Mary Beth Martini


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Mary Beth Martini

Mary Beth Martini was born on June 2, 1957 in Williston, North Dakota to Marion Ellen Lindberg and Howard Leroy Martini.  Her first home was a ranch near Trenton, close to the Montana-North Dakota border.  Shortly after, her parents and her older sister Rhonda moved to Sidney, Montana where they soon welcomed her brother Tom to the family.

From an early age, she assured her presence was known as a middle child with a fiery spirit!  She was athletic and competitive, especially in swim team.  Mary Beth lived in Sidney until she graduated high school in 1975.  She then attended University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.  After one year of too much sub-zero weather in North Dakota, she decided to move to Corvallis, Oregon to complete her college education.  She had always loved the Northwest and her father made the drive out there with her and her belongings in a 1972 AMC Pacer … remember those?

She moved to Seattle, Washington in 1981 and formed an inseparable bond with four women, affectionately known as “Society”.  They remained a constant source of companionship for decades.  “MB” married Gary Gorder in 1983.  Their son, Riley was born in 1985.  She began cultivating her love for creativity; she loved vibrant colors in fabric and stained glass.  She made beautiful mosaic tiles for her garden in the back yard, and for others.  Mary Beth worked from home when Riley was young as a interior designer and professional seamstress.  She also was certified in Reiki, and an amazing cook.  Her lemon bars are the best ever!

In her mid-thirties, she was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis.  Her mother had this same disease, however MB’s presented quite differently and unfortunately she was not a candidate for the new medications that became available over the years… so the primary goals of her treatment were symptom management and maintaining function.  She continued to remain as active as possible and held a position at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center until the progression of her disease necessitated a medical disability.  Riley was her constant champion, providing ongoing support from early high school on.  Even though the MS was relentless in its progression, her spirit would not be tamed.  She remained amazingly positive, finding joy in simple life pleasures like visits from family, friends and tasty food.  Those of us who were close to her are forever changed by her gratitude for the days she was given … and will hold her close in our hearts.

Mary Beth left the limitations of her earthly body while she was surrounded by loved ones on January 3, 2019.  She is survived by her son Riley Gorder (Seattle, Washington), sister Rhonda Martini-Springer (Bozeman, Montana), brother Thomas Martini (Sidney and Rollins, Montana) and too many others that loved her to count.  A gathering to celebrate her life is planned on, or close to, her birthday in June.  More details will be provided at a later date.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made to a charity of your choice.


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