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Wayne M. Rutledge

Wayne M. Rutledge passed away on April 14, 2019 just days before his 67th birthday. He was born in Seattle, WA in 1952. He was the oldest child of the late William M. Rutledge and Delores Rutledge – Person.

Wayne graduated from Nathan Hale High School in 1970. While in school Wayne not only won several awards in Track he was also in the school Jazz Band.  The Jazz Band won regional numerous awards and as such had the opportunity to play their music outside of the state.

After graduation Wayne joined a band and traveled throughout the United States.  Not wanting to squander his time he purchased a camera to capture memories of his travels.  Once he returned to Washington he joined his father at the warehouse of Seattle Lighting Company. He soon decided that this type of work was not for him and went out on his own to start his own photography business on the main level of the apartment building that he lived in for close to 30 years.  When the space no longer met his needs, Wayne ventured into the University District and opened up another photography studio.

Wayne was a self taught prolific photographer, starting with headshots for those hoping to succeed in the modeling or acting industry to travel, landscape and then into some very creative abstract photos.  Some of Wayne’s earlier photography included weddings and family pictures. Wayne brought out the best in children and created some darling photos, however his passion was perfecting various photography techniques creating unique images.

Wayne’s work also included commercial photography; product catalogs and sports celebrity such as Edgar Martinez.

Wayne will be remembered for his sense of humor, compassion, professionalism, eye for detail, and his love of music.

Wayne is survived by his mother Delores Person of Camano Island, brother Gary Rutledge of California and sister Cheryl Fischer of Bothell.

A celebration of Wayne’s life will be held on May 29, 2019, starting at 2:00 pm, at the Lake Forest Park Civic Club located at 17301 Beach Drive NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

14 Responses to “Wayne M. Rutledge”

  • Rob Brown (NHHS class of ‘77) says:

    In the late 1970s, Wayne and I worked together doing photography. He would shoot the pictures and I would go into the darkroom and make the black and white prints for his fashion model photography. We did that for a year or two, and then we went our separate ways. I didn’t stay in touch with Wayne, but I’m glad he stuck with photography. My condolences to his family and friends.

  • elizabeth chayer says:

    Wayne was a dear friend and talented photographer who photographed most of American Dance Institute’s classes, performances and events over the past 15 years. He always brought a smile and a sense of humor with him, along with some interesting conspiracy theories which he absolutely loved to talk about! Wayne has been a regular fixture at ADI for many years now. His work clearly captured the energy and enthusiasm of our dancers. I speak for all my staff at ADI when I say we will miss him. My deepest condolences to Delores, Gary, Cheryl and the rest of Wayne’s family. Rest in Peace Wayne, and I’ll see you on the other side someday.

  • Tim Davern says:

    Wayne and I go way back to Parkwood Elementary and Cordell Hull Jr. High School. We played on the same little league team that my Dad coached. Wayne transferred to Nathan Hale High School and we lost touch until he walked into my shop on Phinney Ridge. We shared a big laugh and kept in touch since then. He did all my family’s photography which is prominently displayed in my home. Wayne was a true artist behind the lens, making music or just having a great conversation. He was a true friend and a straight shooter. You never left a visit with him wondering what he meant and that’s so rare and refreshing today. I’m sorry I can’ t be at the service as I need to be in LA with family but I’ll be there in spirit. Rest my friend and give me a nudge once in a while.

  • Vanessa says:

    My dear Wayne, you are deeply missed everyday my love. I miss your smile, conversation and closeness. The world has lost a very creative and prolific photographer. Thank you for our time together. Maybe on the otherside we can make the trips we discussed. You will remain in my heart.

  • Creighton (Creig) Hutchins says:

    Wayne my dearest friend I will miss you forever. We were friends since the 60’s were we met in 6th grade, played little league football at Richmond Highlands rec center, went to grade, junior and high school together, ran track and continued our friendship without interruption until your death.
    We took drastically different paths in our lives but still maintained our great friendship to the end.
    You were an artist both in your drumming and your photography and performed very well. The world will miss it all.
    I miss you very much as I prepare this note, but like everyone else, will be seeing you sooner or later.

  • dave wilson says:

    Wayne was a super runner on our championship cross country team. a great teammate and better friend..proud to read of his professional prowess and legacy of compassion and care…as in back in the day Wayne is just ahead and smiling…we will catch up soon…cheers Dave

  • David Galle says:

    Ah Wayne, sorry we missed connections, another time I’ll buy you a beer and we can reminisce about the glory years of the John Moawad big bands at Hale … every adolescent male should be so lucky as we were to have a mentor like him. Then a second beer while you show me the rest of your photos. Nice work.


    David Galle
    (2nd trombone in our 1969-70 West Coast Championship band)

  • Heidi Policky (Rice) says:

    Wayne, You were such an important part of my life at such a critical time for me and my children. We love you deeply, I will always hold you close to my heart. Things were not meant to be for us, but I never have stopped caring about you. I am so sorry we missed each other at the recent wedding. My children were looking forward to seeing you, and so was I. You were a warm and caring man, fantastic friend, talented artist, and a love in my life.
    Peace be with you Wayne. You will be always remembered.

  • Tim J Hickey says:

    Wayne was a pleasure to work with. We made each other laugh. he was a true professional and the best here in Seattle.
    He always strived to get numerous great shots. He did all my headshots here in Seattle since I relocated from NY in 1991.
    I’ll always remember the way he would be looking in the viewfinder with one eye and quickly pull his head away from the camera to check the shot with both eyes, then back to the view finder.
    Rest in Peace dear friend. Thank you for all the great shoots.

  • Cyrena Lenee’ says:

    Oh Wayne. I found out about this, because I was going to use you for my new Fashion Line. I have known Wayne since I was 17… so 37 years!!! That’s crazy!!! I flew him out to shoot my wedding in Mexico! Oh we had a great time. One thing not listed as a big accomplishment is that Wayne actually did a photo shoot for Cindy Crawford back in the day! I adored him. His energy and inappropriateness always cracked me up!!! He was one of the best in the business and really amazing with film. Wayne I’m so sorry Cancer took you… the world misses you and so do I! My condolences to his family.

  • Geoff Taylor says:

    So sad to hear, and so sad I found out so late. I worked with Wayne many times when I was in the ad business. I enjoyed his vision, his talent, and I really got a kick out of working with him in his studio. We lost track of each other a few years back, but I always thought of him, and I still have a few of the images he captured for me. I am so sorry for his family and loved ones.

  • Gayle Nabrotzky says:

    I came to the internet tonight, to search for an old friend, only to find that you have already gone – one year ago, today. ♥ You brought out the very best in me and made me believe. Thank you for all those times, all those cards from afar. You are gone far too soon.

  • Kathryn Knez says:

    Your friendship was healing during some tough years Wayne. I’m sorry we didn’t stay in better contact recently,, but I will always cherish your great sense of humor and the amazing talent you had with a camera. A model could magically transform into the beautiful person you could see inside, just waiting to appear. Bless you Wayne and may you enjoy peace with our Savior.

  • Jeff Maki says:

    My wife, Debbie used to retouch some of Wayne’s photographs … before the era of Photoshop. He would drop by our house to pick up his images, and he and I would always have a great conversation, or sometimes I would just bring them over to his studio and drop them off myself. We were always impressed with his positive lighthearted personality, and he was a very talented photographer. Back in 1998. I was in a national fitness competition and I needed a photographer, so I asked him to do the modeling shots. And he did a fantastic job, and when I asked him for my bill…he just said “this one is on the house.” I was blown away. He was such a great guy. We moved up North to Marysville and lost touch. But we saw him again by chance in the Mount St. Helens Visitor Center parking lot… and so we had a great conversation and got all caught up. Then the last time we saw him we were cruising in heavy traffic through the University District… And there he was walking down the sidewalk. So we just yelled out our window and waved because there was no way we could stop because the traffic was moving so fast. Little did we know that would be the last time. Wayne was a good man. I know his bright personality is illuminating heaven, even more. Thank you Wayne for everything. You are missed.

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