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Mari McClure Haugland

Mari McClure Haugland passed away on November 29, 2018. She was born May 28, 1924 at the St. Luke hospital in (Capital Hill) Seattle, WA to parents William E. and Inez McClure.

She graduated from Queen Anne high school and in her youth she loved to be out in her rowboat on the sound at Glen Acres. Her father’s family had traveled to the Oregon territory by wagon train in 1853. She attended University of Washington where she was interested in journalism before leaving to work for the war effort for APL out at Sand Point.

Mari worked in the import/export business (which she loved) in Seattle before relocating to San photpo of Mari McClure Haugland Francisco upon marriage where she lived for seven years. She was involved in the first preschool for disabled children on the Eastside for her son, Ross. Later after raising her family she worked for the Developmental Disabilities Administration in helping families get respite care.

Mari was a great reader (who imparted her love of reading to her children), a photo of Mari McClure Haugland wonderful cook and loved following all current events and politics. She was an avid antique collector who loved the hunt of finding a treasure. She was a wonderful grandmother who enjoyed nothing better then to have her family around her for a holiday dinner.

She is survived by her husband Paul of 63 years, daughter Patricia Jobe, grandchildren Miles Jobe and Aminetta Njie. She is preceded in death by her son, Ross Haugland, sister Doris Linkletter and brother Carter McClure and her parents.

In lieu of flowers, any desired donations can be made to the Providence Point Foundation.

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  • Marlowe Shoop says:

    I am so glad I got to know Mari. She was a beautiful woman inside and out. Peace to her memorory.

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