Maigo Z Monterey

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Maigo Z Monterey

Maigo passed Wednesday 20, 2019, 15 days after her 91st birthday.

She is survived by her husband of 68 years Kerry N Monterey,  Consul Emeritus of Chile,  and two sons, three grandkids, two great grandkids, nephews, nieces and her daughter in law.

Maigo was a homemaker that loved to cook for her grandkids. Life was good to Maigo.

She will be remembered by her kindness and beautiful smile.








6 Responses to “Maigo Z Monterey”

  • María Angélica Neira Monterey says:

    Siendo su primera sobrina y la regalona, la despido con un Hasta Pronto, fuiste un gran ejemplo de amistad, generosidad, amor a toda prueba, fidelidad y entrega total, te quiero hasta el infinito tía linda

  • Rodolfo Neira Monterey says:

    Te recordaré mientras tenga memoria… como la tía cómplice, la tía buena onda, la tía chora, nos vemos tía, descanza en paz, te quiero mucho.
    Ofo ella telley

  • Cecilia Corral Monterey says:

    Querida tía Maigo, estás grabada a fuego en mi corazón por ese especial cariño que me revelaste. Te recordaré siempre amiga, alegre, coqueta, femenina por escencia. Enamorada por siempre del tío Kerry, y muy preocupada de tus amados hijos, grande tía Maigo!

  • Glenda says:

    I was blessed to have Grammy in my life after many years of not having a grandparent. She welcomed me with open arms and a loving heart. After all, I married her “favorite” grandchild She always thought of me and shared her love of fashion and her joy in having a great grandchild. She will be greatly missed. The world was lucky to have her. I love you, Grammy.

  • Paz Portales-Morris says:

    Maigo was such a sweet lady, she was clever, funny and witty. Her tone of voice made us feel comfortable and her great sence of humor makes us laugh out loud every time we got together. Her taste for good cuisine made me a better cook every time we knew we were getting together with them, and she never even tried to sugar coated a dish she knew it was a little off. She was so elegant and feminine, her great sence of fashion was her trademark, well spoken all the time and a great storyteller about her family and her kids when they were little. Her love and respect for her husband was always at her front page, she admired him so much and her love for her family was immense, the happiness in her voice every time we talked about her Carlita and her grand kids was so genuine and when her first great-grandson was born she was delighted. Maigo never hide her opinions , but she made sure she was kind and clear. Her love for “a good bottle of champagne ” made me think of her every time we pop a bottle………”never accept a cheap bottle, we (girls) deserve better” she always said …… We had the luck of tasting her cooking, down to hearth and welcoming, she even share one of her recipes that we treasure so much. Throughout Kerry’s carreer as the Chilean Consul in Washington they’ve got to know many people and they became friends with many of them, really good friends. When I first came to the States they “adopted” me as they did to so many others and Maigo was always that Mother figure some of us we’ve left behind in Chile. Eventually Maigo & Kerry became good friend with my parents and they made sure to visit them every time they were in Chile. Maigo with all her mother’s love was the one who always whisper in my hear……..” when are you going to have a baby? ” words that my mother asked her to pass……those two ladies were so sweet and to me they were sisters in my heart. Maigo made me laugh so many times, especially when it was time to take pictures….she always said ” hurry up, my smile is getting frozen and then I will look all crooked” hahaha …..that was our Maigo, always direct to the point.
    Maigo loved a good party and good dinners, champagne was always there and good red wine. Maigo was a lover for good life and good friends, and she left that mark in our lives. Life after Maigo will be difficult specially for her husband Kerry of 68 years, but we are sure Maigo’s light would be lighting up his path for now and on.
    Cheers to Maigo and the beautiful and plentiful life she had, and to her lovely family. May she rest in peace and that peace drizzle over all of us we already missed her so much. Love & peace.

  • Kerry William Monterey III says:

    I am very blessed to have the most loving Grandma “Grammy” she always let me know it every day..week..year, I was her “mono, gordito, Kerrycito”

    If she ever had a bad day, I would never know..her smile would light up the room and warm my heart. She loved and cared deeply for all her family. She left in peace, with her love ingrained in us.

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