Dirk Van den Dyssel

Dirk Van den Dyssel

Gone from our midst, but never from our Hearts.

Dirk Van den Dyssel passed away on 9/15 of natural causes at 83 years old.  We are still trying to process his passing and the sense of loss as we still feel the love that he shared so generously with each of us. Family was always extremely important to Papa. He was a great role model in showing love, humor, and acceptance to his family and friends. He set a high standard to which we will always hold ourselves.

Dirk is survived by his wife Eline (Elly) of 60 years and their three sons.  The couple recently relocated to Shoreline to be closer to Jeff and his wife Kami, and Jared and his wife Stacie.  His oldest son Jim, and wife Terri live in Texas.  Dirk was a loving and supportive “Opa.” He enjoyed spending time with, mentoring, and watching the games and school activities of his seven grandchildren, Sarahy, AJ, Pierson, Hailie, Carson, Kayla and Josie.

The move also allowed him to create a new project list that kept him busy.  He loved projects! He liked nothing better than helping his sons and lending his expertise to projects at their homes.

Dirk had a lifelong passion for soccer.  He learned to play as a boy in Holland and played well into his fifties in a men’s adult league. He loved teaching and coaching his sons and grandkids and could often be found watching a game on T.V.

Dirk always had a soft spot for children. Despite not having played basketball while growing up, because of a shortage of coaches and a persuasive parent Dirk became a basketball coach. He studied the game and rules and focused on learning and implementing coaching techniques from books and fellow coaches. He threw himself into the role wanting to be the best coach possible for the kids.

He came to the U.S. as a Dutch citizen but chose to join the U.S. Army. He was stationed in New Jersey at Picatinny Arsenal, starting in 1959.  While serving, he was credited with saving a 2-year old boy who had fallen into a pool and then successfully applying artificial respiration.

After relocating to Seattle, Dirk started his professional life as an accounting clerk at Tyee Lumber. He advanced through the company, holding positions in sales, operations, production, and ultimately serving as the General Manager through the early 1980’s.

Dirk loved people. He was quick with a smile, a handshake and a hug. His welcoming demeanor make everyone he met feel welcomed. He loved joking with people and celebrating life. He would not want us to mourn, but rather to celebrate his life, share our stories, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.  We will honor those wishes at a time and place in the upcoming weeks.

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