Mark J. Eaton


photo of Mark J Eaton

Mark J Eaton

Mark J. Eaton, 66, passed away 12/22/2018 in Seattle, WA.image of Mark J Eaton

He will be remembered for his love and passion of art which was the true extension of his spirit.

He is survived by his loving partner Julie, siblings Michele, Susan, Roberta and John, his nephews and nieces, and numerous other family and friends including his friends in the art world.

Please think of Mark with loving memory when you peacefully embrace and give thanks to all the beauty of this world, universe and beyond.

“Do what you love – Be what you truly love – Have faith you are.” – Mark J. Eaton

8 Responses to “Mark J. Eaton”

  • MARY WARD says:

    Cousin Mark .. his art, his kindness, and humor, and sweet smile will forever ever be in our hearts .. love you forever and always, cuz! ❤️

  • Shawn Eaton Sr says:

    Mark I’ll look to the east in the morning and west in the evening. I know in my heart that the sunrises and sunsets will be more beautiful moving forward. Your love for art will shine everyday for everyone to see . Rest In Peace cuzin!

  • Colleen Eaton-Diedrich says:

    Grateful to have connected with cousin Mark over FB a few years. After seeing some of his art, we purchased a beautiful piece that we have hanging in our dining room. He was so lovely and kind to talk to. My Dad shared many great stories of their time spent together when they were young. Funny stories of traveling together in the moving business. “Gentle soul” and “great sense of humor” were mentioned. Love and Peace going out to his friends and family. ❤️

  • James Eaton Jr says:

    Thinking of Mark brings a smile and a tear and it always will he won’t be forgotten ❤️

  • Michelle Eaton-Golder says:

    Mark, I loved your sweet smile and your sense of humor, and giggling-laugh will always be a great memory that will live on in our hearts forever ❤️ Love you cousin!

  • Michelle Eaton-Golder says:

    Cousin Mark, I will always remember your sweet smile and sense of humor, giggly laugh that just seemed to lighten the room. You always had a way to see the beauty in our crazy world and your art work was a beautiful expression of your kind & gentle heart….❤️ Love you cousin!

  • Michelle Eaton-Golder says:

    Cousin Mark, I will always remember your sweet smile, sense of humor, and giggly laugh. You could always see the beauty in our crazy world, and expressed it in your art work. Your kindness and gentle heart will always be with us! ❤️

  • Stephanie Wright says:

    Our love for you Mark and Julie is vast and forever. The Wright Family

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