McCaw says:

    9/11/23 Mom thinking about you can believe tomorrow will be 4yrs since you received your wings. alway’s in our hearts Miss you Love you .

  • Linda McCaw says:

    🌹Happy Heavenly birthday Mom 🎂💞🥳
    Love you🥰

  • Linda says:

    Happy Heavenly Thanksgiving Mom and family
    Love you.

  • Linda says:

    Mom! Wishing you a Merry Christmas.Love you

  • Linda says:

    Happy Easter family.
    You have another family member on her way.
    Ella Mae gained her wings

  • Linda McCaw says:

    Happy mother’s Day Mom brought you some flowers for mother’s Day also planted some pansies around the tree for y’all to enjoy it’s a beautiful day today love you 💖💞💛

  • Linda says:

    Hello Mom ! It’s a beautiful June day .Not much going on same old stuff .Your little Gingy got engaged on June 10th then on fathers day . As you know still the same old stuff around here But I will say my life’s been good no complaints .
    Love you miss you

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